Ky License Plates

Ky License Plates



KY produces plates for more than 150 different types of motorcycles and passengers: Regular (Standard issue), Special, University, Independent college, military, military motorcycle, various ones for disabled and special motorcycles. To view all of them, visit the Plate List application page.

The Cabinet’s Personalized Plate Review Committee must approve all requests for personalized labels before contacting the employer in the country. To start the process of using them, fill out some forms and take the necessary steps. To find out what these steps are, read our article.

What do I need?

Visit the Plate List application page to check for combinations of query symbols. Click on the image that is interesting for you and click on the “save this palm” button.

After verifying access, send it online, click the “request this palm” button.

There is a possibility that the application may not be available if you received it before the state tenant processed it.

Please review the requirements and restrictions regarding character combinations.

If your request is pre-confirmed after receiving a notification, mail it and any other required documentation to the office of your county where you reside.

How much does it cost?

Pay $25 for your work district. This is in addition to each one applied for the registration fee. All advance confirmation notifications you’ll send by e-mail to the address specified in the online form.

If the application is rejected, all rejection notifications you’ll send by email to the address specified in the online ask.

Your notification will inform you about your next steps: to re-apply with a new application or to protest the current request.

Then fill out the online appeal form. They are reviewed by an individual number complaint commission once a month: This committee is separate from the review of the initial committee. All decisions are final. The decisions of Appeals Commission mail or sent to the address indicated in the form.

If you have any additional questions or concerns, forward them to [email protected] too.

Requirements and Restrictions

Personalized passenger numbers contain up to six alpha or digital signs, except for a space or a ruler. However, in some cases, symbols can interfere with the formation. Personalized motorcycle tags contain up to five alpha and/or numeric characters, except for the place or ruler.

What character combinations are reserved / unavailable?

Visit the “Plate List” page to see the existing character combinations, click on the image that is interesting for you and click on the “save” button. Customers can thus look for availability.

Notification, processing, and acceptance

It lasts approximately four to six weeks from the moment of the manufacture, processing, and delivery to the office of the county employer, where the client can pick it up.

How to replace it?

The county hirer will issue a standard-issue number and submit an ask for recycling of the lost or stolen tag. When it’s deemed lost or stolen, it can’t be restarted until the next calendar year in January.

When it is damaged, it must be returned to the office of the regional clerk of the client’s area of residence. He’ll provide the customer with a standard exhaust one and submit a request for processing the damaged individualized one.

The county employer’s office will notify the client when a new one is ready to take over.

Selling or trading your vehicle that has a tag

Before selling your car or trading, first, inform your district clerk. The hirer must assign a new standard number so that you keep your personalized one. The replacement fee and parts will be estimated at the US $6.

Moving to another car

If you want to put it on another car, the employer must correctly assign it to another car. You only have to pay a $ 3.00 reissue fee to transfer it to another car.

Taxes and fees

You must pay the registration fee for the renewal at the time of registration renewal. There are some exceptions, such as the historic cars, which will be released in December, and only the title cars, which are for July. And this is still part of the exception.