Arkansas Temporary Tags


Arkansas Temporary TagsIf you have bought a vehicle and are planning to enlist it, you have likely met lots of issues. You have undoubtedly had a significant amount of questions on temp placards.

So what is it? What do you need to know? Continue reading the article to track down additional data about Arkansas temporary tags and about the questions in your head. Thus, get a general and comprehensive idea of the subject.


In Arkansas, you have to have a registration code issued via the Office of Motor Vehicle (OMV). Passenger cars, trucks, vans, motorcycles, motorhomes, all-terrain automobiles need the latter-mentioned. Autos need to have a registration code at the rear.

Some automobiles also require to have a tag at the front. The range of plates is issued according to your automobile type. There is a special tab for the rear license plates. They show the expiration date of the registration.


If you buy auto and don’t have specific permission to move via your new device, you should get a temp tag. This must be done within 5 workdays after the moment of purchasing.

You get your impermanent placard from various sources and the first one is the vendor. The second source is the OMV office (face to face).

If you want to get a brief tag, you should submit some documentation. One of the documents is the bill of sale that incorporates the date of buying the auto. The next documentation is to show the seller’s name.

Some information relating to the product and the ID number (VIN) has also to be shown to the office worker. This data is to include the model. After all these you must pay an installment for the impermanent placard up to $1.

It is substantial until the auto is appropriately enlisted, 30 days from the deal date. It may be stretched out for 30 extra days if there will be a necessity. If you buy a machine in a private deal, you are to register the machine at an office at the time of buying it.

Application Process

Arkansas License Plates are obtained by filling out an application. To get your AR placards, you must first register your motorcar with the Office of Motor Vehicles.

You are to register within 30 days since you moved to this state. In another case, you have to enroll within 30 days after purchasing a machine.

Renewal Process

There is a special tab that shows when the registration expires. And before the sticker expires, you should renew your enlistment. After this process, you receive another tab with another date to put over the bygone one.

The OMV offers enlistment renewal on the web, by telephone, via mail, and face to face. Whenever you receive a notice on the date and price, you go and start the process.


If you buy a new automobile, there will be a situation concerning the transfer of the plates. You transfer the latter to another motorcar when you register your new one. There is a fee of about $1.


There are some standard costs that you must pay to receive the special code. Besides these costs, there are some taxes, service fees, or other charges. All these costs and expenses are based on the type and model of the product.


  • $17/$2.50/Passenger cars and motorhomes up to 3,000 lbs.
  • $25/$2.50/Passenger cars and motorhomes 3,001 to 4,500 lbs.
  • $30/$2.50/Passenger cars and motorhomes 4,501 lbs. or more
  • $21/$2.50/Trucks and vans
  • $7/$2.50/Motorcycles of 250 cc or larger
  • $3/$2.50/Motorcycles under 250 cc


OMV does not provide a mechanism to check up on tag information. It studies whether the plates that you have requested are available. You cannot look up a license plate number to see who owns it.

Try to contact the police if you have any concerns about a car or driver. You can receive specific reports using the vehicle identification number for accidents. This will help you repair data on a specific motorcar you are interested in buying.

Important Note

In case your sticker is lost, taken, or harmed, you ought to restore it immediately. Contact the OMV at (501) 682-4692, if you want to know more details on the requirements of the replacement. Or you can go to your closest branch in person to learn more.