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Arizona License Plate Lookup

Arizona License Plate Lookup

If you want to get familiar with all the processes of registering and buying a plate for your vehicle in Arizona, this piece of info will be helpful. After you have made the purchase, keep in mind that you have 15 days to register your car.

All the paperwork of registration handles AZ Department of Transportation MVD. You should pass an emission test however some cars may be exempt from it (check the article to learn more).

The standard plate that you will get has “Grand Canyon” written on it although it is common to customize it with the characters you desire. There are over 60 vanity plates that are offered to Arizona residents.

You can select the tag you want based on your interests, your work or causes, organizations, companies you want to support. Find out detailed information about the Arizona placards from this article.

Just bought your car and need to know how to register it in Arizona? We are here to help! Find out all the necessary info about license plates in this state to make your vehicle’s registration simple and quick.

How to obtain an AZ license plate?

After purchasing your vehicle, the state law obliges you to register and title it within 15 days. It is done through the Arizona Department of Transportation MVD. To register it, you should complete this form.

Keep in mind that after your registration, it must pass the emission testing requirements. If your car matches the following characteristics it is exempt from the tests:

  • Have an alternative fuel certificate
  • Manufactured before 1967
  • Manufactured and purchased within 5 yrs

The certificate should be obtained from the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality (ADEQ) after inspection. It should indicate that the car uses fuels such as:

  • Electric
  • Hydrogen
  • Solar

The reduced rate or total exemption of Vehicle License Tax (VLT) may also be applicable if it uses alternative fuel.

Title Transfer

If there is an existing title, the seller transfers the ownership electronically through Title Transfer. It should have AZ title and registration and the absence of any lien record. So here are additional requirements for both parties:

  • Should both own Arizona customer records with a photo on the file.
  • Electronic transfer is available for only one buyer.
  • The seller should be a single owner or have legal status.

Types of plates

Mainly, two categories are offered to the vehicle holders:

  • Standard/Custom
  • Specialty

A typical version of the tag features 6 characters and “Grand Canyon State” writing on it. If you don’t like the basic version, you can decide the design you want or opt for the specialty tags.

There are over 60 vanity plates to choose from. You can customize the style of it based on your hobbies, workplace, or causes you support. Learn more about it in the next paragraph.

To obtain the placards, you should apply online or fill out this Application and along with the payment check sends them to this mail address:

Mail Drop 801Z

Special Plates Unit

PO Box 2100

Phoenix AZ 85001-2100

Allow ADOT 6 weeks to review it and then they’ll get back to you. Call at 602-712-2562 if you have questions.

Vanity Plates

To own a custom tag, you should know the rules you’re bound to follow:

  1. Remember that alphanumeric characters should not exceed seven numerals and letters.
  2. You are not allowed to include indications that are offensive, racist, or vulgar.
  3. You must suggest only capital letters.

If you personalize the standard, you pay $26.52 in total (which is valid for a year). Custom-made specialty tags cost $51.52 in total (for a year validation period).

You can extend the expiration date up to five yrs (in that case you should pay $251.52). There are no fees applicable for the standard, and it is available to anyone who has an Arizona-registered car.


This category describes all the placards that are designed for the customers who work or support a specific university, institution, organization, etc. There are more than sixty types of specialty options to purchase. Here, I cover most of it, so keep reading!

Disability Symbol/ Hearing Impaired

The following permit allows drivers with mobility problems to park in the marked places where the international sign is shown. You may add the symbol to any placard you choose and there is no fee for it.

However, you should meet these requirements:

  • Only the disabled driver or the passenger uses the parking privileges.
  • The permit is given for a person with a permanent disability, not temporary.
  • Applicants should submit this package along with the medical certificate written by an authorized physician.

This certificate should clearly identify that the patient has serious walking problems due to permanent conditions. There is also a temporary permit available for six months.

A hearing-impaired placard features the number “H” and is provided to a person who has serious hearing difficulties. The med certificate is a must in this case as well. Keep in mind that these cardholders are not allowed to use special parking advantages.


Veterans can order specialty plates of different categories. In general, there are many tags based on the work, that you are able to have:

  • Air Force
  • Army
  • Marine
  • Navy
  • Coast guard and more

For instance, air force veterans or their family members shall pay $25 for 1 year period. The renewal is also the same price.

You may personalize it by adding a maximum of six characters. The same charges apply to army, marine, navy, or coast guard veterans. Half of the payment goes to a special fund to help them in the state.

Support Causes

There are numerous placards that are designed to help causes, companies, institutions, etc. Here are some of them:

  • Alzheimer’s Awareness: This helps to spread information about this disease as well as aid to research it thoroughly. It costs twenty-five dollars and is available to anyone.
  • Amateur Radio Operator: To obtain this, you should have a license from the FCC. The standard $25 is the price, $17 of it is directed to funds for scholarships, youth programs, etc.
  • Childhood Cancer: This is issued to people who want to assist in childhood cancer research and fund the ADHS.
  • Donate Life: The tag encourages organ donation and its outreach services. There are no specific requirements for it so anybody buys it.
  • Former Prisoner of War: This is for P.O.W. who had been captured by the enemy of the US during the conflict and had an honorable discharge. The applicant should have a membership card from the Ex-Prisoners of War association or an original document from ADVS. The tag is $15 which is available for family members as well.
  • Protect our Environment: The fund proceeds to the Department of Land to educate the masses about environmental issues and lay a foundation for the analysis of it. To personalize it, you add a max. of 7 letters and/or numbers.
  • Pink Ribbon: $17 out of $25 payment is forwarded to the Dep. of Health Services to raise awareness and assist in organizing programs about cervical and breast cancer. Include 6 characters on it if you desire as well as the disability sign if needed.
  • The University of Phoenix: You do not have to be alumni to hold this. You purchase it, give credit to the university, and support their programs. It is twenty-five dollars and there are no preconditions of having it.


If your tag gets stolen or lost, you are able to replace it by adding new writing to it. In order to have a replacement, schedule an appointment at one of these MVD office locations.

If it has been damaged or is less visible, you can order a brand-new tag online. The fee is $5 plus additional charges. To request it via mail, complete the form, and along with the fees send it to the maildrop address listed above.


Once your registration is due, whether it is after 1 or 5 yrs, you should renew it immediately. There are many options of renewal to choose from though the fastest and most effective way is through online submission.

You can also call their automated system and follow the instructions. You receive a notice via your mail telling you all the details about the process of renewing your vehicle. The documents you are asked to provide may involve:

  • AZ driver’s license
  • ID or passport
  • Emission tests

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