Massachusetts License Plate Lookup


Massachusetts License Plate Lookup+Overview


If you want to drive a car in Massachusetts, then you first need to register and get a title. Only after that, can you order a Massachusetts license plate. With the help of it, you can get the full record about the car, info about the previous owner or accidents. So, this is the best tool to use before buying a vehicle. In this article, you will find the details about how to look up the plate, which tool to use, and much other useful info. So, make sure to read it carefully.


If you buy a car and operate it in the state of Massachusetts, you have exactly 1 month to register it. All the vehicles have to be legally titled and documented with the motor vehicle registry.

But before that, you should use a Massachusetts license plate lookup to ensure a good purchase. Read this article to get acquainted with the process.

Massachusetts License Plate Lookup

The board issues two plates for each car. This means that according to the law, the first of them should be attached to the front side and the second to the back. Also, on the back, the validity mark is required

We recommend you first check the plate online, and after that, decide on the purchase. This process will allow you to have updated, relevant and legal information.

Before that, you must register it and get this label from the Transportation Department in Massachusetts (DOT).

Here are all the details that you will get if you use the online tool.

  • Accident reports
  • Theft record
  • Past purpose (for example, used for taxi or police)
  • Past ownership
  • Title
  • Odometer reading
  • Liens

Where can I find the license plate?

The easiest option is to simply look for the plate that the state gives you. It is also attached to the car. Typically, it is on the front and back sides. However, situations are different. For example, there can be situations when you should check it but don’t have physical access to a vehicle. In this case, you may simply find it in the label certificate or other docs like insurance paperwork.

Massachusetts License Plate Types

The state allows you to choose a personalized one if you want to make your own design and message. Or you can choose the standard one, which is ordinary and issued by some order.

Here are the required documents that you must submit.

  • Check or recipe of the payments
  • Application
  • Proof that the car is legally yours
  • Proof of the US residency
  • Valid address of your place of residence

However, if you have private passenger and antique automobiles, motorcycles, or buses, then you need the vanity plate. It is also one of the types, which should have at least two letters and up to six symbols. Note that for motorcycles, there are a maximum of five characters.

In Massachusetts, the combination cannot contain both letters and digits.

Registration process

According to the MA law about the title, all the trailers and machines must get their plates within the next 10 days after making a purchase. However, the trailers that have a mass of a maximum of 1.3 tones can skip this part.

Depending on the way you bought the auto, the requirements vary. To clarify, if you get it from an individual seller, you will need these papers.

  • Payments
  • Previous holder’s label certificate
  • Title and registration application
  • Proof of legal US residency (could be some ID card or any other document)

But if you get it from the dealership, you will need to submit:

  • Fees
  • Completed title and registration application
  • Proof that you are the lawful owner (a sale bill)
  • Identification card
  • Cover of Insurance

If you have relocated to MA and possess the car out of this state, you must record it in the state. You’ll need the following items to update your vehicle registration information:

  • Payments
  • Cover of Insurance
  • Previous applying details
  • Label proof

Make sure you complete registration immediately after arrival as here you don’t have a grace time.

What is the source of this info?

To produce our registration mark data, we use a variety of sources. NICB ( The National Bureau of Insurance Crime), NHTSA (the National Administration of Safety in Highway Traffic ), and NMVTIS (the National Information System of Motor Machine Title) are among our many sources. We also examine the auto auction inventory on a regular basis to keep track of different vehicle circumstances.

Can I legally search for a reverse plate?

Yes, we abide by DPPA (the Protection Act Driver’s Privacy), since we don’t provide personal details about the owners. Our lookup tool has a reverse check option to get the VIN and then search the automobile history. Nothing in this study can be traced back to a specific individual.

Furthermore, the Information Act Freedom (FOIA) grants anybody access to info gathered by the administration.

There is no explanation why you shouldn’t use the vehicle web-based tool. It’s completely legal and completely free!