Iowa License Plate Options


Iowa License Plate Options

Every state has its types of license tags. But as you know they may vary within the state as well. So to learn more about Iowa license plate options or about getting them, continue reading this article. It also talks about the black ones that are very fashionable and have some advantages over others. So, let’s start.

How many different types does IA have?

There are different types of placards which are regular, personalized, and special. As for the tag number, it has some differences as well compared to other states.

Special tags indicate a unique graphic design that refers to an organization, topic, or interest. It is an alternative to the regular ones that residents of the state may use. The latter cannot have any visual picturings and are only customized.

There are now 63 various kinds of specialty placards that are available in IA. Among these, 24 plates relate to the military. Special ones are available for all automobiles. On the 30th of June 2012, IA had issued special plates of about 117,636.

For the manufacturing of new specialty placards, the state has introduced a legislative and administrative process. The legislature must approve the proposal before they may create it. Before forwarding it to the Governor for his approval, the Senate and House of Representatives must approve it.

Everyone can submit an application for this type. It assumes passing through the above-mentioned administrative process. If the DOP approves your proposal, you have only a year to submit 500 paid applications. It must be done before the new one is created or issued.

Where Does The Money Go?

The money that the Department receives is dedicated to the Road Use Tax Fund. Money from annual renewal payments is also included. The latter is also known as a validation fee so don’t be amazed in case you find out the expression written on the papers.

This fund has a special objective. So, it uses the money received to manage projects like constructing bridges and city or county roads in the state.

Please note that the situation is different in the case of the Veterans plate. It is a commemorative tag sponsored by the State Department. Accordingly, received credits go to the Veterans License Fee Fund. The funds are appropriated to the Veterans Affairs Commission. Also, they carry out the Commission’s duties.

The Emergency Medical Services (EMS) type is an exemption to the aforementioned criteria. The Department of Public Health sponsors it. And in the case of this one, no alternative costs are collected. The fee goes to the Road Use Tax Fund.

What Does a Black License Plate Mean in Iowa?

Those have been issued since the 1st of July 2019. It has a black background and white letters and numerals placed on it. It can also be personalized in case you want to be different.

Ordering a Black Tag?

Ordering is quite a simple process. There are three ways to do that. You can order online, in person, or via mail. If your application is approved by the DOP, you will receive written notice. And if it is ready, they will send it to your local DMV office.


If you want to acquire one through online registration, then go to the Transportation Department web page. Find the appropriate section. Follow the instructions after you have done this.

You are to prepare some documents. Keep your ID and credit card with you for completing the process.

Note: You cannot order special placards online. As it is mentioned above, they have to go through a special process.


In this case, go to the local DMV office. But this time you are to complete the application form.

Find the sample for downloading with Internet Explorer.

After that, prepare the money. If you want more data on this topic, visit the web page mentioned above and find the desired data.

Via Mail

When ordering via mail, the same application form will be needed. If you have that, prepare the other required documents for proving eligibility. Make the fees ready and send the application to the address mentioned on the form.

Costs for Black Plates

If you have decided to get a black one for your fashionable car, then be ready to pay $35. This is the cost for the standard alpha-numeric type. Besides this, you have to pay an additional $25. It is the cost to pay if you want to personalize the latter. The amount will total $60.

Additional Information

If you need other data that relates to the Iowa license plate lookup, we have a suggestion. Visit the web page and be sure to find all the necessary information.