California Vanity Plates


California Vanity Plates

Most people are sure that the data they want to find is only available to law enforcement officers. But acquiring information about a DMV placard is a rather simple procedure.

What information do you need? What’s the best way to learn about it? Continue reading the article to learn more about the most often asked questions on the subject of California vanity plates.

Conduct a Search

You have probably received a flood of questions if you have recently bought a car and want to register it. In this situation, the search will assist you in making a relevant decision and determining whether the plate is still available.

The vehicle’s registration and expiration date, as well as the owner’s name and address, will all be uncovered. As well as the lien holder’s name, VIN number, and title information will be provided.

Even though the Driver’s Privacy Protection Act of 1994 protects personal information, you may be able to gather enough data.

Understanding the Differences

There are three categories of plates: private, public, and official. The general population is given custom signs that are marked as vanity or personalized. In the realm of automobiles, they have performed a specific purpose. It allows you to express your thoughts, lifestyle, comedy, and other passions.

There isn’t a simple way to categorize them. It might be one to seven digits long or up to three digits long. Customization of two-letter and numeric placards is permitted. Apart from this distinction, the terms are mostly equivalent. This can be used to simply differentiate your tags.

There are special interest plates and special placards. Special ones are for Purple Heart recipients. They serve a practical purpose or honor for participation in a certain group.

Where Does The Money Go?

They reflect public interest causes. A part of your payments goes to selected NGOs and funds. Specific kids’ tags are also available, with a limited number of special character options.

If you apply for a charity one, you may anticipate a large portion of the price to go to the charity that the placard design represents. The majority of non-charity tag payments go to the state.

The General Process

You may complete much of the process online and have your products immediately after the state DMV approves them. There’s a good range of backgrounds to choose from. And you may change the wording as long as it doesn’t break state regulations.

These are known as Special Interest License Plates in California. The same approach is used to apply for other types you are looking for. If you want to acquire a new one, you have to fill out a new application.


The cost varies depending on the type that you choose. It also depends on the level of personalization you demand. For a new application, the fees range from $0 to $103. Renewal might be as much as $83 per year.

Yet, the Disabled Person Parking Placard has minimal or no fees. Fees are nonrefundable. An exceptional case would be when your design was rejected.

Ordering Process

For this, visit the CA Personalized Plate Website. After that, follow the steps. In case you do not want to apply online, fill out the required form and mail it to the following location:

DMV – SPU – MS D238
PO Box 932345
Sacramento, CA 94232-3450

Do not forget about the extra registration costs and taxes that you must pay along with the required fees.


Placards are governed by a number of rules and regulations. It is deemed a violation if it does not follow these guidelines. If it contains images that are unfriendly to a group of people, you will not be awarded one. It can’t contain any words that are derogatory, strong, or illegal.

But alongside these rules, there is another one that refers to rejection. California reserves the ability to reject these tags. It has a reporting system in place for those who observe violations of the law. It is true of the ones that have been issued but appear to be unsuitable. Only in this case, your payments will be returned.

These are important details that you must know before applying. If you want to learn more details about other topics like license plate lookup in CA, go by the link and read more.

Requirements for Characters

Depending on the character length required, you can choose any combination of letters and numbers. There must be a maximum of six or seven digits. Do not forget that California does not allow you to substitute numbers for letters or vice versa.