Mississippi Specialty License Plates


Mississippi Specialty License Plates


If you purchased a new or used car, you must remember that you have 7 days to register it with the Mississippi Department of Revenue and get a plate. There are regular as well as vanity and specialty placards.

Appropriate to your hobbies, institutions you encourage or causes you desire to support, there are numerous alternatives to choose from. Placards for disabled individuals and veterans allow utilizing parking or other privileges.

To dive deeper into each type, make sure to look through the article.

Mississippi Specialty License Plates

Looking for precise information about specialty license plates in Mississippi? You are in the right place. Find out the categories, state requirements, the process of obtaining them, and more.


Once you handle the registration, which is absolutely mandatory, it is high time to decide which type of tags you want. Primarily, there are 3 classifications offered to MS residents:

  • Standard
  • Customized
  • Specialty

The Department of Revenue and your local county’s tax collector’s office manage the procedures of issuing regular, vanity, and special interest placards.

If you don’t like the typical version, there are numerous specialty alternatives to opt for. Moreover, you can also personalize it by following these rules set by DOR:

  • Include less than 7 letters and numbers.
  • Choose unique characters.
  • Avoid using vulgar or offensive indications.

The customization alone costs $31. However, some charges are also applied based on the county you reside in. Make sure to contact your local office for further details.

General Requirements

In order to obtain it, you need to put together the subsequent documents:

There are temporary labels available from the dealership you purchased your vehicle. You do not get this from anywhere else. Keep in mind that drive-out tags are valid for seven working days.

Special Interests

There are many options to order from the DOR and support causes. Below, we point out some popular suggestions:

  • Autism Awareness
  • Choose Life
  • Cure Breast Cancer
  • Hospital for Children
  • First in Forestry
  • I Care for Animals
  • Wildlife Conservation

To clarify, a part of your contribution goes to donations to encourage awareness programs, research of specific fields, and financial support. To view the full list, visit here.

Military/ Veteran

Individuals who have been army servicemen or veterans may obtain suitable tags. There are additional disabled labels obtainable for veterans and their family members.

However, they need to present documents indicating the injury that happened during the time in their military operation.

Disabled/Hearing Impaired

To acquire parking privileges, individuals with mobility issues should submit the application form. It consists of 3 sections, which must be finished by the doctor, county, and the applicant.

  1. Firstly, a permit should be filled out by an authorized physician or nurse practitioner. Here, he/she should mention the following conditions of the applicant:
  • Not able to walk 200 feet without stopping
  • Can’t walk without aiding device OR
  • Has respiratory disease, arthritic, neurological, or cardiac condition

2. Secondly, your local office, according to the permit, decides to issue either a disabled tag, a permanent or temp placard. Temporary ones are valid for less than 6 months.

3. Lastly, you should sign the paper agreeing on the laws and regulations.

Hearing-impaired people should also hold a permit given by the physician. The paper must indicate that either the person is completely impaired or does not understand normal speech. After that, the taxation office and the applicant will complete their part, respectively.

Educational, Occupational, and NASCAR

Based on the institution, hobbies, or work position you may buy the placards and encourage their specific activities. There are many colleges/ universities that feature their name and logo on the tag.

Among them are Columbia School District, Mississippi College, MS State University, etc.

For fast-car race fans, there are several NASCAR tags available. It alone costs $5 but remember that taxations are applicable as well.

To add up, there are also many options designed for governmental occupations such as policemen, pharmacists, firefighters, etc. Volunteer firefighters for example may get Ad Valorem exemption if they present suitable paperwork.


Cars, motorcycles, or trucks that are over 25 years are permitted to have the following imprints. In fact, Mississippi has one of the rarest license plates which are exclusive all across the US.

For instance, 1911 Porcelain and 1913 MS plates are one of the oldest and cost more than the price of the car. The second one costs $50,000.


Plates in Mississippi can be very expensive due to taxes that are in addition to regular charges. Find out below the general expenses you will likely pay:

  • Registration- $14
  • Personalization- $33
  • Special plates- varies, typically it is $26
  • Title- $9
  • Renewal- $12.75
  • Replacement- $10 (plus $2.50 for decal)

In addition to this, remember that taxes will also apply. In short, fees may change by your location, your vehicle type, and other extra factors.