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Utah License Plate Lookup


Utah License Plate Lookup

Do you have a desire to register your vehicle in Utah? Have you just purchased a pre-owned automobile? Or have you newly set up an occupation in this region? Whatever it is, in this article, we are going to talk about Utah license Plate lookup and cover all the related details.

License Plate’s Lookup in Utah

The only legal purpose to conduct lookup in this region is when searching for license plate numbers. However, you still have to show the acceptable reason that is relevant to federal and local Driver’s Privacy Protection Act laws. Only after that, you may use online search databases and search for distinctive car numbers.

You have a right to request information on any truck through the UT Division of Motor Vehicles. Fill out a DLD60B request form. Be ready to provide your details, phone number, and mailing address, fill out the requested date and sign the form. Then, you have to provide some details on the MVR driver.

Utah license plate lookup allows people to know the history of an automobile through the use of numbers. It is a preventive measure that keeps dealers from providing inaccurate information. Lookups are also important when you are engaged in a hit-and-run case. If you remembered the characters on the car, you may conduct an online search and find the details of the owner.

Through online lookups, you will reveal such data as:

  • Main features of the truck
  • Details of the manufacturer, year of production, color, name, and so on
  • Vehicle Title
  • Report on accidents
  • Mileage and odometer readings
  • Liens
  • History of the repairs
  • Information about engagement in illegal deals

Registration Process

You cannot operate a car without public authorization in UT. Starting from 1909, every vehicle has to be registered under the law and had standard tags on it. UT issues two license plates. Their holders have to display both of them. One has to be firmly and visibly attached on the front, the other one on the rear. For trailers and motorcycles, the state issues only one tag.

Required documents

In case you want to register your car, pay a personal visit to the nearest licensing agency. You have to provide the following paperwork:

  • Vehicle title
  • Driving license
  • Valid insurance
  • Inspection report
  • Necessary payment

NOTE: The agency may also request valid insurance. So before paying a visit, have a full package of documents with you.

You have a right to register your car by mail if you are temporarily living in another state.

New residents have to do the registration and titling within 60 days. These two procedures may be organized simultaneously. After buying an automobile from a certified dealer, the latter will do the registration for you. But, if you bought it from a private party, you have to deal with all the documentation by yourself.

Before obtaining permanent registration, you will get temporary tags from the dealers. Their validity is 15 days and they can’t be renewed. The fee of the provisional permit is $6 in addition to standard payments.

Available Types

UT offers three categories of standard tags; “In God We Trust”, “Life Elevated Skier”, “Life Elevated Arches”.

Besides standard groups, you will also find many other categories. We specify three big categories:

  • Specialty
  • Personalized
  • Disability

Specialty type

Within the specialty group, you are to find more than 6 subcategories. There are available options for military personnel, antique cars, universities, and colleges. Some types support charities, special causes, and nonprofits. The state also offers occupational tags, which have distinctive decals on them and are specially designed.

Everyone has a right to apply for a certain category. However, there is a need to validate eligibility and show proof of employment.

The fees for this category vary depending on the certain type. To get information on a certain amount of the payment, contact the DMV’s local office at 800-368-8824.

Personalized type

Visit the Motor Vehicle Portal to apply for a personalized group. You just need to fill out the special template for Personalized tags and submit the necessary costs. You have the right to apply for up to 3 combinations of letters and digits.

For the tags of “Standard Life Elevated Skier” and “Life Elevated Arches,” you are allowed to choose up to 7 characters. Choose up to 5 characters to customize “In God We Trust” and specialty tags. Motorcycles require a customized combination of up to 5 symbols.

While personalization, you have to follow accepted guidelines, otherwise the government has a right to deny your request. The writing has to be unique, and it cannot be vulgar or offensive to the public. It cannot refer to drugs or bodily functions.

The cost of the vanity tag is determined by the chosen type. Each year you have to pay an extra $10 during registration renewal.

To finalize the process of customization, send the signed application form and the payment to:

Miscellaneous Services Unit
P.O. Box 30412
Salt Lake City, UT 84130

Disability type

UT offers special placards and tags for people with permanent and temporary disabilities and for the organizations that transfer people with disabilities. This category privileges its holders to park in special zones.

If you are a visitor in this region with your out-of-state disability placard or tag, you don’t have to apply for a local handicapped placard and tablets. The latter is recognized by the state no matter if they were issued by another state.

You can apply for this grouping by mail or in person. Just fill out a special TC-842 form. Show proof of your eligibility provided by the certified physician and manage the costs. Placards are free, but for permanent certification, you have to pay $17. In case of applying by mail, add $4 for shipping.

Submit your application in person at a local licensing agency or post it to the address mentioned in the form.

Temporary Permits

There are many cases when you need a temporary permit to operate an automobile legally. Here you are to find 6 kinds of temporary permits.

  1. If you are a resident who has just bought an automobile, the certified dealer will give you temporary authorization with 45 days of validation.
  2. To drive a newly bought automobile from the starting point to the destination, the government offers an in-transit permit with 4 days of validation.
  3. To obtain safety and emission certificates, you can get on a spot permit that expires after 15 days.
  4. From Renewal Express, you have a right to order a permit that has a validation of 30 days.
  5. To obtain all the necessary documents for the transfer, you can order temporary authorization for transferring ownership.
  6. To get the documents and the tag, obtain authorization from the DMV.

Renewal Process

Several weeks before the actual expiration of the registration the DMV sends reminders to the drivers. Each year you have to do the renewal.

There are three available options for this procedure; online, by mail, or in person.

If the expiry of the certification is close and just less than 10 days remain, do the renewal in person and receive your documents on the spot.

To conduct this procedure online, visit the Renewal Express Website of the Tax Commission. Have the reminder with you, as you have to enter the PIN indicated in it. Do the payments through your debit or credit card.

Use the reminder to conduct this procedure by post. Just send the reminder, the inspection report, and the check or money order to the address indicated in the notice.

Pay a personal visit to the nearest certifying office to complete the renewal. Be ready to provide the reminder or the certificate on registration, inspection report, and proof of payment.

The fees for this procedure may vary from $150 to $10. It depends on the number of years that a vehicle has been registered in the Utah DMV.

Transferring and surrendering

As the tags are attached to the name of the owner and not to the automobile, you may transfer them in case of buying a new car.

But if you don’t need them or you are moving to a new state, just surrender them or make them unusable.

To get more details on the procedure, contact DMV over the phone. The telephone number is (800) 368-8824.

Replacement procedure

You have a chance to replace your damaged, lost, or stolen tags. If you have found your tags stolen, first of all, visit the nearest police office and file a report. Only after filing a report take a direction to the licensing agency.

You can appeal for a replacement by mail or in person. Be ready to show the following data:

  • Card of certification
  • The numbers of the plate

Or if you are requesting through the post, have the VIN, a written request, and the payments.

To replace a standard category of tag, you have to pay $12, $5 for a decal, and $4 for shipping via mail.

The package of the documents has to be sent to the branch office or taken there personally.

Mail and Correspondence
P.O. Box 30412
Salt Lake City, UT 84130

When applying by post, you have to send a check or money order directed to the “State Tax Commission”.

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