Colorado Custom License Plates


Colorado Custom License Plates

Some people consider that the information they are looking for is open specifically to the agents that work for the government. But gathering data on a DMV placard is not as difficult as they think.

You do not know what to do? What step do you have to take? Well, continue reading, and let’s learn together about the most frequently asked questions. As a result, gain a broad and in-depth understanding of Colorado custom license plates.

Conduct A Search

Well, yes that is natural that a search is essential. You may encounter a flood of questions if you buy a car and want to register it or to carry out any other procedures. The search at this level of your steps will assist you in making a relevant decision and learning about the placard’s availability. Let’s agree, that is important.

It will display the owner’s name and address, the vehicle’s registration and expiration date, and the vehicle’s model. Not to mention the lien holder’s name, VIN, and title information. And although the Driver’s Privacy Protection Act of 1994 protects personal information, you are able to gather sufficient data.

What is it?

There are three categories of placards: private, public, and official. These are tags that are easily identifiable as vanity or customized and are available to the general public. They have played a significant part in the world of automobiles.

They allow you to share your thoughts, opinions, sense of humor, and interests, among other things. There is no clear definition for this feature.

The phrases are largely interchangeable, not considering some differences relating to the numberings. You use them to give a special coloring to your tag. These are also applied to create labels that represent specific names or have a distinctive significance.

The General Process

The Department of Revenue’s Division of Motor Vehicles issues CO custom placards and distributes them. In this state, personalized license plates can be acquired by filling out the required form. It provides the California Department of Motor Vehicles,

After completing the process send it to the CO Department of Revenue. Only registered owners can order them. These must be ordered for a registered CO auto at the time of issuance.


The fee for a regular tag is a one-time fee of $60.00 ($58.00 upon approval and $2.00 in case the car is registered). But for annual renewal, you have to pay a fee of $25.00.

For Designer Personalized placards, there is a one-time price of $85.00 ($83.00 upon approval and $2.00 in case it is registered).

The annual renewal fee for these ones is $50.00. You must submit your application for approval. After that, you pay the needed amount once you get approval.

Number of Characters

The number is different depending on the type of your machine. 7 characters and a minimum of 2 characters are required for cars and trucks. And for motorbikes, there is a limit of up to 6 characters and a minimum of 2 characters.

Any combination of letters A to Z, spaces, dashes, periods and numbers 0 to 9 can be used. Remember that you must use only upper case letters.

How to order?

For ordering, you can follow the instructions. And fill out a personalized Colorado license plate application form. After filling out the application, send your application by the address mentioned below:

Department of Revenue
Motor Vehicle Registration Denver,
CO 80261-0016

You must know that there are no costs required. You will have to pay when you receive permission.

How to Check the Availability?

At this moment, the given state does not allow you to check for availability online. To see if your personalized plate is available, fill out an application and submit it.


The Department of Motor Vehicles approves the lettering on the tags. There are some varieties that are prohibited, according to the rules and regulations defined by the law. The following are some of them:

  • Any combination of letters or digits that does not meet the digit content requirements
  • The use of a period (. ), the plus (+) sign, or any other digits other than those listed above
  • Duplication
  • Ones that are repulsive or obscene, as well as words that are intriguing or aggressive

Want More?

Visit the Colorado official web portal if you need to learn everything in detail. If you do not find it online, try to go to any DMV office, or call the Department of Revenue at (303) 205-5600.

If you need other information like getting a driver’s license in Colorado, go by the link and read.