Kansas Personalized Plate Check



Kansas Personalized Plate Check


Do you wish to stand out and make your vehicle unique by choosing a personalized plate? We will guide you to fulfill your dream in Kansas.

So, you no longer need to search anywhere else, you are in the right place. If you don’t know how to check if your desired plate type is available or not you can make use of our lookup guide. Everything is so thoroughly discussed that you’ll get answers to all the questions in your head.

Also, you will get to know what you need to do to obtain personalized plates and how to use them legally. Like all the other US states Kansas as well requires vehicle owners to take into account some strict limitations.

Kansas personalized plate check

Currently, the KS Department of Revenue with the Division of Vehicles issues Kansas plates. Since 1956, the state claims only rear plates on autos. Before getting any type it is always better to do a lookup.

How to conduct a Kansas personalized plate check?

To get the information you need about vanity plates you can do a search in various ways. However, whatever method you choose, remember that you must definitely provide either the VIN or the tag.

You may have already spent a certain amount of money when obtaining and registering your car. For that, we have separated two ways for you to do a free numberplate lookup:

  • The first option is doing your search through the KS Division of Motor Vehicle (DMV). If they have auto information available in public records you may get in touch with them online.
  • Just visit their website and request vanity-plate record information. The search will give you information on the registration plate and truck record.
  • The second option is probably the most preferable for automobile owners. So, besides the DMV there are also several websites offering free lookups. One of them is the TagNap with its various search options.

VIN lookup

If you would like to search without using the tag you can always make it with the VIN. There is even no need to conduct a reverse lookup. The VIN is enough to show you details like car registration, court records, car history report, and so on.

The process should be provided by the state’s DMV, no matter where you are located. Sometimes this choice is better for new vehicle owners.

Requirements to qualify for individualized tags

Personalized tags are produced every five years. Usually, the 5-year period begins in a year that ends with either 5 or 0. To be eligible to get yours you need to:

  • have the leasing company’s name for the car for which the tag is issued or just a Kansas title in your name;
  • either have a KS residency or be a member of the military stationed at a military office (and not be a resident of the state).

NOTE: Personalized tags can be issued to trucks, automobiles, and motorcycles registered for no more than 20,000 lbs. If you decide to choose an antique customized tab, you should have already titled your car as an antique.

Requirements to obtain the KS customized vanity-plate

The County Treasurer’s motor vehicle office is where you need to turn to when applying for the tab. The applicant must sign the paper and provide the corresponding payment (make the checks payable to the County Treasurer).

When applying for disabled customized tabs the applicant has to provide either of these:

  • A copy of a current Disabled ID card
  • A completed Certification of Disability for Disabled Parking Placard (signed by a healings arts professional, in a TR-159 form)


  1. Make a number plate order at your local treasurer’s office. You can decide whether to take the application form with you or not when applying.
  2. Accompany the application with the appropriate fees to have the tab delivered to registration for your vehicle.
  3. Nowadays, due to digital printing, the tabs are ordered and delivered consecutively. Wait thirty days until the new numberplate arrives.

How many characters to have on your vanity plate?

The amount of characters varies depending on which vehicle type you have chosen. So, the law allows:

  • up to 7 letters/spaces and numbers for autos and trucks;
  • no more than 5 spaces/numbers/letters for motorcycles.

In the case of the disabled type, the number of the above-mentioned characters must be up to 5. The type doesn’t matter (be that motorcycle/truck/auto).

REMEMBER: There must be no symbols and dashes. The combinations should not include anything vulgar, indecent, or profane


For any customized tag the cost is $45.50. You should pay it when applying. Until the numberplate is reissued (after 5 years) the fee won’t be due again.

Note that this is only for reservation of the individualized combination. Annual registration and one-time antique fees are not included in it. So, additional payments may be needed.