Idaho Personalized Plates


Idaho Personalized Plates

The personalized placards are a unique way to differentiate your automobile. There are various types of tags that the state of Idaho provides. There are various requirements for every type that you encounter.

This article will lead you through every point that you have to know about Idaho Personalized plate. So keep reading the article to explore and find out the information that you need.

Which institution is in charge of this?

The Transportation Department regulates plates. You can break them down into two separate groups in this state. The first is the standard personalized and the second is the special personalized license plate. The latter carries some specific features related to the state.

How to order?

If you want to order one online, you are to visit the official website of the Transportation Department. After you must fill in the application form. Go by the link and print out the PDF file. If you finish this, start to read the details written on the lines. And fill in the necessary information and details on the corresponding lines.

You will find that there are three spaces dedicated to the placard options. This means that you can provide three options. Write your desired one in the first place. If there occurs no problem, you receive the first one. This means that you must read the form very attentively.

After this process, send the finished application via mail to the following address:

Idaho Transportation Department, Special Plates
PO Box 7129
Boise ID 83707-1129

Your completed application can also be faxed to (208) 334-8542. The following credit cards are accepted: MasterCard, Visa, and American Express.

Expenses Required

You must pay $25 for standard tags initially. You are also obliged to pay a $15 fee for the annual renewal. As for special placards, ID charges a fee of $60. The renewal payment for this one is $40 at the end of the year.
Note that you pay all these costs alongside the ones that you must pay for normal (that is non-personalized) types.

What does PRP mean?

This PRP means that for specific interstate or interprovincial autos, they all issue either APPORTIONED or PRORATE (PRP) placards. APPORTIONED tags were once issued in Alaska. But they stooped issuing them in 1979.

Is a front placard required in ID?

Well, the answer is yes. You are to have two. Place one on the front of the vehicle and the other on the back.

If your car is left unattended for more than 48 hours (in the same spot on a public roadway or alley), it is considered abandoned and may be impounded.

Number of Characters

A total of 7 letters, digits, and spaces are allowed on regular ones for passenger cars, trucks, and motor homes. A total of six letters, digits, and spaces are allowed on conventionals.

All cars are allowed a total of 5 letters, digits, and spaces for unique license types.

Types of Vehicles

ID permits these tags to be placed on passenger cars and pickup trucks, motor homes, and motorcycles.


The good news is you may look it up online! The Transportation Department is adding another handy option to its online DMV services.

People who have acquired a vehicle from a registered Idaho dealership may now be eligible to register their new or used automobile via their smartphone, tablet, or computer. This will save their time from going to a county DMV office.

For standard types, the state makes available an online form to determine if your preferred 7-digit text is available. If you want to see if a standard tag on a motorcycle is available, just go by the link that is mentioned above. After, find the necessary section.


There are various constraints that must be paid attention to. If the tags contain a term that is offensive to a group of people, they are regarded as illegal.

Your application will be refused if the term contains words that denote hate or prejudice. Profane and indecent tones will also cause an issue.

Those with arrogant overtones, as well as those that encourage racism or ethnocentrism, will be problematic from this prism.

Additional Information

In case the data presented in the article is not enough, you may write a letter and sent it to the address that is mentioned above. But in case you need an immediate answer, call (208) 334-8649.

And if you need other information about how to look up a license plate in ID then you can go by the link and get acquainted with the process.