Custom License Plate Michigan


Custom License Plate Michigan+Overview

Personal license plates allow drivers to express themselves while on the road, however, some go outside state regulations. Keep in mind that not every citizen-submitted personalized plate request is granted.

Thus, to obtain your Michigan custom license plate, simply follow the instructions below to receive an application form. Here, you will learn about the plate types, cost, limitations, and much more. We’ll walk you through the entire procedure in this article. Keep reading!


The distribution and issue of personalized and customized vanity license plates are overseen by the MI Secretary of State (SOS). In this article, we will guide you on how and where you can obtain custom number plates.

In addition, you will learn details about fees and deadlines, and much more.

What type of vehicle can have tags in MI?

The Michigan SOS allows customized permit tags:

on passenger vehicles (that are owned both saleable and nonsalable);

  • pickups;
  • buses;
  • hearses;
  • motor homes;
  • vans;
  • motorcycles.

What kind of plates are available?

Customized tags are available in three different styles: normal, veteran, and fundraising.

Personalized ones are available for purchase online or at any SOS office. Before placing an order, double-check that the one you desire is available.

To order it online, you must first create a MiLogin for Citizens account. To set up or login into your MiLogin account, go to the top of the individualized one availability web page and click the “log in to order your tab online” link.

How much does it cost?

When you personify a tag, you’ll pay for it a $30 service fee (as well as your registration charge, if you’re renewing your vehicle’s registration). It depends on how many months remain until the tag expires.

If you have already registered your car, you can apply the remaining time on your current one toward the purchase of a new personalized plate.

The expiry date remains the same. If you choose to modify the background while ordering the personalized tab, you will have to pay an extra cost (for example, changing from a standard to a Mackinac Bridge individualized plate).

The Department of State gives final approval to the customized tab selection.
To get more information make sure to check the Michigan Personalized License Plate Online Requirements.

How to get the receipt pending approval?

Owners will get a receipt pending approval by the Michigan Department of State. Within three weeks, the owner will get these custom tags from Lansing by mail.

You may seek up your desired tag online too. For that, visit the Michigan Plate It Your Way website. It’s an online tool that lets you check for personified tab availability before visiting a branch office.

Disability tags and parking permits, as well as historical and collector ones, are also available at the License Plate Store. To begin, select the topic you want to learn more about from the menu’s headings.

Remember that when it comes time to renew yours, you can save time by doing it online.

How many characters can there be?

In this state, your tag can have a maximum of 7 characters. That is to say less than some specialized plates. You can use any combination of letters A to Z, spaces, and numbers 0 to 9.


The Michigan SOS must approve individualized vanity permits before selling those. According to the website, other prohibited points are:

  • No letter/number combinations from any regular or specialty license tag sequence can be utilized in the selections.
  • The selections must be in good taste and decency (as judged by the Department of State).