Minnesota Custom License Plates

Minnesota Custom License Plates+overview


Minnesota state offers a lot of custom plates types. Here you can order military, special, or personalized tags. Under each one, there are more subtypes like for special is collegiate, charitable, or other tags. Also, each of these has different eligibility requirements and fees.

Obviously, these tabs cost more than the standard one, but they have their advantages too. In order to correctly order one of these plates, you should read the whole article.

Here you’ll get all the necessary info about different types, their requirements, applying process, and so on.

Minnesota Custom License Plates

Minnesota offers a lot of custom plates types that you are able to order (for example, the military, special, and personalized tags). All they have different requirements, and usually they have higher prices than the standard ones because of the filling and application fees.

In this article, you’ll get all the necessary info about different options, their requirements, applying process, and so on.


The DPS (Public Safety Department) in Minnesota provides personalized tabs for some RVs, motorcycles, trucks, and also passenger cars.

Here you must pay the regular registration payments plus։

  • Application cost of $100
  • Fee for filing of $11

Besides, you need to create and list 3 options of messages in order to apply for the plate. This you do to be sure that you’ll get your tag even if the first two options were taken or rejected. This should include letters and digits. In addition, it must:

  • have up to 7 symbols for the passenger cars including hyphens and spaces;
  • provide a max. of 6 symbols for other machines;
  • contain a min. one alpha element;
  • be explained in a few words in the application.


The DPS in Minnesota provides individual tags for colleges, charity organizations, also different other activities. This is not only for vehicles but also for motorcycles. In PS2010 form (Special Tags application) you will find all the available plates for motorcycles.

Charity Organization

As we said when you buy customs you pay extra costs that usually go to the state. But if you purchase the contribution one, all the additional costs go to the company that you link in your request.

SOT (SupportOurTroops)

This community supports veterans in the US. Since the contribution payments go to help veterans and their families. In order to be part of this, you must pay:

  • Product cost-$15.50
  • Filling price-$11
  • At least $30 for contribution every year

Critical Habitat

Meanwhile, this company supports the Natural Resources Department in Minnesota to save wildlife and land habitats. The prices are:

  • Tag-$15.50
  • Application-$11
  • Contribution every year-$30

In addition, they have some options for designs with plants, animals, and activities features. So, go to the DPS MN website to look at the designs.

College numberplates

This is for the universities and colleges in Minnesota that accept participation in this program. Furthermore, in the MN brochure, you can see the participating institution list. But, remember you don’t need to have a connection to that college to obtain its tab.

Collegiate tags payments:

  • Contribution a minimum of $25
  • Numberplate $15.50
  • Application $11

Eventually, your donation is applied to the partnering college’s scholarship fund.

Other Special Numberplates

However, there are other options for the specialty tag that include:

  • Firefighter
  • CB (Citizen Band)
  • National Guard
  • ARO(Amateur Radio Operator)
  • Ready Reserve

For example, CB and ARO tabs are provided to operators of radio with licenses. So, you must pay:

  • $15.50 for number
  • $11 for filling

Military Numberplates

Veterans who complete the eligibility conditions, as a result, get a variety of military tabs, including:

  • Vietnam or Iraq Veteran
  • Honor medal
  • Survivor of Pearl Harbor

Military Numberplates Eligibility

Generally, the requirements for different types are different, and some contain these services:

  • Dates
  • Awards
  • Location

NOTE: If you’re a member of the veteran family or spouse, you are eligible for this military tag.
In addition, you have to submit eligibility proof, such as:

  • DD214(Papers of separation
  • The current ID

Here is the PS2010 form (Special Form) where you can see the whole requirements list.


These payments are added to the common registration prices. However, most of them require the tag and filing price. The first, vary by type and the second is usually $11.
Anyway, there can be fees exceptions that are listed below:

  • The ProudtoBeaVeteran requires an extra minimum payment of $30.
  • Plates for former POWs and Honor Medal recipients are free.
  • Only the filing cost is paid by Family of Gold Star tab applicants.

MN Collector and Historic

The DPS issue collector and historic tabs for the vehicles that are only used to drive in displays or show. They aren’t for the general driving.

However, to be able to get this you need to provide a certification of another automobile with a standard one other than this.

In this state, you will find numbers such as:

  • Pioneer- for machines manufactured in 1936 or earlier
  • Classic- for machines built during 1925-1948 years
  • Collector- for automobiles that are:
    a.  a minimum of 20-year old;
    b.  manufactured in 1935 or after.
  • Classic for a motorcycle that:
    a.  is at least 20-year old, which is calculated from the production year;
    b.  keeps the design in vintage.
  • Street rod for automobiles that are:
    a.  made in 1949 or earlier;
    b.  created in appearance like a car from that age.
  • Original MN- for the car older than 20 or for the collector ones. Original has to:
    a.  be real number plate, that was bought privately;
    b.  fit the manufacture year, or the registration sticker and number year can be the same;
    c.  contain an original number.


The following are the payment for the collector and historic number in MN:

  • Application price:
    Two numbers for $15
    One for $13.50
  • Tax for registration:
    $25 for passenger automible
    $10 for motorcycle
  • The filing cost- $11