Hawaii License Plate

Hawaii License Plate


Do you want to find information about Hawaii license plates? In reality, it is quite easy to reveal the information you need. And for this purpose, you do not even need to be a special detective or an agent. Generally, using a Hawaii License plate lookup, all the data you find through a search is based mainly on the data collected from insurance companies and police departments.

Commonly, you may discover the car title and registration information, details on road accidents, vehicle condition, etc. Yet, if you want to learn about the registration process, types of license plates, the renewal process, and much more, just keep reading this article.

Hawaii License Plates

Generally, after registering your vehicle in the state, you are immediately issued a standard number plate. Anyhow, residents are able to choose customized ones. They are commonly given to companies and institutions and relate to some specific activity or field.

Who can apply for personalized plates? Anyone who has a car, or wants to give a tab to a person as a present (resident of the state) with an automobile. There is a $25 fee upon the application. Note that for each refreshment the fee is still the same – $25.

You can choose between several types of tags, according to your preferences:

  • Antique
  • Military
  • Organizational
  • Vanity

To get vanity plates, drivers should visit the DMV office. It is always possible to check whether the number you have chosen is available. Any number combinations that are insulting, misleading, or immoral, will be denied immediately.

People with disabilities are entitled to have disability placards. They will give them some advantages, like enabling them to park their cars in special parking lots.

When you first visit the state, you may ask yourself a question: “Why do most of the tabs begin with the letters K, L, or Z?”. The answer is that each letter shows in which county specifically the tab is registered. For instance, cars registered in Kauai begin with K. Those registered in Hawaii start with Z or H, and lastly, for Maui, it is either M or L.

Application Specifications

To complete your application form, you may visit the DMV in person. It is important to remember that sometimes requirements may be different in different counties. For this reason, it is advisable to examine the demands before actually visiting the office.

Do not forget to have with you the following documents:

  • The title of the vehicle
  • ID card
  • Payment
  • Proof of insurance

Out-of-state drivers have only 30 days’ time to register their automobiles in the state.

There are 19 states, where only front tags are required, while in Hawaii both front and rear tags are compulsory.

Renewal process

Every year drivers are due to renew their tabs. It is important to mention the right address during the registration process. This way you can receive a notification before the expiry date and not face any possible complications due to delays.

Before the renewal, be sure to send a clearance letter if you have any traffic violations.
You can conduct the renewal online or in person.

Besides, due to some pleasant renovations, now you can also refresh the plates at a DMV kiosk. Owners of trucks, cars, mopeds, motorcycles, and trailers can easily renew their registration through kiosks. It is only in case they do not have any issues, like traffic violations, incomplete safety inspections, etc.

This is, perhaps, the quickest way of renewal as you get your card and emblem at once. The system is very straightforward and anyone may use it without difficulty.

Replacing a stolen license plate

Your first step when you discover your tabs have been stolen is to report to the police. This way you will also be able to replace them without much difficulty. Of course, stealing is not the only case when you need a replacement. In the state, you might also replace your damaged tags. In this case, you have to submit them to the department and fill in an application.


If you are a driver, you will surely need to be acquainted with the following price list:

State Fee -$45

County Fee – $12

Vehicle transfer- $5

Title duplication – $5

Registration duplication – $5

Replacing the emblem – $5

Replacement – $5