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Oklahoma License Plate Lookup


Oklahoma Specialty Plates

In Oklahoma, each car must have a state-issued license plate. Otherwise, the government will impose penalties. It provides information on the car’s history and condition. So, when buying a used car, you might easily check its info through Oklahoma License Plate Lookup mechanisms.

Here, the first distinctive combination of letters and digits appeared in 1915. Their material was steel and each year the residents had to renew the registration. From 1962, the state had done design renovation and wrote slogans on the steel. The first slogan that appeared was the word “VISIT” written before the name Oklahoma. The state introduced the combination of “OKLAHOMA IS O.K” in 1967. It was a very successful slogan and stayed almost untouched till now. For now, it became shorter as “O.K” (in 1989).

The latest renewed design appeared in 2017. The state added a new “Explore Oklahoma” tag and made it relevant with US standardized sizes (height 15 cm, weight 30cm). Residents have to attach the numbers to the back of the automobile. Furthermore, it has to be visible and unhindered. On it, you notice a month’s decal. The latter also shows the expiration date of the label.

How to do OK License Plate Lookup?

There are two options available to do an Oklahoma license plate lookup:

1. First of all, visit the nearest office of the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). Considering that we live in a period of Covid-19, this is not a very effective way, as you will have to wait around the office and waste a long time there.

2. Secondly, complete the whole procedure from home by using online lookup resources. Do it through the DMV website. There is an opportunity to get all the needed info via several clicks. Just fill the numeral in the gap and see the results.

NOTE: The government pays special attention to the laws of the Driver’s Privacy Protection Act (DPPA). You have to confirm your right of access to the files by completing a special form. If you act out of DPPA laws or illegally use the received info, it will cause serious legal penalties. Moreover, you will never find the personal information of the owner.

The info that you obtain includes:

  • Whether the owner is a company or an individual.
  • Whether it has been crashed, flooded or destroyed as a result of natural disasters.
  • The condition of the truck, the title of the manufacturer, info on the seller, and so on
  • Getting the VIN

Where and how to perform registration?

Everyone who lives in this region and owns a car is required to have a registration. Whether you bought a new truck or have newly settled in OK, you should register your car as soon as possible. You have only a month to title your car and fill out the application. Legally, the government allows you to drive without authorization for only 5 days.

You have two options for registration:

  1. Firstly, you are to visit The Division of Motor Vehicles of the Tax Commission that is responsible for all the above-mentioned issues. Complete the needed application form, pay the charges and wait for your distinctive combination of letters and digits to arrive via mail.
  2. Secondly, do labeling with the assistance of a local tag agent.

Before applying for the procedure, have VALID insurance, a driving permit, and proof of payment.


There is no fixed amount for the registration. As several factors form it (truck’s price, year, and so on). To know a certain amount, contact your local tag agent.

To title for the first time you need to pay:

  • Titling – $11
  • Registration – $96 (vehicles), $99 (motorcycles)
  • Postage – $5
  • Excise tax

Types of Vanity Plates

To fit the interests of all residents, the DMV offers various types and designs for the distinctive combination of letters and digits. However, most citizens choose a standard design, some people want to indicate personal design and individual writing on them.

There are three big groups.

  1. The first is the group of the standard ones: All residents who apply for titling, receive this type.
  2. The second one is a special type: It presents special needs and features of individuals and organizations.
  3. Finally, the third type is for people with disabilities: It is relevant to the needs of people with limited abilities.

Each category has a variety of subtypes.

Personalized types

When you apply for a personalized one, choose what should be written on it. You may include a quotation, phrase, or some distinctive characters. It is possible to mix and match the letters and numerals.

Follow these steps to determine your unique number:

  • Choose up to seven characters.
  • Mix letters and digits by indicating spaces too.
  • Don’t use inappropriate language.

The OTC has to approve your preferred specific lettering. Don’t use vulgar words or something offensive. Use the Oklahoma License Plate Lookup to check the availability of characters you are looking for. Purchase your personalized label online, via mail, or in-person (by visiting a DMV office).

Before actual purchase, fill the application form. After completing all necessary info, send it by mail to the DMV office. Do not forget to put the payment with it. For order, pay $25 and for the renewal $21.55. Add it to your standard labeling and renewal fees.

Mail the package to:

Oklahoma Tax Commission Motor Vehicle Division

2501 North Lincoln Boulevard

Oklahoma City, OK 73194-0201


Receive your identifier within a month and display them on autos, pickups, vans, and motorcycles.

Renewal Process

In OK, the truck registration must be renewed within a month after the expiration date. Otherwise, the body will charge additional late fees. For each belated day, you should pay $1 (the maximum amount is $100 for 100 days).

As you receive a renewal notice before the expiration date, you may organize the procedure prior to the expiration. The state sends the notice by post. To receive paperless notifications, sign up on the OTC website.

Three options are available for the renewal:

  • Firstly, pay a personal visit to the DMV’s local office.
  • Organize it by post: Just fill out the application form, insert the proof of payment with it and send it by mail.
  • There is a possibility for online renewal as well. You need to know the VIN, the number of your Driving permit, the number of the plate, have valid insurance and proof of payments.

If you don’t have a valid driving permit, check the details of getting an OK Driver’s Certificate at the License Search online portal.

Renewal fees

Various factors influence the amount of the fee. The first factor is the years of the vehicle recording. If you register your automobile for the first time, you should pay $96, but in case it has already been registered (for more than 17 years), the amount can reach $26.

What is a Temporary Plate for?

The process of titling may take time and sometimes you cannot register it in short terms. Legally this is the only case when you will probably need a temporary plate in OK. Even if your newly bought automobile has an existing long-term label, you should replace it with a temporary one.

Only authorized dealers provide it. You can find the date of purchase and the details of the dealership on it. Dealers would ask you to do the process within 30 days. Dealers also record the unique serial numeral to take accountability for that, if you dispose of it.

Replacement of Car Tags

You have an opportunity to replace your vehicle’s tag if you have lost it or someone has damaged or stolen it. You may replace it via mail or with a personal visit to OTC.

To do the replacement, take the following steps:

  • Complete a special form for a replacement.
  • Show valid insurance.
  • Pay the required money.

The procedure of Transferring and Surrendering?

The government allows you to transfer your existing distinctive combination of letters and digits from your old truck to the new one by yourself. They are linked to the person and not to the truck. In 2019, the amendment was made to the law. So, the tags stay with the owner, and you may transfer them from one vehicle to another of the same type.

After buying a new automobile, transfer your vehicle’s identifier from the old to the new one. Check the date of validation. In case they have expired, you will need to renew and transfer the tags.

If you have an OK tag, surrender the old tag or change the registration.

If you want to finalize the procedure of surrendering you have to pay a visit to the local OTC tag agency and leave your old tag there.