Missouri License Plate

Missouri License Plate


Being aware of laws and regulations will keep you away from trouble. If you plan to drive a car in Missouri, you should register it within 30 days. During this period, you can put on temporary license plates and ride your vehicle on the roads. For obtaining vanity plates, you must submit some documents, pay fees and taxes. Don’t forget that insurance is a must too.

What refers to the renewal, you should do it annually or biannually. The Department allows you to carry out many processes online. This aims to save your time and energy.

Missouri License Plate

Being a driver you surely know that car registration is mandatory. Sometimes, you get confused and don’t understand how to do that. Due to our article, obtaining a Missouri license plate will become an easy task for you.

Types of Missouri License Plates

The Missouri Department of Revenue issued the current way of custom number plates in 2021. The occasion was the commemoration of the statehood bicentennial. This version came to replace the ones introduced in 2008. There are three main variants:

  • Standard

The name shows itself that these kinds of numbers are ordinary without individualization. At the upper and lower parts, there are red and blue waves. They are the flag colors. The MO state seal in the center also features the design of vanity plates.

  • Personalized

You can change any standard configuration into customized numbers. MDR allows us to choose combinations consisting of at most 6 characters. This includes numbers and letters plus dash, space, or apostrophe if wanted.

The wheelchair symbols appear on the left corner of the tab or the right side of the emblem. This is special for disabled people with accessibility permits. Prohibited options involve:

  • Obscene and filthy phrases
  • Contemptuous expressions towards racial or ethnic groups
  • Offensive words to someone’s decency or presenting a danger to the safety and health of the owner

Firstly, you need to check the availability of the selected configuration. Remember that you can reserve it only after making a payment. For application, you should complete a 4601 form and give the required fee.

  • Specialty
  • Organizational plates allow you to support particular organizations and occasions. This refers to causes like:
  • American Legion
  • Breast Cancer Awareness
  • Helping schools
  • Eagle Scout
  • Lions Club
  • Children’s Trust Fund
  • Delta Sigma Theta
  • Don’t tread on me
  • Ducks Unlimited, etc.

To apply, you must fill out a 1716 form. You may find all the request forms online or pick up a copy from the nearest office.

You need to bring an authorization statement from the charity group. This is to confirm your donation to that sponsor.

They will charge you an additional $15 to the regular enrollment fee. Upon renewing you should pay an extra $15 again. They also demand any donation amount. The minimum annual sum is $25.

How to register?

Those who have ever bought used cars might have faced malfunctions. To avoid them, you are to use Missouri license plate lookups. They provide you with detailed records of the machine’s history. Accidents, data of the owners, odometer readings, and other information will be available. This step should precede the registration. But if you are going to purchase a new auto, omit it.

For your automobile registration, you are to submit:

  • Original certificate of the title
  • Application
  • ID number and odometer examination
  • Evidence of insurance
  • Notarized proof of the lien release (if existing)
  • Sales taxes
  • Fees

How much does it cost?

You are to pay $14.50 from which $8.50 is for the title and $6 is the processing charge.

Are one-side vanity plates legal in Missouri?

The answer is “no” both in Ohio and MO. According to the law (301.130.5, RSMo), you have to display front and rear tabs on your machine. Sometimes, you can see exceptions on highways and roads. This includes cases such as:

  • Motorcycles
  • Autos with a historic year of manufacture (over 25 year-issued)
  • Some commercial trucks carrying more than 18000 pounds
  • Cars transferred from another county or region

If you do not follow the rules, policemen will write you a warning. Then, you have to fix the problem as soon as possible. There is no exact penalty for this infraction. It may vary from $5 to $500.