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Alabama License Plates

Alabama License Plate Lookup

Alabama plates are different. Starting with standard, you can purchase retro-style plate numbers. To receive each of them, there is an individual procedure. It depends on the format of filling out the application.

The price list differs in the same way. There is an extremely different price list. It should also be noted that changes have been made, which came into force on January 1, 2022. And what changes have occurred or what price lists are valid for them, you’ll find answers to these questions in this article.

How do I get my Alabama license plate?

To get it, you need to visit the Department of Revenue website, Motor Vehicle section, wherein the License Information you’ll already see the types that you click on to get answers to any questions you may have.

For example, if you want a standard one, in the appropriate section, there will open a list of different kinds of machines with details about their respective plates. For example Truck, Motor Home, Trailer, etc.

And at the Department of Revenue, Motor Vehicle section, you can easily apply.

But before buying it, you’d better read the terms and conditions and confirm your purchase obligations.

And to find out which of these are currently available, visit the Individual Application, where you’ll see the distinctive one available for the purchase obligation.

How lookup an Alabama license plate?

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About Disability Access Parking Credentials

In the following way, a person can apply for a special type of permit to obtain a parking permit for persons with disabilities:

  • Persons with temporary disabilities may be issued a temporary placard valid not exceeding six months.

In this case, they receive a blue label for people with disorders to put on the car, which the recipient affixes in the upper left corner of the license.

  • Organizations that transport people with disorders have the right to apply only for a number.

They obtain a certificate from an approved physician, a certified obstetrician, or a certified nursing practitioner before the initial issuance of a permit. A person with a permanent disability can independently prove his / her qualifying disorder if he/she renews his / her credentials for accessibility.

  • The placards are not related to a specific vehicle.

How much does it cost?

For each kind of tag, for example, for a taxi, there is a special payment procedure. The greater the weight of the car, the higher the registration fee. With a weight of 0-2,500 lbs, it costs $21, with 2,501-3,000 lbs, it is $27 and thus it reaches $40.

However, the registration fee is determined by type. The state provides them to its residents who have private cars, motorcycles, pickups, and a garage for any weight. The pickup truck is set in section 32-8-2 of the code with no more than two axles and no more than 12,000 pounds.

Full information you can find here.

Note, that according to the changes, starting from January 1, 2022, the Parking Sign for the Disabled will be available for qualified applicants. For more information, visit the Disability Access Parking Certificate web page.

What kind of license plates can you get?

In the same License Information section, you’ll find types, and each of them has subsections. Disability Access Parking Credentials, Distinctive, Collegiate, Military, etc., provide details on each vehicle or each type.

New design in 2022

Already this year, state drivers will see the new design instead of the standard, as the Department of Revenue issued the new one in 2022. The design of a standard number changes every five years.

The former design, which had a mountain view, now has a beach view.

In addition to that, new-looking specialized ones include:

  • Curing Childhood Cancer tag Alabama Audubon
  • Professional Firefighter
  • Albertville City Schools Foundation
  • Support the Arts
  • Help End Epilepsy
  • National Wild Turkey Federation

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