Maryland Custom License Plate


Maryland Custom License Plate


Maryland is mainly a two-plate state. This means that except for some types of vehicles others should carry them both on the front and rear sides.

Maryland custom license plates are standard series tags that have your preferred combination of numbers, letters, and space on them. To submit you may visit one of the MVA’s local offices or send your application online.

Before obtaining one you may search for it online. Look through the article to get more further information.

Maryland Custom License Plate

Custom license plates carry a special message printed on them based on the personal preferences of the driver. They differ from other kinds of tags available in the State of Maryland. So, in this article, we are going to deep dive into the Maryland custom license plate options.

How to Obtain Maryland Custom License Plate?

Each of the drivers chooses the special print and combination to be placed on their personalized license tag. It is important to note, that depending on the vehicle type or model you can select from 2 to 7 characters including numbers (0-9), letters (A-Z), and spaces.

Yet, the MD Vehicle administration has a full right to ban your desired combination. So, on this condition, the responsible officials may supposedly reject your request. That is because a certain tag has been supposedly taken, it is too objectionable, or there are unaccepted symbols.

However, as your selection was not declined then you will receive your personalized vanity plate in approximately 4-6 weeks.

To request a number plate you should submit it online via the MVA website or you may visit one of the MVA offices in person. In another option, you have the capacity to send an email with your application to Administration’s Specialty Tag unit. You have to present the vehicle information, as well as your current registration card during the application process.

Automobile Types

At this point, you will encounter the automobile classes that can have custom tags:

  • A- passenger car
  • M- multi-purpose machines
  • D- motorcycles
  • EPO- with 1 or less ton carrying capacity
  • G- non-freight trailers
  • L- historic automobiles
  • N- street rod

The last three (G, L, N) can have only a black and white background.

How Much Is The Cost of The Numberplate?

The cost for the numberplate is $50. This is along with the regular fees of renewal. You should be very attentive, as you are not able to display the expired tags.

How Do I Find Out The Vanity-Plate Availability in Maryland?

If you want to receive some information about your obtained vanity plate then you should visit the MD Personalized Labels site or visit any of the MD Full Service Branch in person.

As well as, you may reveal whether someone has already taken your preferred combination or not. For this, you should follow the below-noted points:

  • Log in to your local DMV’s site.
  • Go to the custom tag page.
  • Choose your preferred one.
  • Check the ordering requirements.

And if it is not in use, you are able to order it.

Must You Have A Numberplate In The Front Side of The Means of Transportation?

Currently, all the car owners must put both the front and back stickers in this state. This means that almost all the machines should have two registration labels. Yet, there are some types of them that are not required to have 2 of them. So, here are the mentioned auto kinds:

  • D- motorcycle
  • F- tractor
  • G- trailer

Besides, the Class L which stands for historic and N for a street rod are also exempt if the machines were manufactured 50 years ago compared to the recent model. And what refers to the “F” (tractors) then they must have a front sticker.

Yet, if your registration is temporary then MVA will let you keep only 1 tag.

How to Search For Them?

To search them you should have a full license sticker number as well as know the state where you registered it. Once you have these details you have the capacity to look up auto information, its specs, owner info, and VIN number.