California Personalized Plates


California Personalized Plates

Many people believe that only law enforcement officers have access to the information they require. But obtaining information on a DMV placard is a pretty simple task.

What precisely do you need to know? What’s the best approach to go about it? Continue reading to find out more about the most common questions about the topic. As a result, you will have a more comprehensive grasp of California personalized plates.

Perform a search

If you have recently purchased a car and are getting ready to register it, you have definitely received a slew of questions. In this case, the search will help you make an informed selection and find out if the plate is still available.

The owner’s name and address, the vehicle’s registration and expiration date, and the vehicle’s model will all be revealed. The lien holder’s name, VIN, and title information will almost always be provided.

Although personal information is protected under the Driver’s Privacy Protection Act of 1994, you may be able to obtain enough information.

Differentiating Between the Two

Private, public, and official are the three types. Custom placards that are distinguished as vanity or personalized are provided to the general public. They have served a particular purpose in the world of automobiles. It enables you to share your opinions, lifestyle, humor, and other interests.

There isn’t a straightforward way to define them. It is to have up to three digits or one to seven digits. Placards with two letters and digits are permitted to be customized. Aside from this distinction, the terms are interchangeable for the most part. This may be used to simply make your tags different.

Availability Check

The Department of Motor Vehicles issues these permits for driving. Make a final decision after an availability check that may be conducted online.


In California, you must pay $49 for this tag. Not to mention the cost of any extra renewals or registrations. The costs of other sorts, such as the California Memorial and the Coastal Commission, are additional.

Where to Get?

These tags are issued by the Department of Motor Vehicles. In California, personalized license plates can be bought online. They usually take up to 12 weeks to produce and deliver. It is important to know that only a registered owner can order them.

What is the procedure for placing an order?

Place an order by visiting the CA Personalized Plate website and following the steps. Alternatively, you are to fill out the required form and mail it to the following location, along with the required fees:

DMV – SPU – MS D238
PO Box 932345
Sacramento, CA 94232-3450

The Number of Characters

It is to be composed of a maximum of 7 characters. Any combination of letters from A to Z is used. As for the numbers, from 0 to 9 are used.

Restrictions That You Have to Know

There are various laws and guidelines that relate to placards. If it does not comply with these rules and is different, is considered a violation.

You won’t be given one if it contains images that are hostile to a group of individuals. It can’t contain a disparaging, forceful, or unlawful word.

Those that show a sexual or individual substantial part are prohibited by law. Those that portray gastrointestinal or other regular exercises are banned. It is not passable to display, promote, advocate for or energize cruelty or unlawful development.

Copyright infringement might happen if it recommends any administrative or legitimate execution cause. Among the violations is the display of a brand name, a corporate trademark, an administration imprint.

The ones that contain a loss of a letter are considering not suitable. If it is confusing for determining a number, it will not be approved. For instance, the substitution of the entire numeral zero for the letter “O”. In certain conditions, just certain machines are permitted to utilize them.

Important Note

It must be picked up at the DMV. You receive a letter that verifies that they have been sent after ordering. Visit any DMV office and call the Department of Motor Vehicles at 1-800-777-0133.

These are essential details that you must know. In case you need to learn about license plate lookup in CA, go by the link and read more.