Colorado Vanity Plates


Colorado Vanity PlatesThe state provides different types of placards. For each type, there are certain requirements and regulations that you are to know. The payments and demands for each are different as well.

If you have bought a car or are intended to register or just renew your plates, you may have lots of questions. You can find the answers by continuing to read this article. It includes detailed information on Colorado vanity plates. Well, let’s explore together.

Who issues the material you need?

If you want to order a tag then you are to turn to the Department of Revenue – Division of Motor Vehicles. This institution regulates the distribution and issuance of placards.

How does it work?

When a person submits a request, the system compares it with others that already exist in their database. The department automatically sifts out the ones that do not correspond to the rules.

They reject the application if your request already exists in their database. If the system finds even a partial match, the DMV workers start an inspection.

Those that do not correspond to the current requirements, but have somehow been approved, are rejected during the manual renewal process.


The state does not give you the opportunity to see if your specific lettering is available online at this time. You can submit an application to the DMV office, in case you want to see if it is available.

Number of Characters

The number of characters that you may utilize is 7. For cars and trucks, there is a minimum of 2 symbols. And up to 6 characters and a minimum of 2 characters are designed for motorbikes.

You may use any combination of letters from A to Z and they have to be upper case only.

You are to use spaces, dashes, periods, and numerals from 0 to 9. Even though spaces, dashes, and periods count as characters, it does not mean that they change the whole configuration.

It means that if the word NICE is taken, then the words N-I-C-E or N.I.C.E will not be available to other users.

How do you order personalized tags?

If you want to order one, you are to go to the Colorado Personalized Plate web page. After that, find the specific application form. When you do, fill in the necessary data. They can be ordered by completing this document. After you fill it out, submit it to the Department of revenue.

You can order only if you are a registered owner. And it must be for a Colorado-registered auto at the time of issuance. After this process, submit your application by the mail address mentioned below:

Department of Revenue
Motor Vehicle Registration
Denver, CO 80261-0016

Remember that you do not have to send any money until you receive approval. Thus, wait until you receive a written notice of approval. It will tell you what to do and how much money to send for the material.

How much does it cost?

You have to pay a one-time fee of $60.00 for a vanity placard. You usually pay $58.00 upon approval and $2.00 if registered. There is an annual fee that is $25.00. It is collected each year when you renew them.

There is a one-time fee of $85.00 for Designer placards. In this case, the payment upon approval is $83.00, and $2.00 when registered. The annual fee for the renewal of these placards is $50.00.

Limitations that you must take into consideration

There are certain rules on the tag form as already have been mentioned above. The Department of Motor Vehicles must give its approval. According to the rules established by the government, it must not include any symbol or number combination that is objectionable to the general population.

If the combination is deceptive or confusing, the chances of getting what you want are very low. For instance, the replacement of the whole numeral zero for the letter “O” is a problem. Though there are some cases, where only certain machines are allowed to use them.

You will not get a tag if it is a duplication. The ones that miss a letter or are made up of six digits followed by a single letter will hinder you from getting a tag.

Types of automobiles

There are some types of machines that may use these vanity tags. The Division of Motor Vehicles allows them to be placed on motorcycles, pickups, autos, and vans.

The information displayed above is what you need to know before applying. In case you need to learn other information on topics like how to look up a license plate in Colorado, go by the link and read more.