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Delaware‌ ‌License‌ ‌Plate‌ ‌Lookup‌ ‌

Before purchasing a car, use a Delaware License Plate Lookup. You will be able to learn about your auto’s history. It provides information about the owner. Your car can look good outside, however, it may have problems you didn’t even know existed. As a result, you may buy a stolen one without knowing it. It can be repaired so many times that it is better to buy another one. So, this article will teach you everything there is to know about the process and much more.

Types of Delaware License Plate

There are many different license plates here. Let’s see them.

  • College tags. People from Universities and colleges are able to obtain them.
  • Special. If your cars or trucks are less than a 3⁄4 weight rating, you do not need it. It is for Animal Welfare or Environmental cases.
  • Vanity. If the driver wants to have it, the Department of Motor Vehicles will give it to them. This includes an extra fee, which is $40.
  • Military. People can obtain this type if the truck is less than 16.000 pounds. It is also for recreation, non-commercial, and motorcycles.

Delaware Numberplate Letters

License plates include up to 7 characters. Here are some of them that you see in the state.

  1. To start with, FT means a “Farm truck”.
  2. Secondly, PC is for “Passenger cars” or “Pleasure commercial”. It is mostly for SUVs, station wagons, and passenger vans.
  3. Thirdly, CT is for the “Trailers of the construction companies”.
  4. T stands for the “Trailers”.
  5. UD stands for the “University of Delaware”.
  6. MC serves for “Simple Motorcycle” and MOP is for “Mopeds”.
  7. WC means “Wilmington College”.
  8. CL serves as “Commercial”.

What are Black and White tags for?

It is a very prestigious sign in DE. A lot of people pay thousands of dollars for it. But there are a lot of rules for obtaining it. First, you have to issue the number. It is made with stainless and porcelain steel.

To obtain the porcelain tag, meet these qualifications.

  • Your number should be less than 86999. It does not include letters on the front part.
  • It should be less than C999, but this time it includes a letter.
  • A dealer one must not exceed D9999.

To gather up stainless steel, you need to meet these qualifications.

  • It cannot include numbers higher than 200,000. Furthermore, it doesn’t have letters on the front part.
  • It must be less than PC9999 and C50000.
  • The dealer’s one must not exceed D9999.

For getting it, you provide a photo of the registration card and the tag.

What refers to special tags, they are for raising an animal and environmental welfare. There are some fees to pay annually. The Department of Motor Vehicles will notify of or give the payment amount.

Lost, Stolen, and Damaged Plates

In case it is damaged, stolen, or lost, your step is to replace it very quickly. Otherwise, there will be extra prices.

You have to go to the local DMV and do the replacement in person. It is not possible to replace via email or by phone.

The following documents are needed:

  1. Firstly, you better provide your current car’s insurance policy.
  2. Secondly, the number of your tag is needed.
  3. Thirdly, there are payments like $10 for the card and $5 for the sticker.

If it is stolen or lost, you’d better report it to the local police. Otherwise, someone may use your information.

Custom License Tags

It is easy to order a personalized tag here. You have to order it from the local DMV. The process is not so long. It will take approximately 6 weeks. If you are a registered owner and the plate is registered, you may obtain it.

There are some costs. Soo, it is $40 per year in addition to the transport’s registration annual fee.

You have a letter or a combination of them on it. But it has to be less than 8 characters. But what refers to motorcycles, it has to be 5.

Variety of Specialty Placards

If your truck or car is less than 3/4b ton, you have a chance to gather it. But there is a huge variety of them.


If you get this one, you help to create a pollinator habitat. The cost is $50.

The State Education Association

This is for the anniversary of the State Education Association. You pay $15.

The animal welfare

If you get this type, you pay $50 for veterinary clinics and organizations. They make shelters for cats and dogs.

Bicycle Friendly

You promote non-motorized transportation. The cost of it is $40.


You pay $50. It goes to different environmental projects.

The recreational fishing

With this one, you promote saltwater and fresh fishing here in DE.

Stop Child Abuse

You transfer $50 to the Protecting Children fund.

The equine council

This one is for support to the various branches of the equine industry.

Keep Delaware Beautiful

In the state, you find a fund for keeping it beautiful. So the fees go there.


This one is for non-profit organizations.

DE License Lookup Information

The search process is very important. It gives you info about the owner, and the machine itself. For that, you need to run the tag. The stuff is limited, but you always find important facts. Thus, in every state, you better search for it. For example, if you are in Georgia, you should run the one designed for Georgia.

You find all this stuff from third-party providers. There are many tools for it on the internet. If you run VIN, you find the owner. This is for people who buy used cars. This may not be utilized for new machines. So getting the report is a very easy and important thing to do.

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