Idaho Custom Plates

Idaho Custom Plates


We all know that when you buy a car you have to register it on the board and then get your tag. Usually, this is a random and boring set of numbers and letters, but Idaho provides an opportunity to make it special and unique and this is called custom plates. Here are 3 parts of the process that you must complete to get your own.

  1. Choose your plate to personalize: Here you will find the perfect one for you, choose the design and message. And of course, check the availability.
  2. Order a customized tag: In this section, you will fill out and submit the application to order it and after pay the fees.
  3. Place it on the vehicle: And here, receive by mail and carefully place it on the front and back of the car.

Idaho Custom Plates

As we all know, a license plate is a tag that combines letters and numbers shown on the front and back sides of the car. This indicates the vehicle is registered and licensed. In most cases, it is a random set of digits and letters, but you have an opportunity to make it unique (and why not also fun). This means that you can customize the number.

In Idaho, in order to personalize it, you have two options. You either choose from the available options provided by the board or create your own. The second option is the best as it allows you to show your style, simply look cool, or convey a message to the rest of the world. In addition, you have a chance to choose the best one that fits you and your personality.

This process has 3 parts and after completing all of them you will get the tag of your dream. Here are all the steps that you need to complete to obtain it.

Part 1. Choose your plate to personalize.

  1. Visit the main page of the Idaho state website.
  2. Find vehicle and license page.

To do so, on the home page of the state’s website, scroll down to the end and click on the “Driving” dropdown menu. After, there will appear some links; click on “Your vehicle and license”.

3. Visit the customized registration number section.

You should now be on the vehicle and license page. So, find and press the link with the “Get the personalized plates” title. After, click the “Continue” button.

  • Remember: You cannot have a tag unless you did not have a registration of a car with the state’s board.

4. Select the tag design.

This is the most interesting section. Here you need to make a decision about the style of it.

There are thousands of available styles; to select them just click on the design that you want to have. To see just press the link and then you can easily come back to the initial page.

However, if you decide to get a standard tag. You must choose the “Scenic Idaho” page. The advantage is that this is cheaper and includes 7 character messages (when the other designs have 5 characters).

5. Select the message for your personalized tag.

If you want a specialized design then choose the 5-character message. Obtain a message with 7 characters if you wish the standard form. After pressing it in the bottom it says “Personalized text”.

If you want you can add space (but another than that you aren’t allowed). Also, keep in mind that all the spaces will be counted as single characters.

NOTE: In this state, the “O” letter can be changed with the “0” number. To explain this, let’s suppose that you want a message like “IDAHO”: Here you cannot change it to “IDAH0”.

6. Verify the availability.

In this step, you have to check if your choice is taken or not.

When you make your decision, enter it in the corresponding place on the website and wait for the results. In case it is taken you have to go back and try again and again until the best finds you.

Keep in mind, offensive, crude, and vulgar texts are not permitted in this state. If such a thing is available on site, it doesn’t matter in the approving stage it will be denied.

Part 2: Order a customized license plate.

  1. Find the form to fill in.

To order it, you must fill in the form. There are 2 ways to do it: first, you may complete it online or just download and send it by mail, fax, or email.

To be able to fill it online you must have an Idaho Access account. From the website, find the right link and visit it. If you don’t have an account, it is not a tragedy (you can easily create a free account).

As we said, the other option is the form to download. But how to fill it is up to you; complete with the computer or print it and use the pen.

  • In case you need another tag (such as for a veteran), you have to complete different docs. For that contact with the Transportation Department office.

2. Provide basic information about you in the application.

This information includes the name, the driver’s license, the phone and address of the owner.

3. Include required data about the car.

After finishing the first section, pass to the next one which is for the info about the automobile. So, in this part, you must provide the basic automobile information, the number of titles, and VIN.

TIP: the VIN is the identification code for the car. To find it you should look at the dashboard, windshield, door jambs, or doorframe (usually on the driver’s side).

4. Choose your individualized plate and provide the info about it (if required).

For the downloaded form, you have to indicate the type of registration number you want (for example, the message and design) in the space for “First choice”. If you check the availability online you just leave the boxes for other choices empty.

Before the application, you need to choose the design and message (for the online one).

5. Payment time.

The last step to complete the application is to pay the fees. For the standard one, you are going to pay $25, but for the special one, it is $60.

Remember, any time you want to renew it you must pay $15 for the standard and $40 for the special one.

6. Submission.

After finishing the application you must submit it. For online one, you just follow the instructions carefully, do the payment and submit.

However, the downloaded one is not that easy as we mentioned the application must be faxed to (208) 334-8542, emailed to [email protected], or mailed to this address:

ID 83707-1129, Boise

P.O. 7129 Box

Special Plates

Idaho Transportation Department

Part 3: Place your plate.

  1. By mail get the tag.

After the board accepts your application, they manufacture it and send it to the provided address.

2. Carefully install them.

When you get it you must locate them on the back and front parts of your vehicle.

And this is all you need to successfully obtain your personalized registration number.