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Indiana License Plate Lookup

Indiana License Plate LookupPerforming an Indiana License Plate Lookup is crucial when you want to buy a car or have newly settled in Indiana. Firstly, it will help you to verify the history of the car. Secondly, secondhand automobiles can look normal outside but have some serious defects behind them.

So, it will also provide short info on the accidents and disasters in which cars have been involved. Besides, maybe you are going to buy a stolen automobile, without a doubt. Finally, before making the payment, it helps you decide if the automobile is worth your money.

Find below more concrete info on the topic and get acquainted with all the nuances of the Indiana License Plate Lookup process.

Indiana License Plate Lookup Details

Local identifiers present 6-digits and letters combination. You must display it on the rear of the truck. Moreover, it should be undamaged and noticeable.

Using the alphanumeric combination, you can get details on the owner (if it is an individual or organization) and the current title of the motor vehicle. Shortly, you may uncover all the accidents and repairs and even data on the manufacturer, engine, color, etc.

NOTE: IN pays special attention to DPPA (Driver’s Privacy Protection Act). So, you have to show the acceptable reason for requesting the record. On the other hand, you may get personal information on the owner by applying to local law enforcement agencies. It can provide you with one’s criminal background and involvement in lawbreaking.

Indiana License plate lookup is an essential part of buying an already used car. It gives you info if the automobile had been stolen or engaged in accidents. So, to help the residents to make a reasonable purchase some public bodies provide relevant services.
There are some situations when the lookup services also help the Law enforcement bodies. This refers to the cases when the truck is engaged in crimes.

These are the steps to follow if you practice free internet searching mechanisms:

  • Find a reliable website for search.
  • Select the state.
  • Enter the tag number in a special gap.
  • Receive the report.


The Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV) is a national body that handles all the above-mentioned issues. It provides an opportunity for lookup. You just need to register on their official website and request a record via a BMV account.

Generally, you will get data on:

  • The name, color, engine, etc. of the vehicle
  • Title of the Vehicle
  • Accident and theft engagement
  • Detailed condition report
  • Salvage data

Searching services are free, but when you perform it via your account you need to pay $5 for each received record.

License Plate Registration Process

Each car in IN must have a registration and vanity tag. The numbering system is based on an alphabetically organized list of 92 counties in the state. Check the list of all the 92 counties, if you don’t know which digit matches a certain county. From 1963 till now they have prefix numbers on them (that indicate a certain county) and other letters and digits as serials.
IN offers 4 options for this process. You may register your automobile either online or by visiting the local department. You also have an opportunity to do it via Email. Finally, modern self-service terminals serve the residents 24 hours a day and they also provide an opportunity to do a registration of a new truck. Check How can you search a license plate in several states: Colorado, Michigan, Utah, Maryland, Rhode Island and Tennessee.


After purchasing a car, you have only 45 days to register it. It could be done via an existing or newly created BMV account. Make sure you have the following data with you.

  • Details of driver’s authorization
  • Data on Vehicle’s title
  • Money

In case you are not able to register a vehicle within 45 days, go to the nearest BMV office and end the process.


First of all, you need to title your new automobile, then you have only 45 days to do the registration at any local office. Have the following documents with you:

  • Completed application form
  • IN Driver’s authorization
  • Insurance of the vehicle
  • Original document on title
  • The needed payments

By Email

To perform the procedure via email you have to fill out the special application form and send it to the BMV office with other required documents.
To know the details of the procedure, contact the general office. See the address below:

Indiana Government Center North
Address: 100 N Senate Ave, IND,

IN 46204, THE US

Tell: +1-888-692-6841

Website: in.gov

The Fees

Several factors form the amount of the registration fee. While deciding on the amount of money the state pays attention to the model of the automobile, the excise, and other taxes, residency, location of the registration, etc. Moreover, for lorries, the amount of money depends on its weight.

The fee may start from $5 and reach $10.25. As for the payment, the amount of money varies from $21.35 to $45.

An extra excise tax makes the car numbers too expensive. The type of truck forms the amount of the mentioned tax. More expensive trucks demand higher excise taxes. Also, consider that there is an additional compensation tax that also impacts the costs.

Renewal Procedure

Once a year you have to renew the registration. The date remains the same every year. Your surname determines the certain date of the renewal.

Besides, you will also get a notice, by mail. Before the expiration date, the responsible body sends a notice, which includes the following information:

  • Emission testing details
  • The date of the renewal
  • The required amount of the fee
  • Options of the process to choose from

In order not to pay late fees, do the renewal before the expiration date. Even if you haven’t received a municipal notice you should follow all the laws. Police may catch you if you drive with an expired authorization.

Options available

Decide on the method of the renewal and proceed with it. The government offers 4 methods:

  • In-person
  • Online
  • Via Connect Kiosk
  • By mail

The quickest and most reliable option is to practice with the services of BMV. Most of them are online, you even don’t have to visit the office. Get acquired with the step-by-step introduction of the account setup. Use it to do the renewal, or to get info on your record of the driver. The steps are the following:

  1. First of all, set up an email address or practice your already existing email for creating an account.
  2. Secondly, choose from several sections on the renewal page.
  3. Thirdly, complete the required application form by using the info of your documents.
  4. Do the required payment via credit card, e-check, or banking card.
  5. Finally, print the script and make the package of the documents.

By the way, to complete the process, you have to visit your local department. Show the package, including the insurance and a notice on the expiration. Wait to receive your tags by email.

NOTE: Apply for the renewal a month before expiration, as sometimes new truck numbers may reach you within more than 20 days.

Payments depend on the year of the vehicle and your residency.

Types of Vanity Plates

Here you could find many categories which were reflecting the personal and organizational interests of the residents. However, today due to the suspension of the program, personalized ones and tags are not available.

Find such categories as:

  • Standard
  • Specialty
  • Military
  • Collegiate
  • Antique

Each category supports the group that represents (military staff, colleges, universities, and organizations). Check your eligibility for a distinctive tag and apply for it. There are also additional payments to the standard ones.

Former Personalized Category

This category allowed people to add distinctive characters to the numbers. In that way, you are personalizing it. However, as we have already mentioned, today due to the suspension of the program, they are not available.

The qualifications for this type were:

  • Having up to 7 characters
  • Availability of 6 characters (in case of motorcycles)
  • Usage of a combination of letters, words, and a space

There were cases when the accountable body was rejecting these writings. The reason could be the usage of violent and offensive words, etc. Check out the other details of the banning in our article on Banned license plates.

Replacement Process

To replace your lost, stolen, or damaged tags you should visit your local department. Report about the situation there and fill out the needed application form. Finally, the BMV assists you to duplicate or replace the authorization.

There is a $9.50 payment for this procedure.

Contact the central department for more details on the replacement procedure. The number is (888) 692-6841

Long-lasting Tags

Every 5 years, the state has been paying a huge amount of money for purchasing metal for replacement. The government made new amendments to the extension of the tags.

According to the new rules, the replacement should be done every 7 years. This reduced the national expenses on the metal, and also suggested more time-saving and convenient conditions for the residents.