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Nevada License Plate Lookup


Nevada License Plate LookupNevada was among the first states to issue number tags. The NV Department of Motor Vehicles issues a number card to its residents who possess a car, a motorbike, or any other transportation means. It can be used for security in the case it is lost or stolen, in addition to being a symbol to demonstrate the car’s individuality.

However, before you proceed with your application, the local authorities recommend looking up the tag number. It may not only help you to find out if the combination is available but also check out some data about previous accidents, owners, etc.

In fact, obtaining a license tag is quite a simple process. An applicant should first register a vehicle and then make a request to get a number card. The car should be registered within 30 days after buying it. Nevada is a two-plate state; front and back. Let’s have a look at the step-by-step guide on how to look up and make a request for the number card.

How to look up Nevada License Plates?

In fact, there are so many third-party websites that offer lookup services. They buy data and later sell it or sometimes offer it for free. You’ll just need to enter the digits and letters on the decal in the search field of any website offering lookup services and wait for the results.

Another way is to mail a request to the DMV. However, it may be expensive. To make a request, you should hire a private investigator. Below you can find the address:

555 Wright Way

Carson City, NV 89711



Online search

But there are many reasons why using an online information service is the best option when it comes to obtaining data. First of all, It’s always difficult to wait in long queues at the NV DMV. It is kind of a long process, sometimes taking as long as several hours if you end up going during peak hours.

Secondly, the fees you have to pay to obtain the data are way higher than if you use third-party online sources.

Moreover, if you conduct a search, you would receive a large amount of information just with one click. Online searches are automated, meaning no staff will be aware of your query. Your name and other data aren’t registered by the website owners.

Available records may include; previous accidents, VIN number, owner data, safety & recall data. There is no other place to obtain such kind of information just from a single combination of digits and numbers.
After you’ve checked the info, you can pass on the next steps of licensure.

Step 1. Application Process

The application process is not that hard. You just need to follow and complete the required steps. Before starting your application, it’s recommended to check if all your documents are valid and up-to-date. Besides, it’s better to have them all together to make the process shorter.

First of all, you should register your vehicle. Please, note that it must be done at least within 30 days after the purchase. Secondly, you need to make an appointment. You don’t even need to visit the local DMV office. Just fill in the online request form and follow the instructions.

If you’ve recently moved to NV, you should also have a state driver’s permit. But if you plan to live there for some time the local government offers temporary tags to use. Finally, you need to wait for the request processing and approval.

Step 2. Applicable fees and related payments.

The overall registration for passenger vehicles costs $33. However, if you own a motorcycle you should also pay $6 (safety bill).

In some cases, the state also charges service taxes. If you ever lose it and want to recover it you should pay $17 and $0.50 for emblems. Travel trailers cost $27.

Step 3. Choose the appropriate plate type.

Depending on the conditions, the NV DMV offers numerous types of plates. Standard passenger ones are the most common; nevertheless, there is a specialty for special events, charities, and military people.

You have to fill out an application and return it to the DMV. After some days, you will receive a letter indicating that your tags are ready. In fact, the regular cost is from $51 to $61. A customized government may charge an additional amount.

Veterans with disabilities can order tags for a cheaper fee. The cost is $7 most of the time.

People who work for various groups, such as firemen, the press, amateur radio operators, and so on, benefit from organizational ones. You have to provide proof of your eligibility (for example, evidence of employment).

Automobiles produced after 1949 get special permits. Fire Trucks, antique trucks, and other historic vehicles fall under this category. When your impairment is caused by active duty or service, you must, of course, produce documentation of your disability.

Should I renew my permit?

For sure. Every year, approximately 30 days before your registration expires, you will receive a renewal notification.

It is preferable to proceed with the renewal process in person. You must provide the following documents:

  • A copy of your driver’s license
  • Evidence of auto insurance
  • Proof of identity

You should as well make a payment of $33. However, check it in your local office before you pay it, as the fee may differ. You don’t have to visit the local office for renewal. The process is available both online and by mail.

Just get the VIN’s and renewal notice code ready together. After the computed version of the registration renewal appears on your screen, you will then be able to verify the information.

Any questions remaining? Let’s have a look at the FAQ.

      1. Can I transfer my license?

You may transfer your present decals to your new automobile while registering it at the DMV. This implies you may hand over control of the car to the new owner. Otherwise, when you sell your automobile, you must relinquish them.

      2. Should I have both plates on my vehicle?

Yes. Nevada, in fact, is a two-plate state which means you should have one attached in front and one in the backside.

      3. Are duplicates available in Nevada?

If your current ones are damaged or lost, you can purchase a copy for $17. If you don’t have your damaged examples with you, you’ll have to fill out the Affidavit for lost, stolen, or mutilated form (Form VP-202). For credit card payments, you must additionally fax or send the Credit Card Authorization (Form ADM-205).

      4. Should motorcycles and trailers carry two plates?

No. If you have a motorcycle or a trailer you only should attach the rear one.

      5. What are temporary tags used for?

When you acquire a car, your auto dealer will usually give you a temporary tag that will allow you to drive it until your permanent decals come.

If you need temporary tags for another reason, you can apply in person at a DMV office for numerous types of non-commercial movement permits ($1.25 per day for a specific permit: such as emissions testing). The cost of other permits is $8.25 per day.