Vanity Plate Indiana

Vanity Plate Indiana


BMV offers several standard and vanity license plate designs from which you can choose. License plate samples include standard and historic tags, which serve military personnel and their families, plates used by local colleges, universities, or organizations, personalized and special car license plates.

You have to pay taxes every time you renew or buy your license plate. The amount of payment is determined by your car brand from the year of issue. To fully understand this or that information, you need to look through this article.

What is the difference between vanity and an individualized plate?

What is vanity? Or what do custom car tags mean? Or how they differ from each other? You have probably come across these terms a lot when renewing your car. In fact, there are no clear answers to these questions. And, in general, there is not even a difference between them.

In fact, there is no clear way to describe them. There is one definition that can distinguish it from other types, but it is based solely on external differences. Vanity ones contain up to 3 numerals or only 1 to 7 letters, and individualized ones contain symbols.

Apart from this definition, the three types of names are actually interrelated. Vanity is more commonly used on decorative numbers, but the term still applies to official labels.

How to get it?

The BMV oversees their distribution and production. The state allows you to determine if your special letters on it are available online. Only registered owners can order, and that must be a registered car at the time of issue.

Only with these parameters, you can get tags:

  • The Bureau allows them for motors, motorcycles, RVs, or trucks (11000 lbs or less).
  • The fee for that is $45 in addition to the regular renewal and registration taxes.
  • They allow a maximum of 7 characters plus 1 space with no more than 3 total spaces on it for a Standard Passenger number. A motorcycle can have up to 6 characters and 2 total spaces. Use any combination from A to Z, numerals zero to nine.

They are subject to approval by the Indiana BMV. The website also states that the following are not allowed:

  1. Any misleading content
  2. Any content that is offensive to good taste and decency

To order, follow these steps:

  • Visit the Indiana Personalized Website to review the requirements.
  • See if your individualized message is available and then follow the instructions to order online.
  • When your request is confirmed, it’ll be obtained by email within 30 days after the request. If your message is rejected, you’ll receive a rejection letter by mail in which you’ll be asked to choose one alternative number option.
  • Write down the same number that you bought with your initial PLP request. The booking payment will be refunded to you.
  • Select an alternative message. The fee paid at the time of booking will apply to your alternative choice of PLP:
  • The PLP refusal will become final until BMW obtains a written request for administrative review within 18 days after the date of the refusal.

Application Process

You’ll be required:

  • Proof of car insurance
  • Iowa driver’s license
  • Payment for fees
  • Completed application forms
  • Automobile title
  • Bill of sale

Personalized License Plates

Personalizing means adding your own phrase or words to the numeral. Here are the guidelines to follow to personalize it:

  • Up to 7 characters for automobile
  • Up to 6 characters for motorcycles
  • Use of symbols, words, and 1 space
  • Not using profanity or inappropriate messages

Custom License Plates

If you intend to get this, you may have to submit additional documentation. Some of them, such as the Military one, require proof of military enrollment.

Others may include additional fees which serve as a donation for the charity or organization printed on it.

This is a list of available tags:

  • The Fraternity Order of Police
  • Professional Firefighters
  • Indianapolis Zoological Society
  • Purdue University
  • Valparaiso University
  • Indiana State University
  • Gold Start Families
  • Purple Heart
  • Ex-POW
  • Pearl Harbor Survivors
  • U.S. Military Veterans
  • Antique Vehicle


When you register your automobile, you have the option to choose or apply for:

  • Standard
  • Custom
  • Personalized
  • Disable number plate & Placard

Summary of Cost

You will have to make some payments when registering your car. These are a few of the payments you can expect:

  • $29,35 for RV
  • Passenger Vehicle: $21,35
  • $45 for Customized
  • $9.50 for Replacement
  • Late Vehicle Registration: $15
  • $5 for VIN Inspection
  • Changing: $9.50
  • $26,35 for Motorcycles
  • $9,50 for Transfer

After you may be able to obtain it and assure registration tags when your fee is processed and the paperwork is cleared. If you have selected something customized or special, you’ll receive it by mail and it’ll take some time before they arrive.