Illinois License Plate Order Status

Illinois license plate order status+overview


After buying a car you are inpatient, as you have to do a lot of paperwork and, plus that, wait for the tag. So, you may wonder how long you will wait, and how you can check your order status. In this article, you will find all the answers and even more.

Usually, the procedure takes 2-3 weeks and to check the status you should connect with the board. But if you want a personalized remember that it takes longer to come.

Also, there are 3 ways to apply; in person, by mail, and online, and it doesn’t matter how you apply, the plate will come by mail.
The registration you can complete by yourself or with your dealer, either way, is the same.

Illinois license plate order status

Congratulations on buying a vehicle. As you may know, first you have to register and only after it you are able to get a license plate. But you wonder how long you need to wait after applying.

Here we have researched several procedures and created this article, so you have a guide and know how to apply and how long it takes.

Note: Usually it is 2-3 weeks. But if you don’t receive it in 30 days or more, be sure to contact the SOS to know about your order status.

In this article, we are providing info about how to title and record, about a process period, and others.

How Long do You Wait for The Custom Plate?

As we mentioned the period is usually 2-3 weeks, but if you want a personalized one, obviously this is going to last much longer. Remember if you buy an automobile, first, record it in the SOS and then request a custom tag.

Yet, when it is ready the registration will expire. So, you have to renew it.

However, a personalized or vanity tag reaches you 60 to 90 days after you submit your application. Just ensure that anything you wish is legal and available. For this use online tools as there are a lot of websites that help you to find them.

To prevent delay try to find something identical to the one that is already used unless the offensive one makes you wait longer.

New Car Registration

Generally, this lasts quite a little time. However, it requires a lot of time if you don’t have all the documents that are required. So, to realize the time and also the work just look at the following checklist after finishing collecting the papers:

  • Current inspections (It has to pass Illinois inspection emission and requirements levels.)
  • Legal ID: an IL gov ID or driving license
  • A form of purchase certification
  • Up to date insurance
  • Residency proof (You may just provide a bill that contains your address and name.)
  • Payments form (The cash option is not acceptable. So, ensure to pay with checks or credit cards.)

Note: Legally prove that the automobile is yours.

Can You Register Your Vehicle Online?

Yes, of course. In Illinois, there are three ways to apply: in person, by mail, or online. This allows you to pass all the steps at home in your comfort zone.

Here there are more steps that you should complete; for example, you must prove that it is yours, so, your name must be on the docs of the machine (If it is not, change it before submitting.)․

Also, you must be the owner, and which is more important the tag you want can’t have eligibility requirements. This is important, as in this option you are not able to apply for that.

After finishing the web-based process, you will get all the documents by mail.

Does a Car Dealer Help You Register Your Vehicle?

Somehow yes, they provide such service, they can fulfill all the certification paperwork for you. The total purchase price includes all of the costs you’d normally pay if you did it yourself.

To take it in the house, haggle, complete the docs, as well as drive away, the automobile acquisition procedure might take almost 3 hours on average. To make the process smoother, make sure to collect all the docs with you.

Look at the checklist above when you finish collecting the paperwork. If you are dealing in a car, you will also need to supply the current registration and title of purchase. Remember that bank cards aren’t acceptable if the dealer sets a limit on the amount of money that can be put down. So, be sure to use a check or bank loan.

If you’re buying a machine from another state, keep in mind that you must complete the certification by yourself. The dealership issues you a valid permit that allows you to transport it without receiving a ticket.