Vanity Plates Hawaii


Vanity Plates Hawaii

Are you interested in Hawaii vanity plates? If you want to obtain new tabs in Hawaii, it is advisable to learn a number of things about the process of application. Not to forget about car registration, renewal process, number plates, and the common types that you may encounter in the state.

So, here we go. Let us see what options you can choose from. Besides, what is important to learn before you get to the main procedure of application.

Application Process

Generally, it is easier to overcome the procedure of car registration if you obtain it through a dealership. Anyway, it is possible to accomplish the process on your own. For this, your first step is to visit the Department of Motor Vehicles.

Make sure to take with you the documents listed below:

  • ID card
  • The vehicle title
  • Insurance proof
  • Payment

Types of Hawaii License Plates

Normally, when you first register your car, you get a standard tab. They stand out of the white background, with black characters and a rainbow. Still, there are other options to choose from:

  • Military
  • Organizational
  • Antique
  • Vanity

In Hawaii, having two tags – front and rear are obligatory. If an out-of-state vehicle enters the state with a single tag, it can operate that way until the end of the registration.

Vanity plates

So, let us see what residents should do to obtain them. Firstly, for vanity-plates, the application process is only in person. Take with you the following:

  • Safety inspection certificate
  • Vehicles’ registration certificate
  • The current license plate of the car

Commonly, vanity tags are composed of 6 characters at most. Punctuation marks cannot be a part of them. Besides, spaces are also counted as characters. Only hyphens are acceptable.

As to the meaning they convey, before applying, make sure that your choice does not contain profanities or immoral meaning.

When your tags are ready, you need your inspection certificate to get them.

Vanity vs Personalized Numberplates

Generally, terms like vanity plates, personalized number plates, and custom tags are used interchangeably and mean the same thing. Even so, there are some specifications that can help differentiate them from one another. Vanity ones either contain up to 3 numbers or only up to 7 letters. On personalized ones, you can commonly see both numbers and letters.

Renewal and Replacement

Renewal is due annually. Generally, when your address is correctly mentioned in the application documentation, you will get a renewal notification 45 days before the due date. Often, renewal may have some specifics from county to county based on their requirements and demands.

Anyway, there are a number of common demands that you should follow throughout the state:

  • Submit your driver’s ID
  • Have with you all the labels and previous decals
  • Make a payment (note that the payment differs based on the vehicle type and weight)

As the requirements often vary from county to county, it is wiser to consider them separately.


Here, everything is quite simple and straightforward. You simply need to complete a form. Also, submit the vehicle registration, safety inspection, and payment. The process is completed mainly in person.


For replacing a damaged sticker in Honolulu, it is obligatory to make a police report. You need to submit:

  • Registration certificate
  • A form of request
  • Current numberplate (the remaining one)
  • Payment

Due to the absence of an online platform, in Honolulu, the replacement is either in person or by mail.

The mailing address is:

Motor Vehicle, Licensing, and Permits Division P.O. BOX 30330 Honolulu, HI 96820


To replace your tags, you need to fill in an MR1 form. You will also need:

  • Ongoing registration
  • Certificate of inspection
  • Decals


In Maui, the replacement is in person. The cost is $6.25. For the replacement, it is obligatory to fill in the DMVL574 form.

Volcano License Plate

Back in 2018, thousands of number plates with the scenes of Volcanoes National Park were released and were dedicated to the Park’s 101 anniversary. Their cost is $35.50. The annual renewal fee is $25.

From each plate, $18 is donated for the support of the parks. It is possible to obtain them in every county, yet personalization is not available.