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Texas License Plate Lookup


Texas License Plate Lookup

When buying a pre-owned vehicle people always want to verify its history. In Texas, they generally practice the VIN checkup or apply for the services

of Texas license plate lookup. It is possible to conduct online and offline lookups.


For online search you have to find reliable private websites which purchase, organize and sell the data to the customers. This is the easiest option to search as it involves the least amount of effort.

Moreover, most of the websites don’t require payment. You just have to fill out the number of the plate, choose the state and by submitting this data you will obtain a structured report in seconds.

Generally, the report contains the following info:

  • Market value
  • Specifications of the car
  • Details of the manufacturer
  • Safety and inspection reports
  • Fuel efficiency and so on

Through Texas License Plate Lookup, you are not eligible to get personal details on previous owners of the automobile. The government follows the Drivers Privacy Protection Act Laws. Only when you show an acceptable reason, you’ll be able to request data on ownership details.


It’s also possible to look up the distinctive car numbers by requesting them from the official agencies. The TX Department of Motor Vehicles (TxDMV) is the official body that deals with the above-mentioned procedures.

You just have to fill out a request form of TX Vehicle Records and bring it personally to the nearest licensing agency or send it by mail to:


400 Jackson Ave.,

Austin, TX 78731

Tell. (888) 368 – 4689

There is also another option presented for the lookup. You can hire a private investigator. The latter’s service is expensive; however, the results would be satisfying.

TX License Plate Registration

Nobody has a right to operate an automobile without public authorization. So, when you are buying a new car or establishing residency in this region, you have only a month to register your vehicle.

DMV is a public body that handles authorization procedures. The residents have to manage this procedure in the county they currently live. After completing this procedure, the government will issue two tags, one for the front and another one for the rear, and a sticker that has to be displayed on the windshield.

If you don’t follow these regulations; you may get a $200 fine. Motorcycles, mopeds, antique autos, and trails need only one rear plate. Since July 2020, there are also digital tags available.

To register an automobile, you have to visit the County Tax Office. Make sure you have the following paperwork with you:

  • Proof of ownership
  • Valid ID
  • Operating insurance
  • Inspection report
  • Completed Form 130-U for titling or registration
  • Necessary payments


The costs for the authorization vary depending on the county where you are registering your truck. However, there are some standard statewide fees. For example, the authorization cost for the cars and light pickups is $51.75. For heavy vehicles, that are weighing 6,001 to 10,000 Ibs., the payment is $54, and for mopeds and motorcycles $30.

In addition to the above-mentioned fees, there are also other states, local, and county fees available.

Available types

Standard group of the tags has been introduced in 2012. It is known as “the Texas Classic” and contains up to 7 characters; 3 capital letters at the beginning, then dash, and 4 numbers in the end.

You may also find the slogan “The Lone Star State” written on the bottom and “TEXAS” on the top side.

Besides standard tags, there are also several special categories to meet the individual and organizational interests of its residents. We specify 4 big groups of them:

  1. Personalized/vanity
  2. Specialty
  3. Temporary
  4. Disability

Personalized type

TX allows customizing your tags. You just need to think over your preferred combination and choose the special background from many available options. You have to follow the guidelines set by the government.

So, it has to contain up to 7 characters and include at least one letter.
You should not choose offensive or vulgar writings. Besides, you should check the availability for the registration. Check it and view personalization options through myplates.com which is an official internet portal of the DMV. Order and customize tags through this website.

After getting approval from the DMV, you have to manage the payments. The amount of the fees depends on the registration period. For example, if you want to do the authorization for one year you have to pay $195, and for 5 years you have to pay $495.

Specialty type

This category is here to support certain organizations, charities, occupations, hobbies, and special causes. Within this type, you are to find hundreds of subtypes. However, we specify 5 big groups created for:

  • Organizations and Charities
  • Colleges and Universities
  • Sports and hobbies
  • Military Personnel
  • Antique autos

It is possible to apply for a certain category online through MYplates.com or Texas.gov. Check out the available list of the tags, select the one that you want, and press the “order” button. Some of the tags require eligibility verification, so it is not possible to order them through the internet.

You have to fill out the special application form and provide the necessary documents and fees. Then send the package to the DMV by mail or bring it there personally.

Department of Titles and Registration

4000 Jackson Ave

Austin, TX 78731

Temporary type

Legally driving an automobile for 90 days without tags is also possible, when:

  • You are an international student with valid authorization from another state.
  • Have an international Driver’s permit.
  • You are a resident of Mexico with its registration.

NOTE: It is illegal to drive for more than 90 days.

There are many cases when you need temporary permits to operate your automobile legally. There are available 4 different types of them:

  1. A one-trip permit is valid for up to 15 days. You are allowed to drive only from the starting point to the destination.
  2. Permit for transit: has validation for up to 5 days. You need it during purchasing your auto and having to transfer it to another state. You can apply for it online.
  3. Permit with validation of 3 to 6 days: can be used by the citizens of the US, Canada, or Mexico.
  4. Permit for 30 days: is the maximum period available. You can’t get it through the internet; you have to obtain it from the tax collector’s agency. The processing cost is $4.75 and the cost for the permit is $25.

Disability Type

This category is here to support people with disabilities or organizations that are transferring them. Being eligible for this category you will have a right to park in special parking zones.
You just need to fill out the special application form, show proof of eligibility given by the certified physician and manage the payments

Renewal Process

Once a year you have to renew your registration. Before the actual date of the expiration, the responsible body sends reminders to its residents. Even if you haven’t received the notice you still have to proceed with the renewal.

Three options are existing.

  1. First of all, you can do it by personally visiting the nearest Tax office. You should provide your photo ID, the data indicated in the renewal notice, show your current inspection and valid insurance.
  2. Secondly, it is also possible to perform renewal online. You can renew your certification online 90 days before the expiration and get a $1 reduction.
  3. Finally, you may also do the renewal by mail. Send the official reminder, the same documents as the in-person renewal option, and the fees to the tax office.

Replacement Procedure

Before 2016, every 7 years, the government conducted automatic replacement of the tags. It is done for increasing the quality of the tags. Since November 2016 the government no longer does replacements after 7 years.

However, when you find your tags damaged, lost, or stolen you have a right to apply for a replacement. In case of theft, first of all, visit the nearest police station and file a report. You should proceed with the replacement by mail or by personally visiting a local licensing agency or tax office.

Fill out a special application form on replacement (Form VTR-275), provide a copy of your photo ID, and manage the payments. The cost for this procedure is $6.50. It is non-refundable.

Transferring and Surrendering

The state attaches the distinctive car numbers to the name of the driver and not to the vehicle. That’s why if you are the owner of another vehicle or you purchased a new automobile you can transfer your tags for free.

It is not possible to transfer your numbers to a car that is not registered under your name. The function of transferring is accessible for the cars bought from a private party or certified dealership. Visit the tax collector office and receive their assistance in the process of transferring.

In case you don’t need your tags anymore, you should surrender them to the local DMV office. You may be required to surrender them if you are moving to another state, found your plates damaged and applied for the replacement, or have canceled your automobile’s insurance.

To complete the procedure of surrendering you have to mail or bring personally the tablets to the licensing office.