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Wyoming License Plate Lookup


Wyoming License Plate Lookup

Every driver that is operating a car on the roads and highways has to follow the state requirements on Wyoming license plates. This means they have to title and register their vehicles and attach two tags to them. One is for the front and another one for the rear. Since 2017, the government has offered a new blue-green-yellow design for them. Besides, you should have a validation sticker and carry a registration certificate with you.
In addition to identifying a certain vehicle, the Wyoming License Plate numbers contain valuable information behind them. By knowing the numbers, drivers may use the lookup and reveal data about the automobile. It includes engagement in accidents, involvement in natural disasters, odometer readings and other specifications of the car, records on liens, and so on.

Wyoming License Plate Lookup Options

When buying a pre-owned car, the lookup is a must. It provides the real history of the truck and not the one that the dealers are enthusiastically making up. There are three options for the search.

First of all, you may use online databases which buy, organize, and provide data to consumers. Just pay attention to the sources that they get information from, as they have to be trustworthy. Generally, their information comes from public sources and insurance companies. This option is the quickest one. It will not extend beyond several minutes, but it supplies useful details.

Secondly, you have a right to request vehicle records from responsible state agencies. You have to fill out a special request form and submit it to the Wyoming Motor Vehicle Agency.

Motor Vehicle Agency
5300 Bishop Blvd.
Cheyenne, WY 82009
For more details make a call at 307-777-4800

Finally, you may apply for the support of private investigators. Their service is the most expensive one, but the results would probably satisfy you.

What information would be accessible through the record?

No matter which lookup option you choose, you are to get the following data:

1. The list of previous and present car titles. This point reveals details of ownership (if it is an individual or a company). However, you can’t get personal information as the state follows the laws of the Driver’s Privacy Protection Act (DPPA) and you have to show an acceptable reason for requesting the record.
2. Police report that contains notices about thefts and fines for inconsiderate driving, and shows the presence of the gray market.
3. Involvement in repossession contracts and liens against the automobile
4. Inspection report
5. History of the accidents
6. Use in public services, police or taxi
7. The Vehicle Identification Number

By owning these details, you will prevent issues like odometer misreading, fake titles, or not being repaired after recalls. So, conduct a search and determine if your purchase is worth your money.

Registration Process

After purchasing an automobile from a private party or certified dealership, you have 45 days to title and register it. In case of newly establishing a residency in this region, you have to do authorization as soon as possible.

The Wyoming Department of Transportation (DOT) handles all the procedures connected with the registration. You have to register your automobile by personally visiting the licensing office. You can’t do the authorization online, by mail, or over the phone.

When visiting the licensing agency, make sure you have valid automobile insurance and the following paperwork with you.

  • Proof of car’s title
  • If you’re from another state, show your current registration
  • Valid insurance
  • VIN
  • Invoice provided by the dealer (if you have bought your truck from a dealership)
  • Agreement of lease (if applicable)
  • Completed MV-300A application form for Certificate of Title and VIN/HIN Inspection
  • Proof of necessary payments


DOT charges both county and state payments for authorization. There is a special formula that helps residents to calculate their county fees.

Factory Cost*Year of Service Rate*03=County Fee

The service rate varies depending on the number of years.

WY has standard public fees which are the following:

  • Passenger automobile: 30$
  • Motorcycles: $25
  • Trucks and trailers $2 to $60
  • Campers: $30 to $90

For more information on fees, call DOT at 307-777-4709 or 307-777-4825.

Temporary Tags

In WY, you may apply for a temporary tag on a month-to-month basis. You have to obtain it if you are employed here for less than 120 days. For application, you must visit the local county treasurer’s office. The cost is $50.

Temporary Permits

These permits allow transferring an automobile out of WY. Just submit valid insurance and other paperwork to the licensing office and pay $20 for each car.

Available Types

WY issues more than a hundred types of tags to fit its residents’ interests and support fundraising. Besides general placard we specify three other categories:

  • Personalized Prestige
  • Specialty
  • Disability

Personalized Prestige

This type allows you to personalize your custom placard and choose preferable writing on them. However, there are some rules and regulations that need to be followed.

First of all, you can choose up to 5 characters that have to contain both letters and digits. Secondly, you must avoid choosing offensive or vulgar writings. Otherwise, the government has a right to ban your combination. Thirdly, the combination has to be unique and have no connection with the combinations chosen by the public agencies. Finally, it cannot contain more than 3 W’s or 3 M’s.

Use WY license plate lookup to check the availability of your chosen combination.

The cost of personalized prestige type is $30 plus standard payments.


This category is here to care about the special interests of non-governmental organizations, to raise funds for universities, and support special causes. There are various specialty placards available, such as:

  • University of Wyoming: the cost is $130 plus standard payments of renewal and registration. $100 goes to scholarships and student programs.
  • The military supports military veterans and costs $50 plus standard fees.
  • Classic and Historic
  • Amateur Radio
  • Emergency Medical Technician
  • Firefighter

The cost of the last three subcategories is $30.

The list is wide and there are hundreds of subcategories accessible.


This category supports people with temporary and permanent disabilities. It allows parking in special parking zones. These placards are free, only standard cost has to be paid. You may apply for them by mail or in person.

  • Fill out an FSDI-916 application form
  • Provide proof of eligibility given by the certified physician
  • Show photo ID
  • Send these documents to:

Driver Review Section
5300 Bishop Blvd.
Cheyenne, WY 82009

  • Or take them personally to the driver exam office.

Renewal Procedure

You have to renew your authorization once a year. Two months before the actual expiry, the county treasurer’s agency sends reminders to its residents. However, you don’t need the notice during the process of renewal. There are only a few regions that require the PIN indicated in the notice.

It is possible to organize renewal online if your county of residency is included in the list of regions that provide online services. Another option is to do it by visiting the municipal agent’s office. Just have the following documents with you:

  • Valid insurance
  • Both county and state fees
  • If your truck weighs more than 55000 pounds, provide an IRS form 2290
  • Renewal notice

If you want to do the renewal online, consider submitting such data as:

  • Distinctive auto numbers
  • Proof of having a credit or debit card
  • The PIN that is indicated in the renewal notice
  • Your current address
  • Payment

Replacement Procedure

Require the duplicate of your tags if you find them stolen, lost, destroyed, or mutilated. Fill out Duplicate Certification of Title Application and Affidavit, put a notarized signature on it. Bring your photo ID, the registration certificate, and provide specifications of your track. Pay $15 for the replacement procedure.

You may apply for the replacement in person or by mail.

NOTE: If you find your plates stolen, first of all, visit the nearest police station and complete the crime report. Only after that, proceed to the replacement at the office of treasurer.

Transferring and Surrendering

The DOT attaches the tags to the name of the owner and not to the car. That means when buying a new vehicle, you will not get the numbers displayed on it. It stays with the person under whose name it is registered.

So, when buying a new truck, you may transfer your old tags to it. A transfer payment is required.

When you don’t need your tags anymore, you should surrender them to DOT. In this case, you have a right to receive a refund for any months remaining on registration.