Idaho License Plate Options

Idaho License Plate Options


Idaho requires two plates to identify the automobile’s registration number. And there you may find different types of tags available starting with the standard ones and including specialty plates, as well.

Basically, all the motor vehicles appearing on the roads should be listed in ID. For instance, you have a limited time frame during which you have to proceed with the registration process after becoming a resident in this state.

There are many more other requirements you must take into account. So, to know more about the Idaho License Plate Options you need to read the article.

Idaho License Plate Options

License Plates are one of the most important components located on the vehicle. They identify its registration number. And since there are differences between the options of vanity tags in the states, in this article we are going to talk about the Idaho license plate options.

How Many Different Idaho License Plates Are There?

There are 5 types of vanity tags and up to forty designs issued by the Transportation Department. Each of them consists of letters and digits that show the county where the automobile was registered.

So, when riding here, you can easily understand where the drivers come from and where they are about to go. And as usual, they carry 4 numbers and 3 letters.

So here you are able to definitely find various variants, such as:

  • Standard
  • Wildlife
  • Military
  • Agriculture
  • Other

Besides the mentioned points, you have to issue a personalized vanity tag. Yet, their design is a bit different from the said others.

To get a specialty tag you need to provide these details:

  • Personal information
  • Transportation information
  • Choice of a format

You should note that to obtain the personalized license number plate you will pay an amount in addition to your standard authorization cost. It is $25 initially and $15 for annual renewal.

Here is a form to apply for this certificate.

What Do The Letters Mean On Idaho License Plate?

At this point, we would like to mention that you are obliged to have both the front and the rear front tags for almost all varieties of autos. This is to identify the car from both sides. Yet, in the case of motorcycles and trailers, only the rear marks are needed.

So, the naming order is according to the counties alphabetical list starting from the 1st character of the province names. So, if there is only 1 province beginning with that particular character, then it turns to be the unique code.

And what refers to the specialty number plate, then they do not carry this type of code.

Vehicle Registration Requirements In ID

In general, all the automobiles that appear in public places have to be registered and entitled. This refers also to boats with certain features. There are some obligations you can not avoid while enlisting your car here.

So, first of all, you should be a resident. Also, the motor that you are about to register should belong to you (as an inhabitant) or else to a business. It must be titled before starting the action.

After becoming a new resident in this territory you have only 90 days to apply for the obliged certification. You should consider presenting these documents for the process of application:

  • Current MV title and registration: You should note to present VIN that is already checked and inspected.
  • Personal details about the applicant


You should consider also the charges. So, the yearly fees for the passenger transport such as pickup trucks, and others with the gross weight of eight thousand pounds or even less than it should consider the following pricing system:

  • $69 for 1 or 2 years old MV
  • $57 for 3-6 years old machines
  • $45 for 7+ years old machines

The whole list may be found on the Transportation Department’s official website.

You can begin the action by visiting any of the province assessor’s MV offices. To reveal that office you should check it through the local telephone directory.

And if you are an ID inhabitant who temporarily lives in another land then you are able to request titles or motor authorization via Email.

Besides, it is important to ensure your auto by the insurance company that has a business allowance in the state. Here are the insurance costs:

  • $25000- this is for one person’s injury or death (an accident)
  • $50000- two individual’s injuries or death (an accident)
  • $15000- others’ property damage (an accident)


Wrapping up, we would like to say, that every American state has its rules referring to vehicle enlisting.

You should note that no one who lives in ID for more than 90 days is allowed to drive a car without authorization or license marks.

So, you should start the required processes immediately after becoming a new resident.