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Arkansas License Plate Lookup


Arkansas License Plate Lookup

The lookup process

The Arkansas Department of Motor Vehicles is responsible for issuing vanity plates to drivers in Arkansas. The latter are owners of passenger vans/cars/trucks, all-terrain vehicles, mobile homes, and motorcycles.

Before you obtain yours, remember that you must have the license plate on the rear. It is obligatory, as it indicates the expiration date of the registry. AR issues both standard and specialty plates. Yet, the latter is only for special cases (e.g. to organizations).

Regardless of the tag’s type, you have to get it within the first month after you buy a car. You have 3 different ways in which you can apply: via mail, online or in-person.

So, if you have decided to do a lookup through the department you can:

  • Make a request via mail:

AR Department of Motor Vehicles
Ragland Building
1900 W 7th St, Ste 1100
Little Rock, AR 72201

  • Call over the phone: 501-682-4692
  • Do an online search through their website.

Although this option may be very common, there are alternatives too. One of them is our Arkansas license plate lookup. For most car owners this option is way too preferable and convenient at the same time.

We will give you the opportunity to find any detail about the past and the present condition of your machine. This point is especially important if you have bought a previously used machine. Just enter the relevant tag number and do your search.

On our website, you will gain information on the most common things connected with tags like:

  • Size
  • Types
  • Record
  • Placement
  • VIN Decoder


To register your car in this state you need to follow the below-mentioned instructions. You can do it either in person or online. Let’s start with the first option:


  1. Go to the nearest OMV revenue office.
  2. Present all the necessary papers.
  3. Do the payments for the registry.
  4. Wait till you obtain your truck and revenue record.

Required paperwork:

  • Ownership proof
  • The truck label that should be signed by both the seller and you (in case you have bought or transferred it from a private party)
  • A copy of your lien agreement (signed)
  • A signed Manufacturer’s Certificate of Origin (if you have purchased your new truck from a dealer)
  • A finished Car Registration Application (10-381 Form) which is regarded also as a titling application
  • A VIN verification evidence (if your truck is out of state with salvage or similar designation)
  • A 10-313 Form of Vehicle Bill of Sale Odometer Disclosure Statement Form
  • A proof was given by the county assessor (indicating that your truck has been assessed or will be within the ongoing year)
  • A confirmation paper (to show that you have paid all the personal property taxes)
  • An auto insurance proof
  • An Odometer disclosure statement on the back of the title (this is for the less than 10 years old autos)
  • Registration charges’ payment


  1. Enter the website My DMV Arkansas.
  2. By entering all the information about your machine and you, submit the application.
  3. Do the charge payments.
  4. After applying, you get an email notification (about the status of your label).
  5. After the acceptance of your application, you get your tag and registration via mail.

Required documents:

  • Primary paperwork including AR Bill of Sale, Manufacturer Statement of Origin, (Out of State) Title
  • Federal Odometer Statement
  • A paid tax revenue proof
  • Security agreement/Lien contract
  • Insurance Card
  • PPAN or Personal Property Tax Number (you should have it signed by your county assessor)
  • A present year County Tax Assessment

Warnings and preconditions

It does not matter whether the auto has been inherited, gifted, or transferred between you and others. You have to register and title it with the AR OMV during the following 30 days of purchasing it. It works the same way if you have the label signed over to you.

If you are doing an online record, know that you won’t get the title until you provide all the required paperwork.

Those drivers, who apply for a Title Purpose Only Certificate, will not be able to record it online. You don’t need to provide insurance proof. There is no license tag and you only receive a label.

Tag renewal

In case your tag has been issued previously and you do not need to change any information (except your address) you may do the renewal by phone, mail, or internet. These are the fastest and most convenient methods.

You will receive all the instructions together with the renewal notice from the Office of Motor Vehicle. Here is how you should make the process in each method:

  • By the internet

The only secure way to do it via the internet is through the Official AR Vehicle Registration Renewal. You should sign up to get property tax and registration reminders. You can also call them: 1-800-941-2580.

  • Via Mail

Office of Motor Vehicle
P O Box 3153,
Little Rock, AR 72203-3153

  • In-person

You just need to visit any State Revenue Office.

Vanity-plate types

The AR Department of Finance and Administration is responsible for the distribution and issuance of customized and personalized vanity license tags. If you want to choose specific lettering for your tag, the state lets you know if it is available.

You can order personalized tags and it takes only 4-8 weeks to process and deliver them. Only a registered owner has the right to order them. Remember that you have to register them at the time of issuance.

The division allows this type on motorcycles, vans, autos, and pickups.


Requests for a personalized tags are made every Friday and sent to the Plates Office in Little Rock. Once it is approved, you’ll get a notification letter at the mailing address.

You need to pay a $25 fee for that. In addition, there is also a $25 fee for renewal.

Other fees:

  • For registration
  1. $17.00 (3000 pounds or less)
  2. $25.00 (3001-4500 pounds)
  3. $30.00 (4500 pounds and above)
  • $2.50 for validation decal
  • $0.39 for postage
  • $10.00 for title
  • $1.00 for tag transfer
  • $0.50 for lien filing


Before beginning the renewal process, the law requires owners to assess their cars with their county assessor and pay all taxes they owe. Also, it is important to maintain liability insurance.

You have to meet all these needs if you want to renew by phone or internet. Their fulfillment is checked automatically, using a computer. In case of the absence of any of them, you will be rejected.

If you have chosen to do an update by mail or in person you must have:

  • A copy of your property tax assessments
  • Property revenue for charges (due till the past October 10th)
  • Your car liability insurance coverage

For more detail call: 1-888-389-8336

Does Arkansas require front license numbers?

The answer is yes. Arkansas belongs to the ‘Rugged Nineteen’ countries that require only one tag on the front of the machine. Others include Alabama, Kansas, Louisiana, North Carolina, etc.

Number of Characters

You can have a maximum of 7 characters on your number plate. Any mix of spaces, numbers (0 to 9), and letters (A to Z) is acceptable.


As you already know the state department must approve your temporary tags. So, take into account that the following are not permitted:

  • Any mix of numerals or letters that don’t correspond to the numbering system approved by the Department of Revenue and Motor Vehicle Division
  • Duplication of a vanity-plate
  • Suggestive, rude, vulgar, or profane words
  • Usage of the plus sign (+) and a period (.)

To get your personalized tag you may do one of the following:

Department of Finance and Administration
PO Box 1272
Ragland Revenue Building, Room 1040
Little Rock, AR 72203


According to state law, trucks must be under minimum insurance coverage. Only with that drivers can operate here legally. The breakdown will be read as:

  • $25,000 for other people’s property damage
  • $25,000 for either fatality or single body injury in an incident
  • $50,000 for 2 or more fatalities/injuries in an accident

Ownership transfer

To perform an ownership transfer there should be the agreement of both the recipient and transferor. It should be in the form of a written notice. These documents must also be present in it:

  1. Machine sale details:
  • Model
  • Year
  • Produce
  • VIN
  • Transfer date

2. Dealer’s personal details:

  • Address
  • Printed name
  • Signature

3. Purchaser’s personal data:

  • Signature
  • Stamped name
  • Address

There should not be any errors or omissions on these papers. If by any means, there are some, they must be corrected immediately. After that, the notice is to be given to the agency either online or by handing the form in person.

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