Florida Vehicle Registration Lookup


Florida Vehicle Registration Lookup

If you have bought a car or want to do that, you should conduct a search beforehand. It takes you some time, but you will get a great deal of data on the product. You do not know how to do it or where to start?

Well, then continue reading the article which includes essential data on Florida vehicle registration lookup. It also talks about some important points that you must know while dealing with this particular topic. Let’s start!

Florida vehicle registration lookup

Is It Possible To Look Up Registration Online?

The answer to the question is yes. There are several ways for doing this. You may do a simple search. For example, you are able to get official records. The latter gives you the special department that deals with highway safety and motor vehicles of the state. Visit the web page, select the appropriate section and follow the instruction.

Another method of finding information is using the VIN. Through this, you collect a great deal of information. You may find out the ownership history and whether or not it has a lien. The VIN indicates the year, and model of the auto as well as other facts.

The plate is used for this purpose as well. You use this to see whether a plate belongs to a different car.

You can also get reports on boats or vessels. For this, you should examine the web page of the specific administration that deals with the national oceanic and atmospheric management. Just fill in the vessel’s name or official US Coast Guard identification number in the appropriate section or search bar and conduct a search.

After this, you receive the needed documentation. The latter includes a variety of identifying details. The current name, past names, homeport, owner, hull number, and much more are indicated there.

Is Florida Automobile Registration A Public Record?

Each member of the society is permitted to get information on machine registration. This right is protected by the law of the state. To put it in other words, motor automobile, driver’s license, and auto crash records are all public information in Florida.

Can I look up a license plate?

Your local county DMV office provides you with FL tags. For each tag, you are to pay $28.00. There are special requirements for license plates in FL, and to learn detailed information go by the link and read everything that you need to know.

For looking it up, you should have good reasons The process should be accomplished in accordance with the Department of Motor Vehicles’ standards. This is protected by the Driver Protection Privacy Act. And for this you, first of all, should have the complete tag number.

Can I Replace Lost Registration in FL?

Have you lost your driver’s license? Someone has stolen or destroyed it? What do you have to do? Well, simply replace it. The state of sunshine gives you the opportunity to replace it. There are two different options for receiving a fresh duplicate registration.

First, process it in a very comfortable way; use your internet-connected device. Second, you can go to a local DMV office in person


If you want to do it online, you’ll need your driver’s license and a VIN. A plate number is also required. Alongside this documentation, you are to provide a social security number.

For the first step, you should find the precise page on the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles website (the link is provided above).

After this, input your driver’s license numerals in the demanded bar. You may write the digits of your auto’s tag. In case you do not have it, use the VIN instead.

After completing the above-mentioned steps, provide your date of birth (DOB).
Make sure that you have your fee payment ready.

Typically, the payment amounts to $5.00 plus any extra expenses that may be charged (for example, the mailing fee). But during the actual process, you will be provided an exact price for this.

You are able to pay with your credit card regardless of the type, as they accept all types of credit cards.

In the end, it will be mailed to you. You will have to wait ten business days to receive it.

In case you have any other questions concerning the whole process or regulations, contact the DMV by calling 850-617-2000. Or you can send an online message.


In case you want to replace it in-person visit a license tag agency or go to your local County Tax Office.

Prepare all the documents that are listed above and the money.
If you have any further questions, utilize the DMV’s web contact form or phone them at 850-617-2000.