Arkansas Vanity Plates


Arkansas Vanity Plates

Most people believe that only law enforcement officers have access to the information they need. But collecting data on a given license placard is not a difficult process.

Thus, to find out more data, keep perusing the article that examines the most asked questions and gives you a general and far-reaching idea on Arkansas vanity plates.

Do a Research Before Applying

If you have purchased a vehicle and are heading to register it, then you have probably had lots of questions. You have heard of custom vehicle tags too. A search will help you check the availability of the placards that you are intended to order.

As a result, the registrant’s name and address, auto registration, and expiration date will be learned. Auto model, VIN, title information, and the lien holder’s name will also be provided in most situations.

Recognizing the Differences

There are three classifications: private, public, and official placards. These are tags that are recognized as vanity or customized and are accessible to the population. In the realm of motorcars, they have played an extraordinary role.

They permit you to share your considerations, way of life, humor, and interests, in addition to other things. There is certifiably not an exact definition for portraying this peculiarity.

As for the characters, they permit a limit of 7 figures on your placards. You are given the chance to utilize any blend of letters from A to Z and numerals from 0 to 9.

Outside of this specific partition, the terms are generally interchangeable. This may be applied to just spice-up labels. Usually, these terms are operated for creating labels that represent specific names or have some special meaning.

Special Design

You are allowed to personalize only the standard tags. These are the ones for passenger automobiles and motorcycles online. But applications are accessible from the Department of Finance and Administration’s home page.

Go to the Specialty License Placards section for that. Remember that not all are to be customized.

Time Duration

These tags can be arranged online and take up to 4 to about 8 months for handling and delivery. They must be arranged by a registered proprietor and whatever you request should be enrolled to an Arkansas auto at the issuance time.

The Cost

It costs $25.00. This means that it t does not renew your automobile registration. And if you convert to a customized one, you automatically add an extra $25.00 to your annual automobile registration price.

The request day is each Friday. When your request is ready, you will get a notification letter via mail. It is also acquired face to face or sent to you.


Customized vanity tags are approved by the Department of Finance and Administration. The site additionally defines that some types are not permitted. They are the following:

  • Any mix of letters or numerals that do not correspond to the requirements of character content
  • The utilization of a period (.), as well as the (+) sign or some other characters other than those showing up above
  • Duplication
  • Disgusting or profane words or words intriguing or hostile


Check the availability by visiting the Personalized Plate Website.

Ordering Process

There are some options that may be helpful for you to order. First, go to the above-mentioned web page. Second, try to find whether your message is available. After that, follow the instructions to order online.

If this is not suitable for you, then you can complete a Personalized Arkansas License Plate Application form. After filling in all the necessary details, you are to submit your application and fees by mail. The email address is the following:

Department of Finance and Administration
PO Box 1272
Ragland Revenue Building, Room 1040
Little Rock, AR 72203

Other Information

In case you need more data, try to look for more details by visiting the latter-mentioned website. Or go to any DMV office. You can call the state administration by dialing the following number; 1-888-389-8336.

If you need other information like getting a driver’s license in Arkansas, go by the link and read.