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New Hampshire License Plate Lookup


New Hampshire License Plate Lookup

In New Hampshire, you are to have license plates when operating a vehicle. In fact, NH requires to attach number tags on both front and rear sides. It doesn’t, however, concern motorcycles. The first number tag in NH was brought to attention in 1999.

Before you proceed with licensing, it’s recommended to do a tag lookup. The search results provide you with the basic info about the transport; such as previous accidents, owners, etc. Besides, in this way, you can find out if the combination of letters and digits you want is available for pick-up.

VIN and license plate lookup services are available online and offline. There are so many third-party websites that offer look-up services for some amount of money. Usually, they just buy data and later sell it. Another option is to mail a request. This may be a more expensive and long process, however, you’ll get detailed information.

The VIN check request includes the registration info, any accidents, and suspensions as well as the history of titles.
As we have mentioned, checking via mail will cost you some amount of money. If you don’t want to pay any money you can just visit the NH DMV website and fill in the requested fields.

If you are done with the lookup, let’s have a look at what other steps we would need when submitting an application.

First of all, submit your application

Whenever you buy transportation, it means you should visit the local DMV office and have it registered. The state gives you temporary decals to legally drive within some days. Generally, it’s up to dealers to get them but if you have done a private sale, you should proceed with it by yourself.

So, what would you need when submitting an application for registration? First of all, you should have the following documents:

  • Title documents
  • Title application (Signed by both the owner and the buyer, if the owner had it registered in another place.)
  • Residential ID
  • Cheques of payments

Take into account that you should visit the local office to register the car.

You must supply the bill of sale, as well as a title certificate and registration card if you buy a title-exempt vehicle.

Secondly, decide on the license plate type

As a matter of fact, nearly all the states of the U.S, offer the same types of decals; standard, specialized, and vanity. Most of them, such as Nebraska, Arizona, etc. offer Veteran and Military ones as well.

Month and year stickers indicate when your due date is. The stickers should be placed in the lower corners and should not make the number non-readable.

Should the license plates be renewed?

Yes! Every time when the due date is near, you will be sent a notification reminding you to renew it. The notification letter includes all the required details.

New Hampshire doesn’t have an offline renewal platform. That’s why you must visit the clerk’s in person and have the following documents with you:

  • Register notice or current documents
  • Proof of identity
  • Cheques of payments
  • Inspection certificate

In New Hampshire, the cost of registration renewal varies depending on the county you live in. You will be required to pay the local fees. The NH DMV accepts cash as payment for in-person renewals. Payment must be made by check or money order, if you are renewing by mail from out of state. Cash is not accepted.

Replacement, Surrender, and Transfer

Lost or damaged decals should be replaced. To replace, you should visit the clerk in person with a filled-in application form, payment cheques, and a remaining one (if available). You don’t have to go to the police to report that your tags were stolen or lost. However, we would recommend you to do so to avoid illegal use by other people.

If you have bought a vehicle you may transfer the current decals to a new one. You may not make a transfer unless the name of the owners is not corresponding. If a dealer helps you with the purchase, tell them about your intention of transferring.

If you decide to move to another state or change your tags, you should surrender your current ones. To do so, you should contact the DMV.

Here you can find the contact telephone number; (603) 227-4000.

Still have any questions? Check our FAQ list.

Should I keep my license plates when I sell my car?

In New Hampshire, you may keep them and transfer them to your car. Or if you don’t need them anymore, you just surrender them.

I finished the renewal process, but my tags have yet to arrive. How to check where they are?

It normally takes 2 to 6 weeks to acquire your tags after you’ve completed all of the criteria. If you haven’t received yours yet, you should contact your local DMV. To check the status of your number tags, you’ll probably need to search up your tag number or input another vehicle information.

Can I see who was the car owner before?

No. It’s, in fact, illegal. The lookup platforms can tell you how many owners there were before, but the personal info is not provided. Only a law enforcement officer is allowed to check up and find out who owns a car.
Although there are so many websites offering this service, it is always illegal. Be cautious and avoid using them. In most cases, it’s a fraud.

Where is my license plate number written?

You can generally find it on the registration documents. NH also provides online search services. You should only fill in the Driver’s permit code or ID.

How much does it cost to register your vehicle and get a tag?

In fact, the fees vary from county to county. Generally, you should make a payment of $8 for a standard one along with the county fees. To replace your tags you should pay $4 for each. Note that NH requires two decals to be attached except for trailers and motorcycles.

Is it possible to have my New Hampshire automobile inspected in another state?

Not every technician is qualified to do inspections, all approved stations must display a sign stating that they are an authorized inspection station no matter where.

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