Minnesota Special License Plates


Minnesota Special License Plates


If you have been wondering about how to get a license plate, then this article is what you need. It covers all the information that you need to know about Minnesota special license plates. More specifically, you will get acquainted with different types and groups of special license plates. Besides, information about expenses and availability is also covered. The article studies the rules on numbering. You can learn about the institution that controls all the processes. There is info concerning the WX on Minnesota plates as well. Thus, to learn about all these, scroll down and continue reading.

Minnesota Special License Plates

If you have bought an automobile or want to change your tag by getting a special one, you may come across some questions. Your questions may concern the types. Or you may wonder what the requirements and fees are for them.

This article reveals all the necessary data on Minnesota Special License Plates. Continue reading and get answers to all your questions with us.

Who is in charge of the process?

The Department of Public Safety is the institution that regulates the process. It issues and distributes tags.


Unfortunately, the state of Minnesota does not give you the opportunity to look up your number plates online. You cannot see whether or not the lettering is available.


You may provide several options for numbering during the application process. The combination of these letters and numbers is seven characters. This is for passenger cars. It includes spaces and hyphens as well.

In the case of other auto classifications, the number of characters must be six. It requires at least one alpha figure.

Keep in mind this information before submitting your application form. Otherwise, the committee will reject it.

What are the different types of license plates in Minnesota?

As we have mentioned above, there are various kinds of plates. They include charities, colleges, and various occupations. There are also options for motorcycles available for pickup.

Charitable contributions

If you apply for this, you will have to pay an additional price. This will go to a nonprofit organization.

Support our troops

This contributes to the support of American veterans. The money that you give for it is a donation fee. They use it to help military families and veterans. You are to pay a $15.50 charge, $11 filling, and a $30 minimum price of contribution annually.

Critical habitat

The department that deals with natural resources has benefited from this. The charges that you pay, go to the fund of this department.

The charge is $15.50, the filling is $11. As for the annual minimum contribution, it is $30.

Critical habitat offers diverse designs for your tags. You may choose different pictures of animals or plants. Outdoor activities are also pictured on them.


The universities and colleges in this state have their plates. There is a list of participating schools.

A note for you to remember is that you can get one, even if you are not a student.
For this option, you give a $25 minimum contribution, $15.50 charge, and $11 for filing. In this case, your donation goes to the participating college’s scholarship fund.

Meaning of WX

According to the law of MN, the placards of the automobiles that have been subject to DWI offenses are impounded. Accordingly, the drivers of these cars should drive with a special license plate.

Its name is Whiskey Plates. The requirements for this type are controlled by the MN Charter 169A.60 or 168.041.

As we have already said, the drivers who have been convicted of the DWI offense must have this attached to their cars.

Note that one should use them until he/she gets the regular ones back. This period usually takes a year.

There is also the case of an “innocent owner”. This means that the owner of the car is not guilty of the DWI offense.

The first character is W. That is why they call it whiskey placards. After the first letter, one more is used. And after these two letters, four numerals follow.

It may start with WR or WS. Other “codes” are WT, WX, WY, or WZ. But there is no difference in the sequence of letters. This is because the first “W” is what is important. Officers look at it and understand what is going on.


Every pair of Minnesota state license plates costs $57. Please note that the fee does not include the expenses of requesting or removing them through the legal process.