Connecticut Vanity Plates

Connecticut Vanity Plates

Generally, it is quite easy to find relevant information on plates, placards, and tags. For this, there is no need to be a special agent or an officer. Just some minor details and certain data will help you find important information on Connecticut vanity plates.

So, stay with us if you want to learn more. Here you will find the main answers to your possible questions, such as how to obtain vanity plates, and how to check their availability. You can also learn about fees, duration, and existing limitations.


When you first face the problem of registering a plate, you come across various new terms and expressions that might be quite confusing. For your information, terms like vanity or license plates and tags are quite interchangeable. There is a slight difference of course. For instance, the latter contains up to 3 numbers only, or from 1 to 7 letters, whereas a personalized one can include both letters and digits.

So, how to check their availability?

Well, before heading to the DMV for registration, you had better run your own search and check the availability of the tag.

The main information that will appear on your screen as a result is:

  • the registrant’s name/address
  • VIN
  • Model
  • Registration and expiration date
  • Lien’s name

In Connecticut license plates are required to be displayed both in the front and in the rear of the car. Unlike other states that require them on the rear only, such as Florida, Indiana, Kansas, and others. There are 19 states in total where front tags are not obligatory.

Process of Ordering

Online ordering is quite straightforward. You just need to choose one of the options suggested to you, ordering the tags as:

Connecticut tags are of different types:

  • Passenger
  • Commercial
  • Combination
  • Classic vehicle
  • Motorcycle
  • Camp trailer
  • Camper

Before ordering, please remember that once you make your order, you are not entitled to change it later. Also, canceling the order, you may not be refunded.

To apply for the tags, check that your vehicle has a proper registration in the state. Make sure that it is not expired. If so, first renew them, before applying. Also, you shouldn’t have any unpaid taxes and compliance issues.
You can check your registration status by calling the Department. The customer support agent will reveal whether your license is valid, suspended, canceled, or revoked.

By the way, residents cannot apply for other types different from the one they already own. On the contrary, the type should coincide with the current one. For example, if you have a passenger type, you are not eligible to apply for a combination one.

To complete the request, you should fill in a special form.

Check the Number Availability

First, you should think of a number or letter sequence that best conveys the thought or meaning you try to show or express. After you have made your choice, just enter the state’s DMV website and search for the combination.

Another option is to visit the office in person and find out the availability on site.

When you are sure that your choice is available, you may complete the application. You also need to make the fixed payment.

The application is possible to submit by mail, online, or in person.

If you choose the option of mailing, then send it by the following address:

Department of Motor Vehicles
Customized Plates Unit
60 State Street
Wethersfield, CT 06161

You can also do it online.

Number of Characters

For motorcycles, you are able to pick no more than 6 characters for your personalized vanity plates. For autos, the maximum number is 7. You are entitled to select any letters from A-Z and, respectively, any numbers from 0-9. Dashes, spaces, or other characters are unacceptable.

Cost and Duration

Besides other fixed payments, there is also an additional $94. You can learn more about fees if you examine the price groups. After submitting the application, it takes about 8 weeks for the plates to be ready and issued to the applicant.