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Minnesota License Plate Lookup


Minnesota License Plate Lookup

Do you need to find information about a certain vehicle? In fact, it is easier than you imagine. Reveal any information you need through Minnesota license plate lookup. This will help you learn about past ownership, accidents, odometer reading, and other relevant and important details.
Moreover, the search is free of charge and very easy to conduct; it will take you only minutes to find the details you want.


To acquire MN plates, it is necessary to register the car first. Do it by visiting the DVS.

New residents should complete the registration within 60 days after their arrival. Non-residents will have to acquire special 31-day certificates. On the other hand, residents of the state get a 21-day temporary certificate, until their permanent titles are ready.

You are always at an advantage when you purchase a car through a dealer. This way you will receive proper assistance in registration, and complete the process without complications.

The registration tax in the state depends on the car age, thus this is one of the determinants of how much the registering fee will be. For the ones older than ten years, the payment is generally about $35.

Also, an important point to remember is the insurance issue. The law strictly prohibits driving without valid insurance. If the law is violated, it may lead to imprisonment, fines, also, revoking of the driving license.

The insurance, actually, protects the drivers financially, in case of accidents. Sometimes, it fully covers the caused damage. Thus, the drivers only benefit from it.

Check how can you search a license plate in several states: Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware and Florida.

Application process

Commonly, it is quite simple to apply. You simply need to have the below-mentioned under your hand:

  • Ownership proof
  • Vehicle insurance
  • ID (e.g., a Minnesota Driver’s License)
  • Application form
  • Payment

If you have just been removed from the state, you need to get a Driver’s license first.

Types of MN license plates

In the state, it is required to have number plates both on the front and rear of the vehicle. Also, they must be firmly fixed in a horizontal position. This means that carrying them on the windshield is illegal.

You can choose from several available options.

The standard vanity plates stand out for their white background and blue characters. It also includes an emblem and the “10 000 lakes” inscription at the bottom.

Besides the standard types you may also acquire the options below:

  • Specialty
  • Personalized
  • Disability placards

These types usually represent different institutions, charity organizations, etc. Actually, the list is really big.

Here are some examples:

  • National Guard
  • Military Veterans
  • Support our Troops
  • Medal of Honor

Generally, their cost is $10. Also, there is an annual fee of $35.


If you want to create custom numbers for your car, then you should apply for Personalized ones.

Consequently, there are several requirements to follow:

  • It should contain 7 characters in total (numbers and at least one letter).
  • Unappropriated suggestions or profanities are out of the question.
  • For motorcycles, there are commonly 6 characters.
  • Cover the fixed fee of $100 for application and an additional $10 for filing.

You can search the available variants online, and visit the DVS for applying only.

Disability Placards

For people with temporary or permanent disabilities, the state issues special placards.

This will enable the drivers to park in special, more convenient areas. Temporary ones can also be:

  • Long-term
  • Short-term

Whiskey Plates

What do you need to know about them?

If you have happened to be convicted for driving in intoxication, be ready to replace your regular numberplate with a Whiskey one. Actually, this is quite a painful and sometimes unfair experience.

So, your impounded tags are replaced with these, which generally begin with the letter “W”. Mostly the letter “W” is followed by another letter. More often you can meet the following combinations:

  • WR
  • WS
  • WT
  • WX
  • WY
  • WZ

Typically, the owners are required to keep the Whiskey types for a year. If the driver has other automobiles under his/her name, the other number plates are also automatically replaced.

The residents are able to request an administrative review of the case. Sometimes, however, the driver can be recognized as innocent.

What impacts may a Whiskey plate have?

There is a general assumption that a vehicle with a Whiskey numberplate is often stopped by the police. Anyway, the general law states that this is not a factor to stop them without any evident reason.

Interestingly, there are only two states in the USA that use them. Ohio also uses them at present. Recently the Minnesota Supreme Court has declared them to be unconstitutional.

Also, it is important to know whether it is possible to sell a car while you carry Whiskey number plates. Well, this is possible, although there is a possibility of complications.

If you want to make the process less problematic, just complete the transaction with an attorney. When you buy a new vehicle, automatically, your Whiskey numberplate is transferred to it for the period they have been issued.


After you have issued your vanity plate, you are required to renew it only after seven years. However, you still must refresh the special tags on them annually.

You may process the renewal online, by mail, or in person.

Before the expiration of the tags, you should receive a notification. It is very important to follow the dates, otherwise, you may be asked to make an extra payment.

Also, the renewal fee of the tags depends on your car value. Generally, it starts with a fixed $10 fee.

Is it obligatory to surrender the plates in Minnesota?

Actually, you do not need to surrender the old vanity plates in Minnesota. Anyway, you have to dispose of them in a precise manner, which is to cut them into pieces.

The thing is, that some people just keep them in their garages, which might lead to a real problem. There are cases when they are stolen and used for criminal purposes. So, the two options are:

  • To dispose of them by cutting them into pieces.
  • To surrender them to the DMS.

Transfer to another vehicle

So, many residents wonder whether they are entitled to transfer their current number plates to another car. The answer is positive. For this, you just have to complete an application. Also, there might be other requirements, like some fixed fees and documents to accomplish the process.

Title transfer

If you are a new resident, you are given 60 days to register your vehicle in the state. This is true about the current titles of motorcars, vans, motorcycles, trailers, etc. If at the moment of the transfer your registration has expired, or if you have surrendered your vanity plate in your previous location, you should start the registration immediately.

To do this, you should submit the following:

  • Valid proof of ownership
  • ID
  • Completed form
  • Payment for the transfer

For further instructions, you had better get acquainted with the detailed instructions.


Do you have to replace your vanity plates for any reason? Generally, the replacement is made when they are stolen, damaged, or unreadable. So how can you make the replacement happen?

Actually, you have a choice to duplicate the same number, or order new tags with entirely new characters. You should visit the nearest DMV office in person and apply for it. However, there are some obligatory payments:

  • Fees for the service – $8.50
  • Replacement payment – $14.00 (both the front and back)
  • Replacement payment – $10.00

The process is rather simple, simply fill in the application for replacement.