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Minnesota Vanity PLates+Overview


If you want to add more personalization and fun to your car, the best way to do it is to obtain a Minnesota vanity plate. It allows you to choose the design and create your own message. This gives you an opportunity to add a piece of yourself to your vehicle and be creative. The ordering process is quite easy. You just need to follow all the steps described in this article. There are 4 parts: download and complete the application, order, and install the plate. However, each of these has a few steps. So, make sure to read the whole article to be able to easily order the license plate of your dreams.


Minnesota vanity plates allow you to add joy and creativity to your car. They also make it more unique and special. It can be something special for you or something that you strongly support. Additionally, besides the design, you come up with your own message.
The application process is divided into 4 parts. Each of them has some steps that you must complete. Continue reading to learn what they are.

Part 1: Download the application form

1․ Go to the website of the state

You can download, fill out then print or print and then fill it out. However, if you do not want to go this way, you may go to any DMV office in MN and request in person.

2․ Open the Vehicle and Driver Service window

After opening the website, find and click the link that says “Transportation”. Then, go to the “Registration and license“ page. After that, you will find the “Vehicle and Driver online services” link.

3․ Choose the personalized tag

In the section of “Topics”, click on the “Plates” button. Afterward, you will see the “Vanity plate” and click on it.

4․ Download the application and print it

On the list of applications, you need to get the “PS2010 Special tab application”.

Part 2: Complete the ordering form

1․ Select the design

Check the list of the designs and choose the one that you want to use for your vehicle. However, make sure to choose it from the personalized list because you can include a message only in this type.

For people with a disability, there is a separate box.

To see the preview, you may google the name and get the appearance.

2․ Fill in the information about the car

In the input field, you must provide the details about the automobile. For example, you should include the VIN (vehicle ident. number), date of expiration, numbers of the current tag, and sticker.

You may easily find the VIN on the left side, directly above the wheel, under the windshield, or on the dashboard. In case you don’t have access to the car, get it from the documents like an insurance card.

3․ Fill in personal information

For this part, you should provide your address, birth date, name, and license. If the automobile has 2 registered holders, make sure to provide details about both of them.

If the owner isn’t you, the request will be denied. Remember that you are not allowed to buy it for another person.

4․ Choose 3 different messages

You should come up with 3 different combinations if the first one is not available or the board doesn’t approve it. The prioritization is done in the order you list them. For instance, you’ll obtain the message which you wrote in the “first choice” box. Obviously, if it’s available. If not, the second will reach you, and so on.

To prevent rejection, describe the combination in a few words. The DMV office decides if the message is appropriate for the state.

Note that vanity plates only have 7 characters including digits, spaces, and hyphens. However, RVs, pickup trailers up to 3,000 pounds, and motorcycles must have 6 symbols.

Warning: If you submit a vulgar or objectionable message on your request, it’ll be refused.

5․ Calculate the payments

To estimate the final cost, firstly, enter the fee of the custom tag of $100 and then add $10 for the Minnesota state fee. Secondly, add the registration payment and get the total amount.

6․ Sign the application

If you want to request a certain design, you’ll need to make sure you’re qualified for it. In this case, follow the directions on the second page of the form.

Part 3: Order a Minnesota vanity plate

Start with the payments. It’s up to you whether to pay by check, money order, or in person. You just should pay the total calculated amount before requesting.

Mail the documents. All the docs among the forms have to be sent to the DMV MN. Here is the official address.

Vehicle and Driver Services

Minnesota St. 445, 164 Suite

St. Paul, Minnesota 55101-5164

Part 4: Installing

1. Receive the tag by mail

You have to wait for a maximum of 3 months to get it by mail.

2. Install the plates on the vehicle

Place them ASAP after receiving them. You must attach them to the back and front of the machine. You can either do it yourself or take it to the service and leave it to the professionals.

Don’t forget to add the stickers of registration prior to driving.

What are the different types of license plates in Minnesota?

MN offers a huge assortment of different license plates. Here is a short summary of all of them:

  • Personalized
  • Special
  • Charity Organization
  • Collegiate
  • Military
  • MN Collector and Historic

Is Minnesota getting rid of whiskey plates?

U.S. representative K․ Moller and Senators R. Latz introduced legislation in 2020 to repeal whiskey tags and replace them with an extended ID scheme. The MN Legislature recently enacted a new regulation allowing people to bypass these plates by enrolling in a program of ignition interlocks.