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Mississippi License Plate Lookup


Mississippi License Plate Lookup

If you are in Mississippi and have decided to buy a car, use a Mississippi license plate lookup. It helps you to get information about your car. You understand who the owner was. How many times it has been in an accident.

You get information about its repairing and damages. Always run it, in order to be protected from other issues. You have three options to do it. So let’s see how you are able to do it:

  • Firstly, you have a chance to do it by applying to the MS Department of Revenue. In this case, you have to complete a request form. After it, you have to wait for the results.
  • Secondly, you have a chance to do it online. You have to find private organizations. They have a big database. You have to provide your verification identification number. They will search it by your VIN. It is a very quick and easy way for you.
  • Thirdly, you have an opportunity to do it with a private investigator. But doing it in this way, you will use lots of money.

The Results of Mississippi License Plate Lookup

When you apply, you get a report of your vehicle. So, there will be access to the important stuff:

  • The report consists of the year of production.
  • It has information about the present owner.
  • You receive the salvage history or car’s problematic characteristics.
  • It includes the distance traveled measured by the odometer.
  • It also has an accident history or number of accidents.
  • The report has liens or repossession history.
  • If it has been damaged because of the storm, water, or fire, you receive the record.
  • Then, if it has been stolen, you get the theft record.
  • After it shows the history of damage caused by fire, water, or storm.
  • And lastly, it has the report of defects or damages. So you will know whether the lemon law is applicable or not. The lemon law defines unsafe cars.

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Driver Privacy Protection Act

Though the information is available, the DPPA does not allow to provide information of the owner. You receive it in some cases. In order to gain the name of the owner, their address, social security number, or driver’s license, you have to show the acceptable reasons.

The Titles

The headings confirm the ownership. It is issued by the Department of Revenue. If your auto is 1969 years or newer, it has to be titled. But if it is earlier than 1969, doing it is voluntary.

If your auto is from another state, to title it, you have to provide its prior label, the receipt of registration, and the present mileage.

However, you will find some cases when that machines are not registered in different states. To title such kinds of vehicles, you have to show the Origin of the Manufacturer Statement.


The county’s Tax Collector office is responsible for the registration. So if you buy a machine, you have to register it. You have to register it in the county where it parks or domicile. You have seven days to request the tag after buying it from a dealer. And if it is outside of your land, you have 48 hours to transfer it. If you do not register it within seven working days, you gain penalties.

If you are a new resident here, you have thirty days to enroll. If you do not succeed, you receive a $250 penalty. There are two cases that the Legislative Tag Credit that is not available:

  • Firstly, if it is not enrolled in the previous province.
  • Secondly, the expiration date of the previous tag has finished.

Applying process

You have an opportunity to apply for it with the DOR. The Tax Collector office requires the following details to do the process:

  1. You have to complete the application form.
  2. Show the heading of the vehicle.
  3. Present the receipt of enrollment.

Here are the vehicles that can obtain a plate:

  • Pickup trucks
  • The passenger vehicles
  • The trailers
  • Motorcycles
  • Mopeds and bicycles

Renewal process

There are three options to renew it in Mississippi:

  1. Online
  2. Via mail
  3. In-person

The tags are good for 5 years. And for renewing, you have to go to your local county office. Then after it, you have to submit the necessary documents. Finishing it, you must pay your prices.

You will receive a notification before it expires. Please, keep in mind that you renew it within 15 days. So if you do not renew it within that period, the 16 days will give you a penalty at the rate of 5%.


There are different types of tags here. They are specialty, personalized, and disability.


Let’s see sorts in MS:

  • Veteran: This is for people who have participated in the wars to obtain military.
  • Charity: People who want to do a charity can pick up it.
  • Nascar: It is to features cab drivers and teams.
  • Collegiate: It is for people who give their support to their universities and school.
  • Organizational: This is for people who are a member of an organization.
  • Sorority and Fraternity: People taking part in their school years have it.
  • Antique: Cars older than 25 years old may have it.
  • Occupational: People receiving a specific custom have it.

To apply for it, you have to go to the Tax Collector’s office. After it, you have to show proof of your tag. Please, keep in mind, that you have a chance to apply for two sorts at the same time.


Personalized variety has to include a maximum of seven characters. It consists of letters, numbers, and a space. It should not include offensive words and combinations. And it must not be used at the present time.

So, you have to keep all the criteria. Nevertheless, the DOR has to approve your request. The design has been changed since 2019.


If you have a disability you have to receive a disability tag. There is no need to pay for it. However, the enrollment and taxes are separate. In order to have it, you have to submit a disabled parking application. Your doctor or nurse has to fill it out.

The placard has to be on the front part in order to do parking in the special place. Veterans who have been disabled during the service have a chance to get Disabled Veterans tags. In addition to it, people having it have to be 100% disabled.


The surrendering process is different in the provinces. Here you have three choices to do it:

  1. First, if you change your state.
  2. Then, if you sell your vehicle.
  3. And last, you may stop the insurance.

So in these cases, you do not need the placard. You have to go to the Tax Collector’s office and surrender it there. You have an opportunity to do it online and personally.

Transfer process

Unfortunately, you do not have the opportunity to transfer your placard. If you purchase a new vehicle, you have to order a new tag.

Replacing process

You may lose it or it has been damaged and stolen. But do not worry, you have a chance to replace it. If it happens to you, just go to the local Tax Collector’s Office and report it. You have to complete a form in this case.

The Costs

Let’s see the prices for enrolment or label, arranging a tag, or replacing it.


  • It is $9 for cars.
  • The cost is $30 for Fast Track.
  • You have a transaction price of like $1.

Registration fees

  • It is $14 for vehicle enrollment.
  • $12,75 costs the renewal.
  • You need to pay Valorem and privilege taxes.


  • Firstly, it is $33 for standard personalized tags.
  • Secondly, the costs vary for specialty.


  • It is $10 for a substitute tag.
  • It is $2.50 for a substitute decal.

Please, keep in mind, that taxes vary. And you have to pay them in addition to the costs mentioned above.

For more details, call (601) 923-7700. And here are the addresses of the DOR.

  1. Registration: 500 Clinton Center Drive Clinton, 39056
  2. Gulf Coast District: 1141 Bayview Ave., Ste. 400 Biloxi, 39530-1601
  3. Hattiesburg: 17 JM Tatum Industrial Dr, Ste. 2 Hattiesburg, 39401
  4. Hernando: 2631 McIngvale Road, Suite 116 Hernando, 38632
  5. Meridian: 900A Highway 19 South Meridian, 39301