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Connecticut License Plate Lookup

Connecticut License Plate Lookup

You have to run the Connecticut License Plate lookup before buying a car. It is very important. Through this, you come up to know all the history of your car. These numbers are proof that your car is registered. It gives you information about the owner of the auto, too. This article teaches you the important things that you know about the lookup. Before purchasing, make sure that your machine is worth it.

Connecticut License Plate

It is essential to do research before you buy an auto. This helps you to understand whether your auto has been damaged or has been in an accident. Your machine might be repaired but it is hard to notice. You can also check usage purpose designation like taxi or rental and thefts. Just use a VIN for this. You can find many online tools to search. Every vehicle has its VIN. For example, if you buy a Chevrolet Aveo, you can research its VIN.

Where to Find Information?

You have to apply for all the stuff about crashes, machine registration, OL, and DL. You must request it from the Department of Motor Vehicle. One has 4 ways to do it. Here they are:

  • By mail
    You are asked to fill two data variants like your own and someone else’s record. You better fill them for both goals. It includes the payment receipt. And your last step is to send it to the postal address of the DMV.
  • On the website
    Here you have to fill out an application letter. There are two different samples for means of transportation and driver reports.
  • In-person
    In this case, the steps are almost similar to email steps. However, you have to fill out the application by hand. When you finish this, you have to go to the nearest branch office and pay your fees. What refers to your personal information, they give it to you at your appointment. But what refers to the details of other people, you have to wait for it. The headquarters must give approval.
  • By call

Here are the details while applying:

  1. Firstly, you need your full name.
  2. Secondly, you have to involve quantity copies.
  3. Thirdly, if your business name is available, provide it.
  4. Fourthly, your telephone is needed.
  5. Fifthly, you may provide a record title.
  6. And lastly, the location is very important.

How to Obtain a Vanity Plate in CT?

Before obtaining it, keep in mind that if you cancel your order, it will not entitle you for refunding. If your order is placed, you are not able to change it.

You should have a valid CT entry. And you are not able to have any neglectful tax or other issues. If it is registered as out-of-state or with a temporary registration, the DMV is not going to accept your request.

You only have an opportunity to purchase the same type of enrollment that you currently have on your machine. So, it means that you do not have the chance to purchase a personal one if your means of transportation is registered with the combination.

There is a Special Order application, which you need to fill out. This process takes you 8 days to receive it. If you want additional information about this, call (860) 263-5154.

Connecticut Numberplate Types

Here you have two tags on your cab. One is for the front part and the second one is for the back part. The county permits have specialty and disabled license placards. If you purchase a new cab, you have 60 days to apply for it. There are different ways to obtain it.

  • Firstly, you get in online.
  • Secondly, you may get it in person.
  • And thirdly, you may get in by mail.

Let’s find the types of tags in Connecticut.

  • Military
  • Special Number
  • Inactive series
  • Not-passenger
  • Standard Passenger
  • Specialty

Classic Vehicle Plates

If you want to obtain it, you should follow some steps. Find all the required steps below.

  • Firstly, it has to be 20 years old and registered in the county.
  • Also, if you have any other vanity type, you better transfer it.

There is a $47 additional fee for a two-year enrollment.

Stolen or lost

If it is damaged, stolen, lost, or mutilated, you have to go to the DMV and request its replacement quickly. Then, you better report it to the local police.

In case it is lost or stolen, you have required these papers.

  1. A report that you have presented to the local Department of Motor Vehicles Hub or Limited Service office. It is better to include a remaining tag, an insurance card, and a certificate of enrollment.
  2. You require two off-the-shelf vanity ones to be issued.
  3. The third one is a marker plate to complete.

Vanity placards in Connecticut

This type includes 7 or fewer characters. It is any combination of letters or/and digits. It does not include extra spaces and dots.

You must have it registered and not have any unpaid taxes.

Special Number Tags

There are some requirements for it. The DMV issues it to members of different organizations.

Let’s see the requirements.

  • To start with, the organization does not have to be profitable.
  • Secondly, it has to make a copy of the charter.
  • Then, the CT Secretary of State office gives you a letter about your good standing.
  • Lastly, the production of the logo is the responsibility of the organization. And of course, all the costs.


If you have a police report, your payment is $5. But if you do not have it, it is $25.

Like any individual, you have to provide this stuff:

  1. Your full name and birth date
  2. The tag class and number
  3. Driver’s license or Non-driver ID number

With an organization, you have to provide different stuff.

  • The class
  • State number secretary
  • The digits

A New Car in Connecticut

If you came from another place, you have to transfer it to CT. And for registration here, you have an emissions test. You have to present these things.

  • Sale bill
  • Current insurance identification card
  • Identification
  • Application and the certificate of the title

Registration Fee

It varies in different states. Here it is from $20 to $120. And there are some extra costs.

Let’s see.

  1. Late fee-$10
  2. Greenhouse gas reduction-$5
  3. The Federal clean air act-$10
  4. Contractor-$8
  5. Park’s passport-$5

For the emissions test, you have to pay an extra $20. The VIN inspection is $10. In up to 8 weeks, you get your new placard.


If you are not an owner, you have to return the placard. You have an opportunity to cancel it in two ways, online or via Email. So, the DMV has to cancel all the not-used tags. Otherwise, it is on the active list and takes all the taxes.

For more details, here are the addresses of the DMV.

  1. Middletown Center:
    Main Street Market 386 Main Street Middletown, 06457
  2. Bridgeport:
    95 Sylvan Avenue Bridgeport, 06608
  3. Danbury:
    2 Lee Mac Avenue Danbury, 06810
  4. Enfield:
    4 Pearson Way Enfield, 06082
  5. Derby Photo Center:
    12 Main Street Railroad Station, 06418
  6. Hamden:
    1985 State Street Hamden, 06517
  7. New Britain:
    85 North Mountain Road New Britain, 06053
  8. Milford Photo Center:
    Parson’s Government Center 70 West River Drive Milford, 06460
  9. Norwalk:
    540 Main Avenue Norwalk, 06851
  10. New Milford Photo:
    47 Bridge Street New Milford, 06776
  11. Norwich:
    173 Salem Turnpike Norwich, 06360
  12. Norwalk:
    540 Main Avenue Norwalk, 06851
  13. Putnam Satellite:
    165 Kennedy Drive Putnam, 06260
  14. Old Saybrook:
    7 Custom Drive Old Saybrook, 06475
  15. Waterbury Photo:
    Brass Mill Center Mall 490 Union Street First floor, 06704
  16. Stamford Satellite:
    Stamford Government Center 888 Washington Boulevard 6th Floor Stamford, 06902
  17. Wethersfield:
    60 State Street Wethersfield, 06161
  18. Winsted Satellite:
    151 Torrington Road Winsted, 06098-0649
  19. Willimantic Satellite:
    1557 West Main Street Willimantic, 06226

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