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Vermont License Plate Lookup


Vermont License Plate Lookup

There are several reasons why people use Vermont license plate lookup services. First of all, they use them to check the availability of the preferred combination. Secondly, when they are engaged in a hit-and-run accident, they can remember the automobile’s numbers to transfer them to the police, insurance company, or lookup by themselves to identify the hit-and-run driver. Finally, it is an essential part of the process of buying a pre-owned car. With its help, you can reveal information, such as ownership (if it is an individual or an organization), data on the title, salvage report, odometer reading, liens, accident history, and so on.

Officially Vermont doesn’t have a license plate lookup service. There is just a list of available plates that you can look through by visiting DMV’s website. However, there are many third-party license search portals, which provide reliable information that is derived from public and insurance agencies.

It is quick and easy to look up numbers by the use of online databases. Just fill out the car numbers in the gap, select the state and obtain a full report leading to the past of the automobile. The report will not contain information on the personal details of the owner. Vermont follows the Driver’s Privacy Protection Act laws and any violation of these laws may lead to legal penalties.

Registration Process

Legally, you can’t operate a vehicle on the roads of VT without public authorization. So, if you are new in Green Mountain State or you bought a new automobile, register it as soon as possible. If you bought an automobile from a certified dealer, he/she will manage all the paperwork and authorization for you. In case you bought it from a private party, you have to do all the documentation by yourself.

VT issues registration for 1 or 2 years. The Department of Motor Vehicles is a public body responsible for all license-plate-related procedures. It gives its residents 60 days to obtain authorization. Visit the local office to get the certification. Make sure that you have the following paperwork with you:

  • Valid insurance
  • Completed VD-119 application form
  • Statement on Odometer Disclosure and Sales Agreement (Form VT-005)
  • For a new vehicle, show a Manufacturer’s Certificate of Origin (MCO)
  • For pre-owned cars, provide a signed-over title
  • Have all the necessary payments


For the registration of a certain type of vehicle, the agency requires a solid amount of a fee. Passenger vehicles require a fee of $76 for 12 months and $140 for two years. For electric-powered automobiles, the cost is $74 for 12 months and $136 for 2 years, for motorcycles $48 for 12 months and $96 for two years, for motor driven-cycle $30 for 12 months and $60 for two years.

NOTE: After managing your first registration, the state gives you only 15 days to apply for the insurance. Besides, you have to pass an annual safety inspection. Otherwise, it will operate with legal penalties.
While waiting for the permanent tags the state gives you temporary ones. The latter is given to you if you have not provided all the necessary documents. It is valid for 60 days and could not be renewed.

Available Types

The DMV issues two tablets of distinctive car numbers. You have to display both of them; one on the front and the other on the rear. Make sure they are clearly visible and firmly attached. In case you are registering a motorcycle, tractor truck, semi-trailer, or trailer, the government will give you only one decal.

The validation sticker should be affixed on the right or left corner of the rear tag. It depends on its dimensions.

The material of the plate is aluminum and they have a green background. In the upper left corner, you may find a maple tree. On the central side of the top is written “VERMONT”, and “GREEN MOUNTAIN STATE” is on the bottom.

In VT, you have a right to apply for the tags that best describe your personal and organizational interests. There are 4 big categories to apply for:

  • Standard
  • Specialty
  • Disability
  • Personalized

Specialty type

This category shows direct support to the charity, organizations, and certain groups. It is possible to apply for this type either in person or online. Within this category, you are to find hundreds of subtypes. The main subcategories are:

  • Organizations
  • Safety/Service agencies
  • Special Fund
  • Military

For each subcategory, there is a special application procedure available. So, to get detailed information on a special category, visit the DMV’s official website. Choose the preferred type and find all the details.

Some of the above-mentioned categories require verification of eligibility.

Disability Type

People with permanent or temporary disabilities may apply for the disability tags and placards which give its holders parking privileges. They just need to take the following steps:

  1. First of all, complete the special form of Disabled Parking Placard or the application form of VT Registration Tax and Title to obtain a tag for people with disabilities.
  2. Secondly, you should provide a Universal Medical Evaluation/Progress Report that is completed by a certified doctor.
  3. Thirdly, have the required fees with you. Note that the disability placard is free.

This category will allow its holders to park in specially designed zones without any time limitations. They may also be given some privileges at gas stations. In case of temporary disability, you should fill out an application form on Temporary Disabled Parking Placard that has to be filled out by a licensed physician. The placard is valid for 6 months and you have no right to renew it. After its expiration, if you are still in need of it, you have to reapply for it.

Permanent tags have validation for four years. After expiry, complete a new template.

Vanity/Personalized Tags

You may customize your tags by choosing a unique combination of writing for them. First of all, you have to check whether you are allowed to customize them or not. Do it through the official website of the DMV or visit the nearest licensing agency.

There are certain regulations and guidelines that you should follow while personalization:

  1. You can’t use offensive or vulgar writings. Otherwise, the government has a right to ban your tag.
  2. License plates may contain up to 7 characters (for the disabled category up to 5 characters).
  3. For antique autos, you are to use up to 4 characters.

To finalize the procedure, fill out certain application forms and pay all the necessary fees. Note that you should also pay standard fees in addition to personalized tag costs. The cost of a customized tag is $48. Pay also for the specialty stickers if applicable.

Wait for 30 days to receive your distinctive car numbers.

Renewal Procedure

Three weeks before the actual expiration date of the registration, the DMV sends a renewal notice. If you have not received a reminder or have lost it, you have to complete the VD-119 form (only 1, 2, 4, and 8 sections) and you will also need to provide payment for the renewal. Mail the application and the payment to Vermont DMV, 120 State St, Montpelier, VT 05603.

It is possible to do the renewal online, in-person, by mail, or over the phone.


To conduct online renewal, visit the official website of DMV Express. Provide the details of your driver’s permit or distinctive automobile numbers, pay the costs.

Then, you will receive a temporary tag that is valid for 10 days. You are allowed to use it until the arrival of permanent Vermont License Plates. They generally arrive within 6 business days.

By phone

Make a call to the Department of Motor Vehicles at (866) 259-5368. While making a call, have a renewal notice with you. Be ready to show data on your debit/credit card to manage the payments.

By mail

To complete the procedure by mail, you have to send the signed renewal application and the fees to the following address:

Department of Motor Vehicles

P.O. Box 1308,

Williston VT 05495-1308

Practice this address only for this procedure.


You should pay a personal visit to the local agency and use a self-service kiosk or speak to the officer.
Or you should also apply for the service provided by the Town Clerk’s office, and bring the same

documents as in case of renewal through the mail.


By filling out a special template of replacement, you can easily replace your stolen, lost, damaged tags. In case of theft, you have to file a report and only after that, visit the local agency for the completion of the procedure. The cost of the replacement per tag is $12.

Transfer or Surrendering

If you are buying a new automobile or selling your old one, you have a right to transfer your tags. They cannot be transferred to a new owner, just transfer them between your cars. The transfer cost is $25.

It is also possible to surrender your tags if you are moving to a new province or your plates have been damaged and you applied for the replacement or in case of no need for them.