Louisiana License Plate Types

Louisiana License Plate Types +overview


There is a huge variety of special plates that the OMV in Louisiana offers. It verifies from special to personalized tags. Each of them you can order in two ways: online or in person.

Here are all the types that you can find in this state: personalized, special, and military plates. Each of these is also divided into some categories and all of them have a different application process.

So, be sure to go to the main article and read carefully about all the details that you need.

Louisiana License Plate Types

In Louisiana, there are several types of individual plates. In addition, here you can find a huge variety from special to personalized ones, which can be for organizations and interests.

There are 2 ordering methods for all types of tags: in-person and online (for only personalized one).

In this article you will find all the answers to your questions, also you will know how to order a special plate from OMV (Motor Vehicle Office in Louisiana).


In LA state, as in many states, there are some messages that are illegal because they are offensive, aggressive, or contain other languages than English. So before issuing it the board needs to approve it.

The custom tag must contain:

  • 7 symbols or 6 (if it is for disability or motorcycle tags)
  • Letters ( it has to have at least 2 of them)
  • Numbers
  • Half-spaces or/and spaces
  • Hyphen or/and periods

Go to the website of OMV Louisiana for more info.

Applying process

As we have said this type you can get online by applying with the website of OMV.

So, just be ready to submit this info as well:

  • Email address
  • Your address and name
  • The current number of tags
  • Number of driving licenses from this state
  • VIN (vehicle indent. number)

Once your request is accepted you will get a bill by email which contains the billing address. So, send your money order or check to that address.


This typically costs $25 in addition to standard fees for registration.

After the order is approved, you also must pay:

  • Administration price of $3.50
  • Handling price- $8

If you want to customize a tag, that has the credit of registration to apply for, or have other unusual circumstances, fees may differ.

But for renewing it, you must pay an extra $25.

Special Plates

There are a lot of special tags that come in a variety of categories. So, here are all of them with a few examples:

Special causes and interests, such as:

  • Ball Town
  • Saints of New Orleans
  • Louisiana Seafood

Organizations and professions, for instance:

  • Shriners
  • Retired Firefighters
  • Grand Lodge

Educational groups and institutions, including:

Fraternities and sororities such as Omega Psi Phi and so on
Universities and colleges like Tulane University, University of LA state, etc.
High schools, such as C.E. Byrd HS and so on

Special car, like:

  • Antique cars
  • Street cruisers and rods
  • Antique and old automobiles

Visit the official website to see the list and pictures of each tag listed above.


Try to find the board’s location in this state where you can find the specialty plate as this type you can only obtain in person.

If the tag you wish is with eligibility conditions make sure to provide the eligibility proof with the docs.

If you have additional questions about this feel free to call the Unit of specialized vehicle by phone (225) 925-6371.


The cost of your custom one is determined by a number of criteria.

You are able to use the web-based tool to acquire a cost estimate prior to going to the OMV. Make sure you have your valid number ready.

You may also see whether the customized type you desire has any qualifying conditions.

To utilize the tool, your car must be registered and titled in Louisiana.

Military Plates

The board also issues military tags for veterans and for their family.

Here are the conditions that give you this:

The United States military branches, additionally for the:

  • Veterans
  • Retirees
  • Specific conflicts veterans like Desert Storm and Vietnam

Conflicts that are specific, such as:

  • Laos War
  • WWII

Honors of the military, including:

  • Honor Congressional Medal
  • The Purple Heart

Your record service must match the classification on the mark to qualify for this.


This is one of the types that you need to order in person to the office where you can buy the tags.

Also, make sure that you take the eligibility proof to the board.

In order to be ready for the costs, you are able to use the web-based tool to:

  • Calculate the price
  • Examine the eligibility conditions and proof forms that are acceptable