Georgia Vehicle Registration Lookup


Georgia Vehicle Registration Lookup


If you have recently run into problems concerning your vehicle and want to solve them, a Georgia vehicle registration lookup may help you. If you do not know how to do that and where to start, then you have found what you need. There is plenty of information about how and where to start. Once you figure it out, you may obtain lots of reliable and important information. In other words, you will get to learn about the vehicle’s registration, owner history, possible frauds, and so on. Besides, you will also be able to use the VIN.


This article contains all the necessary information on Georgia vehicle registration lookup. It teaches how to do it online, how to get a copy, and much more. Continue reading and exploring with us.

How to check Georgia Vehicle Registration Lookup online?

As everyone knows, it is very important to conduct a search before buying a car. For that, enter the state webpage of E-Services. It offers different services. Under the section “look up information,” you see the necessary headline. Click on the statement you want to check and do the search.

There are several active bars that you see when you click on each headline. Fill in the blanks with the relevant data. You are to write your VIN or license plate number. The next info that you should provide is the name of the county in which you have registered the machine.

After this process, click on the button named “Get Vehicle Status”. It is going to search automatically and provide you with some details. You get to discover the result section next to the search section.

Through the application of the state administration, you find out details on car registration, insurance, and much more. The data that they provide is taken from the records of the Department of Revenue.

Also, it is necessary to find out whether some plates are available or not. It will display the history of the machine and lienholders as well.

How to get a copy of my car registration in Georgia?

There are two ways that you may receive a copy.

Go by the link to the online service center. This is the service that the state offers to its residents. Under the section about vehicle title, you will find the headline about replacing vehicle registration.

After that, you have to fill in the blanks. In this case, unlike the above-mentioned result bar, you get an email. It will display the copy. The whole process is free and you do not have to pay for that.

This was the first option. There is also another option. For that, bring your driver’s license that has to be valid to any Gwinnett County office. Please note that you have to pay a $1 fee for duplication.

You must note a certain rule. They return the documentation, plates, or decals that are processed in the Gwinnett County office only to the registered owner of the machine.

If you are the registered owner and are not able to take it yourself, ask your family members to do that for you. However, in this case, your family member has to provide acceptable government-issued identification. It should mention the same last name and residence address as that of the owner.

Can you look up license plates in Georgia?

The answer to this question is yes! You must have your license plate before taking any steps. The process is free. For searching, there are several options.

First, contact your local DMV office. Go by the link provided above. There, under the same section, you can choose the appropriate button and check. You are going to uncover the info you want as the state holds it as a public record.

Thus, though one may think that these tags are only a seven-digit chain of numerals, you gain a great deal of information from them. They are used to define an auto owner’s identity. Besides, you get to determine the true condition of a machine and much more.

Can I look up registration by VIN?

Everyone can check the VIN. It is a matter of minutes as it is very easy. Simply go by the same link. After that, find the right section, write the necessary details in the bars, and click on the search button.

This provides you with various details including the registration. As a result, you may learn about the history of the car, court records, and so on. This is very handy if you buy a second-hand car.

Sellers forge or conceal VIN to conceal critical facts, for example, unrepaired breaks. Through internet tools, you obtain public information about a car. Thus, you become completely sure that you are not deceived in a variety of ways by sellers. The short checkup will assist you in avoiding such issues.


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