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Montana License Plate Lookup


Montana License Plate Lookup

Revealing a vehicle history can sometimes be essential. The good news is that it is not a problem anymore. Montana license plate lookup is free of charge and simple.

You just need to insert some data, and you will instantly get access to such information as to ownership, odometer reading, title, past accidents, etc.

Vehicle records are provided by the Motor Vehicle Division. Thus, they are reliable and accurate.


Registering number plates is obligatory. After becoming an MT resident, you have 60 days to title and register your vehicle. The registration is usually accomplished at one of the state’s Treasurer’s offices, according to your location.

The general standard option of the vanity plates contains five numbers and two letters. Each vehicle should carry two vanity plates (in the front and rear).

To be able to register your car in the state, you need the following documents:

  • MT driver license
  • Valid proof of insurance
  • Payment

The common fixed payments that every applicant is required to make are:

  • Issuance fee for the new pair – $10.30
  • Replacement fee – $10.30
  • Duplication – $15.45
  • Tag duplication – $10.30

You should also choose from a number of standard options, issued in different years (1989, 1991, 2000, and 2006).

To title a motor vehicle you need the following:

  • The previous registration titles
  • Out of state title
  • Complete the statement of facts

When you buy a new automobile, normally the old number plates are removed by the former owner. Thus, before the registration is finalized, you can obtain temporary plates.

They are generally issued for 40 days, and you can obtain them either from a dealer or from the state’s Treasurer’s office.

If you are selling your car, be sure to remove the number plates before handing the keys to the new owner. Remember, that a plate is your possession and if something goes wrong, you will be the one to face the consequences (such as paying taxes for traffic violations).

The available types

In Montana, license tags were first issued in 1914. First, there were only numbers displayed on them. Later on, starting from 1915 – to 1916, the Letters MON were also displayed on them. Much later, the full name ‘Montana’ appeared on them, starting from 1928 and till present, this remains unchanged.

If ‘Montana’ is short of something, it is not a license plate for sure. There are so many variations of them in the state that it is difficult not to get confused in choosing one. Some people think that their amount is almost insane. So, let’s just get to the point and see how vast the choice is in this respect. Check how can you search a license plate in several states: Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware and Florida.

Here are the main types:


As the name implies, these number plates are authorized by qualified organizations and institutions. They have specific colors, backgrounds, and designs, so to indicate that they belong to a distinct organization.

To have them, the registration must be refreshed every year. Their fee is directed to the sponsor, so purchasing them is a way to show a contribution to the sponsored companies.

Sponsored vanity-plates come:

  • With eligibility requirements
  • Without eligibility requirements

For the vanity plates with eligibility, the number is strictly limited. Organizations issue them only to those residents who meet certain demands and conditions.

If you want to get tags with eligibility, you should:

  • Request an application form from the sponsoring organization.
  • Submit an application to the chosen sponsor company.
  • After the application is approved by the sponsor company, send it to your County Treasurer’s office.
  • Make all the necessary payments.

Below are the sponsored tags and the necessary details that may be of use for you.

Arts and Culture

Arts and Culture embrace 4 main kinds. Respectively they are as follows:

  • Eureka MT Quilt Show
  • International Choral Festival
  • Association of Symphony orchestras
  • MT Diva Foundation
  • DMA MT Celtic Foundation

For all four options the cost is:

  • Sponsor Donation – $20
  • Cost of Administration – $10
  • Cost of Production – $10
  • Donation for Renewal – $20


This type suggests so many options it is easy to be confused by them.

  • Belgrade Education Foundation
  • Big Sky Ski Team for Education
  • Billings Christian School Education Foundation
  • Billings Senior High
  • Bozeman Hawk Boosters
  • Fort Benton High Club
  • Glasgow Scotty Booster Club
  • Great Falls College Montana State University
  • Hardin High School
  • Montana Beyond the Classroom
  • Rocky Mountain College
  • Wildcat Athletic Endowment Association

Agriculture and Forestry

Here are some of the variations of Agriculture and Forestry variants that are issued:

  • Better the Farm
  • Department of Livestock – Livestock Loss Board
  • Agricultural Heritage Foundation
  • Farm Bureau Foundation

Government and Communities

Another type that is offered to the residents of the state is the Government and Communities vanity-plates. There are over 12 options, and some of them are:

  • Billings City Council
  • Butte-Silver Bow Government
  • Blackfeet Tribe
  • Community Foundation for a Better Bigfork
  • Fort Belknap Indian Community
  • Flathead Lake Protection Association
  • Milestown Community Improvement, Inc.
  • Northern Cheyenne Tribe


This type also offers a variety of choices. Generally, there are about 20 distinct options and some of them are:

  • Air Force Active Duty
  • Air Force Veteran
  • Air Force Reserve
  • Army Active Duty
  • Army Veteran
  • Coast Guard Veteran

The production cost is a fixed $10. The cemetery fee is also $10, and it is true for all Motorcycle number plates.


As compared to the tags enumerated above, antique ones are not so many. In fact, there are only three main kinds:

  • Original
  • Pioneer
  • Vintage

Vintage and Pioneer are available for cars older than 30 years and are a part of a collection and not generally used for transporting needs.

Original are those tags that were issued in the same year of the vehicle’s manufacture.

Here are more types each of them including more different variants:

  • Museums and History
  • Service Organizations and Associations
  • Collegiate
  • Sports and Recreation
  • Parks and Environment
  • Parks and Environment
  • Youth Groups

Disability parking permit placards

Disability placards are easy to identify as they are featured by an image of a wheelchair.

What is the difference between the disability tags and placards? The first ones are for those who have permanent disabilities. The placards, respectively, are given to people with temporary disabilities.

To be eligible for them the residents should submit the following:

  • Have an application completed by a specialized physician, nurse, or chiropractor Submit the fully completed form.
  • Make the necessary payments.

Transferring a car title

The transferring application is possible to fill in and submit in person at the Treasurer’s office.

If the owners of the automobiles (that were previously registered out of the state) want to transfer their registration to Montana, they should first submit their previous titles. As an alternative can serve the receipt of registration.

Through dealerships, it is far easier to transfer and register, than when you seal the deal privately.

To complete the process successfully, you will need to fill in the Statement of fact. The process is actually easy and fast, you just need to provide correct and accurate information. In case of any incorrect information, the application will be declined.

Replacing lost or stolen plates

In order to replace the damaged or lost number plates, you will need to do it in person by visiting the MVD of your location. Be sure to have a valid ID card with you.

There is also a certain payment to make. The amount depends on the plate type you are going to replace. It is also possible to submit the application by mail, though in person is preferable.

Generally, the required payments are as follows:

  • Replacement fee (obtaining new numbers) – $10.30
  • Duplication fee (retaining the same characters) – $15.45

Surrendering the plate

What should the residents know about the surrendering procedure? To start the process, you will need to complete a Request to Suspend Form. Sometimes, under certain circumstances, surrendering the tags seems the most suitable decision.

It is a safer option for keeping them, as this way you will prevent them from being stolen. It is not a secret that stolen number plates are often used for criminal purposes.