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New Jersey License Plate Lookup


New Jersey License Plate Lookup

Before obtaining a license plate in New Jersey, you can do an online or offline lookup. It provides you with the following information about the vehicle;

  • First of all, you are able to see any previous accidents and suspicions.
  • Secondly, it gives you thorough information about the engine type, the manufacturing date, history, etc.
  • And, of course, you are also able to see how many owners there were before.
  • In fact, in this way, you can always check out if the letter and digit combination you want for your own is available.

However, you must take into account that no website or any other way of lookup can give you personal info about the owner.

As mentioned above, you may perform a lookup both offline and online. Some states offer the official lookup service through local MVC websites such as California, Arizona, etc. However, the state doesn’t offer that option to its residents. In NJ, you can use third-party websites to get the data or visit the local office.

When you do a lookup via the internet or VIN check, be careful. There are a lot of scams. While visiting the office in person is more expensive and may take longer, it’s way efficient and gives you precise data.

If you have checked the availability, you can now apply for an ID code. Let’s check on how to do so.

Apply for a New Jersey License Plate

It is up to the NJ Motor Vehicle Commission to track and proceed with your application. During application, you must choose the type you want to receive and then fill in the appropriate forms.

New Jersey is a two-plate state and that means you should have them attached on both front and back sides of your automobile. However, there are some kinds of vehicles, such as motorcycles, trailers, etc. that need only a rear or back number tag.

If you have decided to apply, you have to take care of the vehicle registration in advance. You must have it registered within 30 days after the purchase. If you purchase with the help of a dealer, it’s mainly them who conduct all these processes. However, if you have done it all by yourself, proceed with it before you fill in the request.

If you have them all ready, gather the following documents for the application day:

  • Title and Registration documents
  • Driver’s ID or any other proof of identity
  • Insurance certificate
  • Lien-holder info, if available

If you are not a resident of NJ, the state will provide you with temporary decals. You should, however, visit the MVC office in person, make payments and fill in the required forms.

Damaged Number Tags in NJ

In case you have damaged your tag during an accident or natural disaster, or in any other way, you might apply and replace them. Here is the list of the required documents:

  • Valid registration certificate
  • ID
  • Pay $6 (standard) or 11$ (personalized) for decals.

Later, you will receive the temporary tags and wait for your permanent ones to be ready.

Lost or Stolen License Plates

In case you have lost or someone has stolen your number cards, you are able to visit the local MVC and apply to get one. If you’ve lost only the back or the rear decal, bring the remaining one with you.

There are some legal processes you must proceed with:

  • Report to the police
  • Obtain a copy of the field report
  • Visit the NJ MVC
  • Take proof of identity and registration certificate with you
  • Pay any applicable charges

Unfortunately, the state doesn’t offer an online platform for requests.

License plate renewal

Yes, NJ has a renewal service for its residents via the internet. You should renew your cards online, in person, or via mail. Whenever your expiry date is near (about three months before), you will receive a notification letter with the due date and other relevant information in it. The renewal is available on the Motor Vehicle Commission’s website.

The following info is required:

  • Decal number
  • Insurance of automobile
  • Cheques showing you have paid the relevant fees

And if you have decided to buy a means of transportation and want them to have the same letter-digit combination of tags as now, you can just transfer the existing decals. That is quite an easy procedure to follow.

Transfer and Surrender Process

And if you sell your car and don’t need the current decals anymore, you should just surrender them. To surrender the license plate in NJ, you have two options: via the internet or via mail.

Follow these simple steps to surrender via the internet:

  • Go to the motor vehicle agency website
  • Log in and provide the required data
  • If you have expired tags, leave them on a dropbox

After you have finished these steps, you will get mail that the surrender has been done successfully.

And if you want to surrender via mail:

  • Mail the documents to the below-mentioned address

Motor Vehicle Commission
P.O. Box 129
Trenton, New Jersey 08666-0129

Keep in mind that you should also attach an envelope with your address on it to get the surrender proof.

Types of New Jersey license plates

New Jersey, like other states of the U.S., offers several types of number tags; specialized, personalized, and standard. Besides, there are also special ones for Veterans and Military workers.

Organizations based here may also appeal for a special type with their design.

For personalized ones, you should check in advance the availability of the desired letter-digit combination. It will cost $50 to replace the standard one with a personalized one.

If your car is at least 25 years old and you use it only for exhibition and not for personal use, you might obtain a Historic and Street Rod.

The state has also taken care of people with disabilities. Anyone having a disability proven by medical expertise can apply for a Disability tag. On it, there is a symbol of a person with a wheelchair. However, if someone attaches such a number tag on an automobile, he or she shall be cautious. The person with a disability should always be in the car as proof.