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Alaska License Plate Lookup


Alaska License Plate Lookup

Starting from 1921, as one of the states of the US, Alaska began to require certified panels for the cars of the residence. But, your first step should be registering the automobile you owned in the Alaska Division of Motor Vehicles.

Later the Division of Motor Vehicles permitted the Department of Administration, certifying that they have the full rights to issue car tags. Consequently, the region’s license plate lookup became easier as the government agreed to make the data accessible for the residents to find the car they wanted.

Moreover, before learning more about the details, you should keep in mind that for motor automobiles (that include motorhomes, passenger vehicles, vans, or trucks) you are obliged to display two panels. That is a firm rule, and in case of only having one, the car will be fined.

At the same time, trailers and motorcycles are required to have a single tag, which should be only in the back (plus, it must contain both year and month panels together).

You should also keep in mind two essential things if you do not want to get penalized for not obeying the regulations:

  1. First: never put only a pane. If you lost several of your panels or scratched them in several vital warnings are an accident, you must immediately fill the form of renovation of the tags and send it to get the duplicate of the same one.
  2. Secondly: never sell your old tags, even for some project or collation of tags. If you need it for other purposes (like a project or collection), you have the option of buying a sample, which is being sold legally.

How many types of plates does Alaska suggest?

So, there are two main kinds of panels that you may choose from; regular and the ones you have the option to personalize however you want (of course, remembering the regulations for the personalizations that are listed below).

Starting with the regular taps; when you record the automobile in the committee, the worker would remind you that the paid money includes ordinary tags that you have the chance to order.

However, if you want to make them personalized, it is essential to talk to the worker and warn him\her. After that, they must tell and show all possible ways the symbols can be designed (including the word or symbols you have no right to use).
It is essential to note that the amount of money would vary from the chosen type.

Here are the eleven possible personalized themes you are allowed to choose from:

  • Caribou Style
  • In God We Trust
  • Choose Life (which is mainly for charity purposes)
  • In God We Trust
  • Pro-Family
  • NRA
  • Support Our Troops
  • Pro-Choice
  • Purple Heart ( this type is meant for medical purposes, created for Purple Heart receivers)
  • Collegiate
  • Collector’s Car (only for passenger trucks and mobiles)

Although in case none of these suit your style, and you would like to have something unique and exciting, there are several vital warnings that are necessary to remember while finalizing the design:

  • Most importantly, you have no right to duplicate the tag that is already being used. (If you desire, you must wait until the owner changes its tags to a new one. As only then you may have the right to have the exact thing).
  • Be attentive to not using ham radio signs, as because of that, you will be asked to change it and pay a fee for not paying attention to the regulations.
  • It is also essential to remember that you have no right to utilize special characters (#, %, $, &, @, etc.).
  • And lastly, be attentive to not include any offensive phrases or words as you would be penalized.

Therefore, for not failing to meet any of these rules, after finishing your personalized and unique number design, show it to the administrator. When you decide to order it, see if they advise you to do it or not.

The number of characters that someone can use to create a personalized plate

For creating a personalized registration number, you may utilize 2 to 6 characters. At the same time, remember that you should utilize all the letters in the English language and whatever characters you want.

But you should pay attention to the special laws and regulations, to not be fined in the end.

What does P mean on Alaska license numbers, and what are the costs of the taps that you register under the name of the particular vehicle?

So, if you have the P letter depicted in your tags, that means that the numbers are for permanent registration. It also means that when you decide to change your tag, it is highly necessary to go to their office and let them know that you want to cancel it.

Otherwise, the certified panels may remain with the car you recorded in the official records; meanwhile, because of that, many issues can occur. Also, in case you decide to obtain permanent registration numbers (P ), you should pay for that too.

What about the costs, the amount of money depends on the type you desire to order:

Firstly, if we consider the costs of basic tags (with the tag renewal added in the cost), it must be:

  • Passenger Automobiles: $100
  • Motorcycles: $60
  • Trailers: $30
  • Trucks and Vans (which are less than 10 000 lbs.): $100
  • Rented Vehicles: less than 5 000 lbs. are approximately $180, between 5001 and 12 000 lbs. the cost is nearly $286

Secondly, the cost for all types of specially designed registration numbers will be the amount of the money listed above, but plus $30, especially for personalization purposes (which is not very expensive as you can find in the other states).

Further information about License Plate Lookups in other states you can find on our website. You learn more by checking out our Alaska Vanity Plates page.

The colors of mobile plates in this region: How can they be distinguished from the other states?

The last time when the territory renewed the design and colors of the tags was in 2009. That was also the date when they added colors (like blue, yellow, green, and red).

Therefore, if you are highly interested what are the possible color designs of the tags in this region, you own the chance to find them listed in the sequence below:

  • Dark on green
  • Black on white, or white on black
  • White on green (for new registrations), or black on green (for the renewals)
  • White on red, and black on red (especially for renewals)
  • Dark on blue (for both cases)
  • Black on green (for the renewals), at the same time, changing white on green (for the new registrations)
  • Black on blue (for the renewals), or white on blue

What are the necessary documents to register the plate in the state?

As there are two ways that you are encouraged to register (online and in-person), the process may differ. Moreover, all the required documents are the same when you do it in both ways.

Here is the list of documents that are necessary to keep with you when you register in person:

  1. There is a special application that you should fill in and bring with you only the hard copy.
  2. Also, do not forget to show the photocopy of the automobile and the photocopy of a notarized power of attorney. Keep in mind that these two documents should be signed and stamped.
  3. And at last, the hard copy of your VIN(Completed Vehicle Identification ) inspection

Most importantly, before submitting all these documents, remember to pay all the required fees and wait for the response.

How can you do a lookup for yourself, and what are the steps?

So for looking up particular characters, there are several websites that you should use. Moreover, the needed information for all of them is the same.

So basically, what you need to do is:

  • To enter a website, which contains helpful information for you.
  • Then you may be asked to pick the territory and submit the characters of the tag.
  • After that, you may be able to easily find the report, and at the same time, view the images and videos posted by the committee.
  • Also, after finishing your research, do not forget that you also have the chance to submit comments, add photos and videos about the automobile you wish.

Should everyone have an Alaska license plate when they enter the state?

There are three types of scenarios that can happen:

  • If you have just moved to this region, and already have your residency and vehicle that you operate, then you should register it within ten days. If not, you will get a fine.
  • If you are a resident of the region, and you buy a new automobile of any kind, you are obliged to record it during the following 30 days. If not, again, you will get a fine.
  • And lastly, if you are from a different region, and you have come to Alaska for traveling purposes, you may drive without a particular region’s registration symbols for 60 days.

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