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Florida License Plate Lookup


Florida License Plate Lookup

If you are going to own a car in Florida, license plate lookup must be your first act. Searching for information about your future automobile history is essential. There are a few drivers who may not be aware of this. But how to do that, and why do we need this?

The aim of our article is to find out the answers to your questions.

Why is it important?

Per year many people buy and sell vehicles. This sounds very good. But, unfortunately, sometimes your deal might end up with a scam. Especially when you buy a used machine it is riskier.

For instance, malfunction, odometer fraud, theft, lien, and fake documentation may happen. So, requesting a comprehensive report is a wise solution.

Search for Custom Plates

Upon purchasing an automobile the buyer needs to register it and earn a metal vanity tablet. Those numbers identify the owner and connect the latter with his auto-machine. With those digits or VIN, we can take complete material about the auto.

In this way, we may know whether this or that plate is free or not. Yet, in FL it is illegal to check and get the personal data of a holder. And it does not matter under which circumstances you had to do that.

State regulations allow only law enforcement officers to perform this. Maybe you have already come across a website that offers such a service for free. It is better to ignore them, as they can not have access to trustworthy databases.

Thus, most likely they will give you inaccurate information. However, via the Florida DMV official website, you can apply for driving records. They are public. For that reason you should:

  • Download and print the request form. Also, you may pick up a sample from a local branch office.
  • Fill up the letter and mention exactly what you require. There are 3 options: three-year, seven-year, or complete driver history.
  • Pay a fee. It depends on the choice you select. The amount basically ranges from $8 to $10.
  • Send this all to the DMV mail address.

They will accept your application if you satisfy at least 1 of the 16 exemptions. In general, they are about driver privacy protection. To get acquainted with the exemptions read them listed in the form. You will receive the approval or refusal within two weeks.

What will I know

Lookup tools let us find a doubtful activity, owners, images, and detailed archives. Sources are updated periodically.


The Department divides vehicle number configurations into three main categories:


You can select one of the suggested 2-word combinations:

  • In God We Trust
  • Sunshine State

In the center, we see two oranges, blossoms, and an FL map outline. In the upper right corner, you need to put stickers. They validate your ownership. Make sure that the expiration date is clearly visible.


Here we have a big variety involving more than 100 colorful variants. Military and special requirements plates are subtypes. Like California, Fl DMV issues them for particular organizations to support their undertakings.

Accordingly, the gained money directly goes for charity goals. Despite the economic decadence, sales of these tablets increase. The project gives the opportunity to obtain them as a gift too.

The selling process started on October 16, 2020. Take present certification from the nearest accredited office. They provide a receipt in the name of the individual who receives the gift. But remember that refunds are impossible.

Let’s look at some of the available options:

  • Protect Our Oceans
  • Support Autism
  • Horseless Carriage
  • Recipients of Silver Star
  • Miami Dolphins
  • Florida State University

Be ready to pay a fee of $20 and more. In addition, you have to pay for standard registration.


Before planning to apply for them, first, check the availability of the numbers online. If you didn’t decide which configuration to choose, keep in mind:

  • You are to use a maximum of 7 characters (also include “-” or “ “).
  • For collegiate plates use at most 5 characters to place logos.

Registering and renewing cost is $15 added to the common charge. However, there are some banned phrases that the Department will deny. So, before ordering look at the list of forbidden words:

  • Hooker or EAT CACA
  • LUCIFRR (and other versions that are close to Lucifer)
  • Phrases that begin with the letter A after S
  • Digit 9 after 6
  • Texts beginning with FC or FK
  • The ones expressing violence (KILL, KILLL, KUTYA, ILCUTU)

To order you must:

  1. Send filled HSMV form 83043 or appear personally to the regional headquarters.
  2. Pay an extra $15 annually.

How to obtain?

Upon purchasing a new automobile the dealership provides temporary number-tablets. You are able to utilize them for 10-90 days related to the purpose. This permits you to drive legally only if the plate issuing process is ongoing.

In the case of private sales, you have to acquire them yourself earlier. But within a month you should register your car. For out-of-state automobiles, the term is shorter. You have only 10 days. To end up a machine transfer you have to visit the tax collector of your region.

Usually, it takes 30-40 days in the case of ordinary plates. If you want to customize them, you have to wait for 2-3 months. Parallelly don’t forget to apply for titling.


Upon your visitation to DHSMV, get prepared to show:

  • ID
  • Valid insurance
  • VIN inspection evidence
  • Odometer reading (if you are a new resident)
  • Invoice ticket

For newcomers, the steps are a little bit different. In the beginning, they have to apply for DL and new insurance.


To calculate the price there are many variable factors and fees, like:

  • Issue: $28
  • Transfer: $7.35 (if necessary)
  • Initial registration: $225
  • Vehicle tax: differs by weight
  • Service: according to the location


Renewal must occur every 10 years. Do that anytime from a convenient place. Just click on the link and follow the instructions.

Number tablets are the property of the State. So, if you want to change or nullify it, you have to return it. Otherwise, keeping old or expired ones causes suspension of your DL. There are several methods to operate this:

  • Return in person.
  • Contact via Email, asking to cancel it.

Then the officer gives you a receipt indicating that you handed them. Save the paper for not paying the initial registration cost once more. And what about registration, it expires on the birthdate of the owner.


If you decide to transfer it to your other vehicle, they will charge you an $80-100 extra fee. Passing yours to someone else is prohibited by law.

When you lose or break them you have to direct a written statement via email. This also refers to situations when someone stole them. If it happens to you don’t hesitate to request a replacement. To do so, they require:

  • Current proof of enrollment
  • HSMV 83146 form

Payment depends on conditions:

  • Damaged: $28
  • Lost: $28
  • Stolen: free (police report is mandatory)

If you have 1 side (rear or front) part, surrender it to the DMV instantly.

Online Services

Surely, when thinking about DMV headquarters you associate them with awful lines and crowds. But, as you can conclude from our article, the virtual platform solves this problem.

Now you don’t have to stand in lines and fall in traffic jams. The official website offers almost all the services online. There you’ll find samples as well. You can even arrange an appointment in advance instead of waiting there for a long time.


Mailing address:
2900 Apalachee Parkway, MS #72
Tallahassee, Florida 32399
Telephone: 850-617-3000
Email: [email protected]