Mississippi Personalized License



Mississippi Personalized License


Choosing a car is a very challenging task. Have you already made a decision and feel proud of your choice? Most probably, you have bought the best possible option within your budget. Now you want to take a deep breath considering that you have achieved your goal. But wait! Now there is still quite enough paperwork you need to complete. To drive legally, you have to obtain one of the many different license plate types. Personalized car tags in Mississippi are also an option. In this text, you will know how to get them in this state.

Mississippi Personalized License

Laws and rules vary across the whole parts of the US. No surprise, Mississippi has its regulations. We encourage you to read the information below if you are interested in getting Mississippi personalized plates.

Obtaining personalized car tags in Mississippi

Perhaps, you think you can immediately get your tags after the vehicle purchase. But there is a procedure you ought to follow. Most importantly, the government body that issues tags is the Department of Revenue.

First of all, you must title the auto. It proves your ownership. So, it is a prerequisite for all motor vehicles manufactured after 1969. Automobiles produced before that might be titled too. Yet, it is optional.

When you purchase a vehicle, you must provide the following:

  1. Title from the other state and Application for Replacement Certificate. In case the van has not been titled before, you have to present the Manufacturer’s statement of origin.
  2. Odometer disclosure statement (false or incomplete info is probably to result in fines or imprisonment).

Once you purchase a vehicle, you have seven working days to register it in the county where you reside. Similarly, you have 30 days to register your vehicle if you have just moved to MS or bought your auto from another state. Otherwise, penalties will apply. Under these circumstances, a $250 penalty would be imposed.

For that, just visit the Tax Collector’s office and present the necessary documents:

  • Ownership proof
  • Driver’s permit and/or a state-issued photo
  • Odometer reading
  • VIN
  • Proof of payment

Lastly, the next thing you need to do is transfer your plates from one vehicle to the other. In contrast, it is impossible to transfer the standard types.

Here is the sequence of steps a person should take:

  1. Check the availability of special tags on the official website and select a theme before visiting the office.
  2. After that, bring documents proving your eligibility and complete the form. Generally, ordering is done in person.

In case of questions, contact 1-601-923-7700.


To find out how much a license plate costs, you have to contact the County Tax Collector. They will calculate the fee taking into account the type and value of your automobile, and your place of living. Nevertheless, typically, a specialty tag is $31.

To learn about the price of your favored one, just visit the respective page of the official website.

Here is the summary of possible payments.

  • registration fees (first-time registrations costs $14.00$ and renewal is $12.75)
  • privilege and ad valorem taxes (the latter is the value of the auto multiplied by assessed millage rates)
  • other possible charges

Because of all these added charges, the payment might be a little bit higher here than in other parts of the US, like it is in neighboring Alabama ($23).

How many letters can you have on a license plate in Mississippi?

A special tag in MS may have up to seven characters that include a mix of numbers from 0-9, letters from A to Z, and spaces.

Nonetheless, there is a limitation. As there should be no offensive or assaulting words, the DOR must approve your choice of combination. Although online lookup would make your work a lot easier, that option is not available in MS.

Tag cover

In the same fashion, there is another limitation. 2010 Code declares that any object, paint, marking, decoration, sticker, placard holder, or bracket cannot cover, tint and distort the characters and legally attached decals. Also, they can’t hide them from view.

To put it differently, you can’t paint or color plates in MS. This is because it makes them unreadable. Anyone who violates this rule shall be considered guilty of a minor misdemeanor and shall pay a $25 fine.

However, there is an exception. It is not unlawful to fix an object or a decal on the county name and cover it partially or even completely.