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Maine License Plate Lookup


Maine License Plate LookupLicense tag numbers are not only for the identification of an automobile, they transfer valuable information about its specifications too. So, if you are going to purchase a pre-owned automobile in Maine, consider Maine license plate lookup services. The latter keeps you away from untrustworthy individual sellers and saves your time and money.

Despite the expensive services of individual consultants or experts of the Bureau of Motor Vehicles of ME, you can choose online lookup services. They are cheap or even free and time-saving. To access the necessary information, just choose a reliable online lookup website, create a personal account and conduct the search by entering Maine license plate number. Press the search button and have the full report in front of you.

Another option to perform Maine license plate lookup is through the Bureau of Motor Vehicles. You may request information by visiting the local office, over the phone, or by mail.

Visit or send a mail request to:

Department of Motor Vehicles

1300 29 State House Station,

Augusta, ME 43333

Or make a phone appeal at 207-624-9000

Lookup services offer very helpful insights on a pre-owned automobile, such as owner data (if it is a company or individual), accident history and engagement in natural disasters, history of repairs, and other safety information. Moreover, you can see the public photos and videos of the car and leave comments.

NOTE: Be careful about using the obtained information, as the ME has very strict laws of the Driver’s Privacy Protection Act (DPPA). Each time, when searching, you should go through the DPPA agreement and show the acceptable reason for the use of the data. Illegal use of obtained information causes legal consequences or other penalties.

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How to get a ME License Plate?

Legally, you can’t drive on the public roadways of ME without public authorization. State issued its first distinctive numbers in 1905. Then in 1939, the slogan “Vacationland” came forward. This is the first and the only slogan till now. It excellently describes this region, as with its breathtaking natural settings, the region has been luring tourists for decades.

Whether you are establishing a new residency here or you have bought a new car, you have to do the registration as soon as possible. Make sure you have a valid ME title, as without a title you can’t go through this process. The Bureau of Motor Vehicles handles all the issues connected with the above-mentioned procedure. After settling down in this region or titling your car you have only ONE MONTH to complete the authorization.

There is a possibility to complete this procedure at the municipal town office. Just check if your town is participating in the registration program. If it is out of the program, pay an excise tax at the town office and go to the local MV’s office.

You should provide the following documents:

  • The title and the out of state authorization (these are for the automobiles that are newer than 1995)
  • Paper on the sales (that are signed between the dealer and buyer)
  • Copy of the white and yellow application for the authorization
  • Proof of paid excise tax
  • Valid insurance

The cost depends on the weight of the automobile, and the type you choose. To clarify a certain sum of the fee, visit BMV’s official website and find the section for the registration fees.

The standard costs are: for automobiles-$35, motorcycles-$21, and mopeds-$9.

The first certification for the specialty tag requires an additional $20 payment and each renewal costs $15. The cost for the disability tag is $35.

The process will last up to 30 working days, then you will receive the authorization by mail.


In ME, besides generally issued plates, there is also a possibility to choose from a list of specialty tags. You also have a right to personalize them. For all categories, the decals that are showing the expiration date, have to be attached in the specially designed corner.

If you have no special preference, you’ll receive a standard tag with a picturesque background and black letters. On the left corner, you will see a black-capped chickadee on a pine cone and tassel. The slogan “Vacationland” appears at the bottom.

Unlike many other states (that require only one plate for the rear), the ME requires both front and back tablets. Both of them must be firmly attached and visible.

Personalized category

This category is designed to meet the individual interests of the residents. However, some rules have to be followed while choosing a combination.

  1. First of all, you have a right to include up to 7 characters.
  2. Secondly, you may indicate both digits and letters and add spaces.
  3. Thirdly, you have no right to use vulgar or offensive writings (Otherwise, the government will ban your combination).
  4. You can’t take an already registered combination (The latter must be unique).
  5. Finally, the writing should not be associated with a certain public institution.

Specialty category

To support certain organizations, groups, or interests, the government offers 9 specialty tags. They have a huge input in fundraising.

Within this category you are to find such subcategories that are designed for:

  • Charity
  • Universities and Colleges
  • Military Personnel
  • Antique Autos
  • People with disabilities

To apply for each category, you have to be eligible.


There are permanent and temporary disability placards available in ME. The first one has a validity of 4 years. The second is valid for 6 months. There are also disability tags that expire in relevance with the registration expiry.

People with temporary and permanent disabilities and the organizations transporting them are eligible to apply for this type. It will help them to park in specially designed parking zones and metered spaces (for 2 times).

Temporary permit

Only for transferring a vehicle, the state issues special temporary tags. Depending on the applicant’s need, they may be used for a one-way or a round trip. However, the validation date cannot exceed 10 days.

The type of permit decides the amount of the fee. You have to pay $12 or $25.

Renewal Process

The BMV sends reminders to notify about the upcoming expiration of the authorization. In ME, the driver should request that reminder, otherwise, the BMV would not send you the notice. To request it use the Registration Renewal Service.

Just fill out the necessary information and every year you are to receive the reminder. No matter if you get the reminder or not, you have to do the renewal on time. Otherwise, you should pay late fees and penalties.

You have two options to proceed with the renewal: online or in person.


Online renewal must be done through the Rapid Renewal System. Just choose the name of the town and provide your control code. Maybe it will also require some other certification details. Be prepared to do online payments.

Undertake this procedure within 60 days before the actual expiration date. Even after expiry, you can use online services within 7 months.


To perform the procedure, you have to visit the local town office and make an excise tax payment. Keep the receipt and visit the BMV.

Make sure you have valid ME insurance, excise tax receipt, a white and yellow copy of the registration application, and the fees.

Replacement of the tags

You have only 24 hours to replace lost, damaged, or stolen tags. In case of the robbery, first of all, visit the nearest police station and file a report. Only after that pay a personal visit to BMV and a complete special form for the replacement.

Do all the necessary payments and wait for the replacement. It is also possible to organize the replacement through the mail. Just send the completed form on the replacement and the fees to:

Bureau of Motor Vehicles

29 State House Station

Augusta, ME 04333

The cost of each tag is $5, in addition to the sticker’s cost of $5.50. You are to receive the certificate within one working week.

Transferring and surrendering of the tags

In Maine, you have the legal right to transfer tags from one car to another. The only principle that you have to follow is to authorize your new car in the same year of the old registration cancellation.

To complete the procedure be prepared to provide the new automobile’s authorization documents, a copy of your ID, and proof of insurance. Then pay the difference in certification fees and the cost of the actual transfer of $8.

If you don’t need your tags anymore you should surrender them to Maine BMV. Fill out a special cancellation form, sign, and notarize it. Put together the completed cancelation form and the plates, then send them to the local office through mail:

Bureau of Motor Vehicles

29 State House Station

Augusta ME, 04330-0029

For more questions and clarifications on the above-mentioned procedures call the BMV at 207-624-9000, extension 52149.