Kansas License Plates


Kansas License Plates


Before you decide which vehicle suits you the best and purchase it, do a thorough investigation. You can start with one of the most important issues- license plates. You may already know that the first thing you get after registration is your vehicle’s plate.

So, if you are currently living in Kansas or have just become its habitant, we will be a great help for you. All the vital points about choosing, getting and registering plates in KS you will know on our website. Make sure you have caught all details, before making up your mind. Good luck!

Kansas license plates

The types of Kansas license plates

The country offers a variety of plates. We have categorized them for you:

  1. Personalized and disabled personalized number plates
  2. Educational Institution license plates:
  • Wichita State University Alumni Association
  • Benedictine College
  • Kansas State University Alumni Association
  • Emporia State University Alum. Assoc.
  • Washburn University Alum. Assoc.
  • Fort Hays State University Alum. Assoc.
  • Friends Univ. Alumni Office
  • Univ. of KS Alum. Assoc.
  • Pittsburg Univ. Alum. Assoc.

3. Other Organizational Distinctive numberplates:

  • KS Foundation for Agriculture in the Classroom
  • Love, Chloe Foundation
  • Masonic Lodge
  • Shriner
  • Special Olympics
  • Amateur Radio Operator
  • Antique Vehicles
  • Emergency Medical Services (EMS)
  • Firefighter tag for Automobiles
  • Gadsden Flag
  • KS 4H Foundation
  • Kansas Arts
  • KS Breast Cancer Research and Outreach tag
  • Autism Awareness
  • Braden’s Hope
  • Children’s Trust Fund
  • City of Wichita
  • Donate Life
  • Ducks Unlimited
  • Eisenhower Foundation

4. Military Distinctive numberplates:

  • New Military
  • Pearl Harbor Survivor
  • U.S. Veteran
  • Vietnam Veteran
  • Combat Wounded Purple Heart
  • National Guard
  • Operation Desert Storm
  • Operation Enduring Freedom
  • Operation Iraqi Freedom
  • Congressional Medal Of Honor
  • Disabled Veteran
  • Ex-prisoner Of War
  • Korean War Veteran

NOTE: To apply for distinctive military tags you should meet certain requirements claimed by the county government. Afterward, you should present your application to the local County Treasurer’s office.

5. Other Distinctive vanity plates:

  • Pet Friendly
  • Special Interest
  • Street Rod
  • Families of the Fallen
  • Gold Star Mother
  • Choose Life
  • In God We Trust
  • KS Horse Council

Registration of an automobile

The County Treasurer’s Office is where you need to visit to apply for titling and registering. You have only 60 days to do this after you buy a vehicle. You must provide the following documentation:

  • A signed manufacturer’s certificate or statement of origin (MCO/MSO)

NOTE: If the latter shows the presence of more than one owner a certain number of signatures must be presented. Either all people on the list have to sign or only one signature will be enough.

  • Insurance proof that KS covers for each automobile: This can be either the original version or the copy. Also, if it is for commercial or fleet machines the coverage should be provided as well.
  • The owner’s and the insurance company’s name, policy number, coverage’s expiration, effective date and the vehicle’s VIN/year/make must be included in the proof of insurance.
  • Sales Tax receipt: If the latter has been paid to another state, you also need to pay for the difference.
  • Property tax: This is to be paid during the registering period, before applying for a temporary plate.
  • A paper tag: It will be issued to you before you get your digital tag after it is printed and sent to you via mail within 3 weeks.

Transfer of License Plate

Transfer of the tags is also done through the County Treasurer’s Office. This time as well you provide the documents we have listed above. However, you should consider some requirements as well:

  • Provide a present registration receipt for the truck (together with the tag you want to transfer). NOTE: If it is not available you need to pay for a duplicate registration and bring the tag number with you.
  • You need to either dispose of the previous car before getting a new one or trade/sell it within 60 days after buying a new one.
  • The sale date of the previous car and the buyer’s name.
  • The name’s assignment on the new title must match the previous vehicle’s registration name.

IMPORTANT: Not all situations will require the above-mentioned points. You may need additional papers due to other circumstances. To be ready for that contact the office for further information.


We have listed the payments connected with all the procedures you are to make while getting your tag. So, let’s see them:

  • Titling: $10
  • Transfer: $6.50
  • Modernization: $4
  • Registration:

12 M Trucks: $52.25
Motorbikes: $28.25
Machines less than 4500 lbs.: $42.50
Motorcycles: $28.25
Autos over 4500 lbs.: $52.25
Trailers: $47.25 (2,000-8,000 pounds); $57.25 (8,001-12,000 pounds); $67.25 (12,001 pounds and above)

IMPORTANT: Registering is optional for trailers (with loads) that weigh less than 2,000 pounds and for farm trailers that have a load of fewer than 6,000 pounds.

If yours is a truck with over 16,000 pounds weight, contact the bureau.

Property taxes must be paid at the time of titling and registering (except for trailers, motorbikes, heavy trucks). For estimates contact your appraiser’s bureau.

Tax / Tag Refunds

Very often people legally get a prorated tag/tax refund. The main causes include:

  1. When your auto is not replaced and you sell it.
  2. In case you permanently move to another country and register your car there.

When you get a notification for a refund you should turn in your registration and current tag. Before the refund, KS requires a social security number (for personal vehicle) or the federal tax ID number (for leased/business trucks).

Make sure to apply before the last working day of the month the car was sold if you want to maximize your refund. Also, note the date you sold the car or moved, as the Treasurer’s bureau calculates refunds only after they receive the application.